Re: [hwloc-users] hwloc 1.11 in Android

2016-10-24 Thread Brice Goglin
Hello I am interested in seeing the patch, at least. If it isn't too intrusive, we could easily apply it. I am surprised to hear that openat fails on Android. I don't remember having to disable it last time I tried (on Android 4.0 or 4.1 iirc). But I was building natively (basically just

[hwloc-users] hwloc 1.11 in Android

2016-10-24 Thread Marc MarĂ­
I was porting a library to Android, and this library uses hwloc v1.11 in the background. I managed to make it work. Are you interested in adding Android support for hwloc version 1.11? Should I send a patch? The only change necessary is to disable "openat" (HAVE_OPENAT) when compiling for