Re: [IAEP] Yoruba localization contract completed

2016-09-26 Thread David Ally
Dear Sugar labs, Great to hear that progress is made on this project, thank you all for the effort. Who is testing those already translated contents? and where can I access them? I would like to showcase them to some partners that may push further on other areas here. Regards! David

Re: [IAEP] Yoruba I18n

2016-07-01 Thread David Ally
Thank you to members of the oversight board! translating Sugar into Yoruba for those of us working in technology in Education in Nigeria should be a delightful thing and help us to push for many intervention agencies in Nigeria to contribute to IAEP to translate to other indigenous languages. I

Re: [IAEP] [SLOB] Yoruba i18n motion

2016-05-09 Thread David Ally
Dear Oversight board members please vote YES for us. We can follow up with sourcing for more funding locally for other languages if this can go through. Thanks for taking care of Nigeria's need, but we have so many languages here..we hope this would be a big success, that would pave the way for

Re: [IAEP] (no subject)

2011-08-29 Thread David Ally ___ IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)

Re: [IAEP] (no subject)

2011-08-25 Thread David Ally ___ IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)

Re: [IAEP] Funding team?

2011-08-13 Thread David Ally
Thanks for this propositions, we are(our company) working on creating platform that will support digital education in Nigeria, but we noticed that if we do not start with teachers readiness then it may take longer to get serious adoption. We have been paying close attention to what is

Re: [IAEP] what is this keyring needed for?

2011-08-08 Thread David Ally
I got sugar on a stick fedora 14 and created the usb but while downloading some activities, this keyring stuff pop up and requested for password. To set up a simple password, it was requesting for very strong password, and thereafter kept on asking for it. How do I deactivate this feature? I