Re: GRSRNL Example

2020-06-30 Thread Knutson, Samuel
GRS User Experiences Converting all Reserves Plus Best Practice Tips and Tricks Circa 2008 but mostly still relevant. Thanks, Sam -Original Message- From: IBM Mainframe Discussion List On Behalf Of Norman Hollander Sent: Monday, June 29,

Re: Old SHARE publications....?

2020-06-17 Thread Knutson, Samuel -Original Message- From: IBM Mainframe Discussion List On Behalf Of Mark S Waterbury Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2020 5:29 PM To: IBM-MAIN@LISTSERV.UA.EDU Subject: Re: Old SHARE publications? I think he may be thinking of the old SHARE Program Library

Re: IGDSMSxx setting PDSE_VERSION(2)

2020-05-12 Thread Knutson, Samuel
#2 The only safe way to do this is not to share DASD outside the scope of a Sysplex. I don't expect that to change. Having at least System Test, Development and Production Sysplex that completely isolate DASD lets you get the most benefits from isolation of those types of workloads.

Re: S0F9 and SOFD ABENDs and SVC dumps - oh my!

2020-04-28 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Dave do you have an IEFUSI exit or the new parmlib support and are you reserving sufficient space for z/OS to do termination processing? It might be helpful for you to look at the way REGION is laid out in this job using Mark Zelden's REXXSTOR exec -Original

Re: IBM z ISA assembler & emulator.

2020-04-22 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Hi John, z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator VisibleZ can help you visualize exactly what the mainframe is doing as an assembler program executes Both are similar and provide excellent learning environments and

Re: What is a mainframe?

2020-01-13 Thread Knutson, Samuel
In my opinion IBM helped to save the mainframe when they included a built-in highly performant TCP/IP stack in the operating system.Making the mainframe a more mainstream hardware server and more importantly a mainstream software server that communications, API implementations and

Re: I saw 7 new college mainframe hires!

2019-11-28 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Tom you have given away the secret  Recruit smart people who enjoy working with other smart people on hard problems for customers. They don't have to be experienced mainframers when they are hired. College recruiting is absolutely possible and partnerships with universities can be fruitful.

Re: mainframe hacking "success stories"?

2019-05-06 Thread Knutson, Samuel
The attacker created zero day exploits against z/OS in the wild allowing escalation of privilege and proved difficult to dislodge even once discovered. Information available to the public supports this. Phil Young has done a good job of dissecting the hack. Philip Young - Smashing the

Re: S/360

2019-04-08 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Ken Shirriff wrote a fun article which he tweeted about copied below The revolutionary IBM System/360 computers were announced 55 years ago today. These mainframes ruled the computing industry for years. Their iconic consoles, covered

Re: z/OS V2R5 Will be the Last Release to Include JES3

2019-02-27 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Do you the think the z/OS overall ecosystem and the platform is made stronger or weaker by getting to one JES? I think that for a core part of the mainframe platform rationalizing to a single standard configuration of the OS from two options makes it more sustainable. Vendors and IBM can

New XMIT viewer free open source Java Mac Linux Windows

2018-12-23 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Denis Molony has an interesting new open source freeware mainframe tool in development an XMIT file viewer which you can find on GitHub. It is written in Java and supports Mac Windows and Linux platforms. It is in a usable state and I'm sure he would appreciate

Re: Dancing around RMM

2018-12-19 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Mike Wood previously advised in a post a long time ago but still seems applicable Mike Wood <***@UK.IBM.COM> wrote: The 413-08 is issued because rmm rejected the volume and the request was specific; no other volume is acceptable, so OPEN fails the request in this way. This is what happens when

Sad News Ray Wicks

2018-12-05 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Shared by CMG just this evening. It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our friend and board member Ray Wicks on November 27, 2018. Ray was a frequent contributor, volunteer, and speaker for CMG. In 2000, he won the prestigious A. A. Michelson Award for the Advancement of

Re: Fwd: 3 aging IT specialties that just won't retire

2018-12-03 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Timely this quarter's ezine from Long Pela ventures some thoughtful opinions on Exits LongEx Mainframe Quarterly - Nov 2018 A Fresh Look at Exits Not the normal exits you think of when there's a fire in the building. In z/OS terms, an Exit is

Re: Why Salesforce for SR?

2018-09-27 Thread Knutson, Samuel
There are good reasons to advocate that IBM properly consider all the use cases and needs of the mainframe community but I'm not concerned about confidential data. Salesforce is already used for case management by many of the largest companies in the world. [Full disclosure including

Re: Installing zOS from scratch experience

2018-09-13 Thread Knutson, Samuel
ZZSA Standalone utilities also support IPL from CD/DVD and reviewing what Jan did is helpful to understand -Original Message- From: IBM Mainframe Discussion List On Behalf Of R.S. Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 12:45 PM To: IBM-MAIN@LISTSERV.UA.EDU

Re: Broadcom to buy CA?

2018-07-11 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Yes. Broadcom confirms $18.9B buyout of CA On Jul 11, 2018, at 5:49 PM, Edward Finnell <> wrote:

OA55296 data loss DB2 may be especially vulnerable

2018-06-29 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Nofars shared this on Twitter and I don't see it in the last month here on IBM-MAIN so in case others have not seen it. People, DO NOT UPGRADE TO z/OS 2.3 without OA55296 applies. We just had a few dozen DB2 datasets destroyed. #zOS

Re: The evolution of IT infrastructure – from mainframe to server-less | ITProPortal

2018-03-31 Thread Knutson, Samuel
The world is far from serverless and the mainframe is the most efficient hyper converged system you can operate for transaction processing. The article seems to lack a global perspective. Linux, open source and cloud providers are powerful parts of the world wide computing infrastructure but

Re: [EXTERNAL] CBT Tape Version 495 has been cut

2018-01-18 Thread Knutson, Samuel Q. What does CBT stand for? A. This tape was established and previously edited for over 15 years, from Version 1 through Version 321 by Arnold Casinghino who worked at Connecticut Bank and Trust Company (CBT). -Original Message- Excuse me, what CBT

Computer History Museum IBM Wish List

2018-01-16 Thread Knutson, Samuel
I've donated small artifacts and papers to museums including the Computer History Museum in the past. I noted that they currently have a few IBM Mainframe related items on the Wish List. If your company or you personally have one of these and is considering what to do with it here is an

Re: Syncsort With Splunk - Product Plug

2017-06-08 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Syncsort Ironstream and the Splunk free edition fully support the unique fault analysis data from Compuware Abend-Aid and Application Audit for insight into failures and application use or privledged users activity. There are free Splunk Apps for

Re: Nice article about MF and Government

2017-06-07 Thread Knutson, Samuel
The article is I think useful and addresses the critical need to wisely modernize on the mainframe platform where it serves citizens today in the USA. It wasn't written by just any person from Compuware but the CEO

Re: Software vendor trying to force MSU based contract

2017-03-05 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Most vendor products that provide meaningful value also are internally quite large and complex. Very few if any sites that inherited a source escrow from a vendor which goes out of business or sunsets a technology can support those products. Sometimes the products themselves include

Re: New CALLRTM command? Where is it described? (was: CEEDUMP ....)

2016-10-12 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Hi Peter, I believe what's being referenced is than in z/OS V2R1 they enhanced FORCE with the ability to target a specific task i.e. FORCE jobname,TCB= To accomplish this previously would have

Re: So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish

2016-01-06 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Enjoyed all your contributions over the years. Be well! Best Regards, Sam Knutson | Director, Product Management | Compuware @samknutson | | M: +1 301 996-1318 DO SOMETHING!) SMALL) USEFUL) NOW!) - computer pioneer Bob Bemer

Webcast about mainframe Agile Development

2015-06-12 Thread Knutson, Samuel
Hi, My boss and I have made a number of trips talking to folks about lessons learned moving from Waterfall to Agile development on mainframe. I have seen this in practice over the last 3 years and it can make a huge positive difference in the speed and degree of value a company can deliver.

Re: Webcast about mainframe Agile Development

2015-06-12 Thread Knutson, Samuel
I'm reasonably certain if you register but don't get to watch live you'll get the replay link afterwards. Cheers! On Jun 12, 2015, at 8:39 PM, Shane Ginnane wrote: Join us June 18 at 11 a.m. ET for the webcast Hey Sam, long time no hear. Hmmm, that would equate to 01:00