Re: [hwloc-users] Tags for pre-releases

2018-01-23 Thread Brice Goglin
Hello I didn't know you use submodule. I just pushed tag "hwloc-2.0.0rc1" and I'll try to remember pushing one for each future rc. If I don't, please remind me. I am not going to push all the previous ones because there are just too many of them. If you need some specific ones, please let me

[hwloc-users] Tags for pre-releases

2018-01-23 Thread Balaji, Pavan
Folks, [resending to this mailing list; my email to the devel list failed] There don't seem to be any tags associated with hwloc prereleases (such as hwloc-2.0rc1). As you know, we embed hwloc into mpich, and we tend to use the git version (through git submodules) rather than release