Re: [hwloc-users] OFED requirements for netloc

2018-01-24 Thread Craig West
utput isn't too big, could you put the files gathered by > netloc_ib_gather_raw online so that we look at them and try to reproduce > the crash? > > Thanks > > Brice > > > > Le 23/01/2018 à 03:54, Craig West a écrit : > > Hi, > > I can't find the version req

[hwloc-users] OFED requirements for netloc

2018-01-22 Thread Craig West
Hi, I can't find the version requirements for netloc. I've tried it on an older version of OFED and a newer version of Mellanox OFED. The newer version worked, the older segfaults when running the "netloc_ib_extract_dats" process. Thanks, Craig. ___