[hwloc-users] Assembling multiple node XMLs

2015-10-29 Thread Andrej Prsa
Hi all, I have a 6-node cluster with the buggy L3 H8QG6 AMD boards. Brice Goglin recently provided a fix to Fabian Wein and I applied the same fix (by diffing Fabian's original and Brice's fixed XML and then incorporating the equivalent changes to our XML). It did the trick perfectly, using

Re: [hwloc-users] hwloc error for AMD Opteron 6300 processor family

2015-10-29 Thread Brice Goglin
Le 28/10/2015 18:04, Fabian Wein a écrit : > I hope I'm still on the right list for my current problem. Hello It looks like this should go to us...@open-mpi.org now. > - > A request was made to bind a process, but at least one node does NOT > support binding processes to