jj$lwa - list of allocated userids

2013-03-13 Thread Roy Reynolds
I have a batch REXX process that attempts to allocate a dataset exclusive. Before attempting this I'd like to invoke a program that creates a list of userids allocated to the dataset and VPUTs the list to an ISPF shared variable pool. Then the calling REXX exec can VGET the list and parse it

Real Userid when specifying USER=

2016-08-16 Thread Roy Reynolds
Is there a system variable for the actual user ID that submitted a job when USER= is on the job card? The USER= results in a value of . I'd still like to know the User ID of the person who initiated the JCL. TIA. Roy

Re: list of cobol load modules and their cobol version

2017-08-10 Thread Roy Reynolds
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list of cobol load modules and their cobol version

2017-08-06 Thread Roy Reynolds
I need to provide a list of cobol modules and the Cobol version they were compiled with from a REXX program. There are many large PDS libs to process. These may include non-Cobol load modules so I need to be able to identify which are Cobol. I know I can get the member list for each PDS into a