2014-09-14 Thread Tom Brennan
I remember I needed some quick changes to a very large PS dataset, and not wanting to struggle with DFSORT syntax I wrote a quick assembler program (QSAM with a large block size and extra buffers). Nothing could be faster than an assembled program, right? Later I figured out how to do the

Re: JoAT (was: SORT JCL)

2014-09-15 Thread Tom Brennan
Paul Gilmartin wrote: I'd love to be able to select vi as my editor under ISPF (but not all the time.)) Now you made me think: vi using SNA would mean you need to send each individual keypress to the mainframe and get a response. That might be possible by having the terminal emulator tag a

Re: Data Conversion

2014-09-19 Thread Tom Brennan
Just wondering what would happen if I had a machine with 16 discreet states per wire or connection (using different voltage levels, colors, frequencies, or whatever). On such a machine there would be no binary bits, so the lowest data type might really be hex. Mike Schwab wrote: Hexadecimal

Re: zOS 1.13 – CPU latent demand

2014-10-01 Thread Tom Brennan
I know of a couple of places running a single CPU, probably because the mainframes were supposed to be replaced by Windows/Unix - except they ended up staying for a handful of applications deemed too difficult to move. A single processor bothers me too, but these systems are hanging by a

Re: [ANN] Lua4z: the Lua programming language on z/OS, with batteries

2014-10-24 Thread Tom Brennan
This suggestion is probably unrelated to the actual issue, but I see the odd characters ÝC¨ in your note, which I think should display as square brackets. If your terminal emulator is currently set to use code page 37 (or similar), you might try code page 1047. Barkow, Eileen wrote: I keep

Re: TS1150 and software installation

2014-10-29 Thread Tom Brennan
I don't want tape for product installations, but I can understand why others might. The biggest problem I see with DVD/Internet installation is that the processes often seem to be created by non-mainframe people. So you might see giant FTP's to/from PC's, firewall issues, USS files, Java,

Re: Standard (needed) GUI App Launcher

2014-11-24 Thread Tom Brennan
Windows start - but most likely a Windows terminal emulator would use the ShellExecute function to start an external browser session. About 6 months ago I was working on compiling Info-Zip (c source code). Wiki claims it is The Third Most Portable Program in the World, so you can imagine all

Re: Standard (needed) GUI App Launcher

2014-11-24 Thread Tom Brennan
I had ASCII trouble with Info-zip too. Someone apparently added code to ignore the -a (ascii conversion) option if the input data looks binary. Well, EBCDIC text looked binary to the new code, so the -a option wouldn't work at all on MVS. That's one downside to #ifdef's - you really need to

Re: XMIT-Manager is now installable on 64-bit Windows

2014-12-01 Thread Tom Brennan
Thanks Sam. It works fine on my 64-bit Windows 8 laptop. Sam Golob wrote: Hi Folks, For those of you who wish to install XMIT-Manager (originally from Neal Johnston-Ward) on 64-bit Windows systems, there is a version of it which was modified by Robert A.H. Prins to install there.

Re: Page Data Set Sizes and Volume Types

2014-12-04 Thread Tom Brennan
Joel Ewing wrote: Every MVS volume I have seen in the last two decades is on an emulated 3390 drive, ... Me too - until just a few days ago when I happened upon a number of 3380's defined at a client site. All I can guess is these were still real 3380's at the time they needed to be moved

Re: Page Data Set Sizes and Volume Types

2014-12-04 Thread Tom Brennan
Anne Lynn Wheeler wrote: I just found some of those in my old reference card collection - ... one is tempted to believe that the 3380j

Re: Page Data Set Sizes and Volume Types

2014-12-06 Thread Tom Brennan
Shmuel Metz (Seymour J.) wrote: Have you submitted the cards to bitsavers? That sounds like a lot of scanning - I have about a foot and a half of these things. Maybe when I retire? Until then, the world may have to do without things like: Program Update Tape with SMP4 VTAM/TCAM/NCP


2014-12-12 Thread Tom Brennan
J O Skip Robinson wrote: Use ISRDDN and look in each SYSPROC and SYSEXEC PDS until you find it. Hi Skip, I like using the MEMBER command in ISRDDN and have it search for you. Then you get a moving display as the hunt goes on. That's Doug Nadel code I think - he always seemed to add a

Re: JES2 C/I Data (re: PARMDD issue)

2014-12-23 Thread Tom Brennan
And maybe everyone knows this, but for a quick look you can submit a job on hold and use INPUT ON in SDSF with SE to see the $INTTEXT in hex. Dale R. Smith wrote: On Tue, 23 Dec 2014 08:53:16 -0500, Steve Thompson wrote: It has been a long time since I've done any JES2


2014-12-28 Thread Tom Brennan
ibmmain wrote: Although I am thinking about installing a RACF exit that prohibits the 'practise' of changing the password twice to get back at the old password whenever 180 days have expired and the password needs to get changed. Check out the SETROPTS HISTORY and MINCHANGE options if you

Re: mainframe tribute song

2015-01-02 Thread Tom Brennan
Nice - I like the powerpoint with the 0C4. Only 105 views? Something must be wrong with the youtube counter. Pedro Vera wrote: Earlier this year, they had a talent show at work. I foolishly volunteered to sing. Please enjoy my mainframe tribute song!

Re: Anthem Healthcare Hacked

2015-02-06 Thread Tom Brennan
I believe they do have mainframes - but I haven't yet seen anything indicating whether this is mainframe, unix, windows, or what. The only detail I saw reported (which may or may not be true) was that a database admin saw his id being used for things he did not initiate. So if we assume the

Re: Fwd: Shipping Culture Is Hurting Us, or what's wrong with I.T. development

2015-02-17 Thread Tom Brennan
You made me look - I can't believe it :) But I do somewhat agree with the shipping culture. I've created some small applications myself for various people, and if you initially ask them What do you want?, they can't tell

Re: Enumerating User IDs

2015-01-05 Thread Tom Brennan
I watched the flick and agree with a lot of what he said. He obviously has no scruples about disclosing any and all information, but isn't that how Open Source software protects itself? And if someone opens their TN3270 port to the public internet, whose fault is that really? One thing he

Re: How Does Your Shop Limit Testing in the Production LPAR

2015-01-09 Thread Tom Brennan
Ted MacNEIL wrote: I'm one of those types. The governor pretty well guarantees a re-submission. Me too. In just about every case where I've seen automatic cancels because of abuse, the user simply reruns the task after adding more of whatever they ran out of (time, jobparm limits, etc.)

Re: Anthem Healthcare Hacked

2015-02-08 Thread Tom Brennan
More bits and pieces of information in this report, but nothing that really tells me if a mainframe was involved. -- For

Re: New MCD (MFNETDISK) tutorial 2015 Feb.

2015-02-27 Thread Tom Brennan
Well there's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back :) Just kidding, I only skimmed a couple of minutes. But I do like the terminal emulator that was used for the demo. Shai S wrote: This is 2 hours HD video. It includes introduction to MCD, how to do in MCD, introduction to the tutorial

Re: New MCD (MFNETDISK) tutorial 2015 Feb.

2015-02-27 Thread Tom Brennan
Oh... I certainly didn't mean to imply anything. Send me an email, you don't need to pay anything. Shai S wrote: You right. This was used by me from my before company. I see that this cost 30$. I will pay for it. On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 8:59 PM, Tom Brennan wrote

Re: Outsourcing Experiences

2015-04-21 Thread Tom Brennan
Timothy Sipples wrote: Sure, but the point is that it's possible to establish clear lines of management responsibility and control when separating in that way. Most commercial buildings have sealed windows, so exterior window cleaning is typically a separable service. Mopping and sweeping within

Re: ENQ for the life of the job

2015-04-20 Thread Tom Brennan
Jousma, David wrote: ... I'd use standard JCL DISP=OLD processing on a dummy dataset name that includes the program name as part of it. Maybe someone mentioned this already, but I was thinking even simpler - use the same job name each time if the user has no control over the JCL, with

Re: PCI DSS compliance for z/OS

2015-05-18 Thread Tom Brennan
Phil Smith wrote: ... and when decommissioning hardware-no more How many DSEs should we do? or Should we take the drives out back, shoot ‘em with a 12-gauge, and then drop ‘em in the ocean?. Now you're spoiling all the fun! But that's a really good point I never heard before. As a side

Re: Is there a good EBCDIC IBM-1047 Emulator?

2015-05-18 Thread Tom Brennan
Shane Ginnane wrote: Shane ... (interesting Tom commented on the PCI thread, but not this that I noticed ...) I'm here! Yes, Vista can handle code page 1047 and in fact that's been the default for many years (ever since I started coding C on the mainframe). SPUFI complains (at least by

Re: A New Performance Model ?

2015-04-09 Thread Tom Brennan
Timothy Sipples wrote: Well sure, it's ONE AND ONLY ONE FACTOR TO CONSIDER. No less, NO MORE. Yep - it's only one factor. But if I can quote Bugs Bunny, It's a doozy. -- For IBM-MAIN subscribe / signoff / archive access

Re: STCK question

2015-06-08 Thread Tom Brennan
Can you use the STCKCONV macro? Janet Graff wrote: I need my product to report on the amount of clock time aprocedure took. I have captured the STCK before and after theprocedure. The procedures take very little time and I want to show theelapsed time to the end user. As two examples

Re: STCK question

2015-06-08 Thread Tom Brennan
Oops didn't see you already mentioned that :) I really think it should work though... I mean, if you subtract, microseconds are still in the same spot, right? Tom Brennan wrote: Can you use the STCKCONV macro? Janet Graff wrote: I need my product to report on the amount of clock time

Re: EOJ, literally.

2015-06-26 Thread Tom Brennan
column. When you remove the cards from a slot, you verify the proper cards were selected by putting a small rod through that hole. On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 12:30 PM, Tom Brennan wrote: Wow, 2 months shy of 50 years. Congratulations! But what in the world was a sort

Re: EOJ, literally.

2015-06-26 Thread Tom Brennan
Wow, 2 months shy of 50 years. Congratulations! But what in the world was a sort needle? Tony's Outlook via Mozilla wrote: Colleagues, I saying my professional goodbye. I retired at noon today after 49 years and 10 months in the business. The career began sorting cards and wiring panels.

Re: EOJ, literally.

2015-06-26 Thread Tom Brennan
Nims,Alva John (Al) wrote: Second: Sort Needle look at the second on Needle Card. Thanks! Looks like a quick way to pick out cards that have a punch at a particular spot.

Re: Split screen ISPF edit copy?

2015-06-23 Thread Tom Brennan
Charles Mills wrote: I think there are several paste type options (emulated keystroke etc.) in Vista; you might look for that in x3270. I haven't used x3270 lately, but I'd look for a block-mode option or something similar. The unix folks who I assume wrote that program are more stream

Re: Split screen ISPF edit copy?

2015-06-23 Thread Tom Brennan
Neat idea though! Hmm... with that logic in place, what happens when you type a DD in the top window and another DD in the bottom? :) Charles Mills wrote: Gracias. That's the answer I am (sort of) looking for. Or at least, it's an answer to the right question. Charles -Original

Re: OT STCK question

2015-06-17 Thread Tom Brennan
My wife is from a country where the same word is used for both he and she. I've heard translations like, A man came into the store today, and she complained about the service. I have to stop for a second because it sounds like we're talking about two separate people. So I vote for a new

Re: Funny learning curve for various, UNIX, editors

2015-07-02 Thread Tom Brennan
For me, the graph is correct as long as you assume the vertical scale is really low. I learned about 20 commands the first day I used vi, and I still only know about 20 commands - 10 years later. Cannaerts, Jan wrote: Wow, anyone that touches Vi is instantly proficient and insanely

Re: How does one definitively recognize a temp dataset by name?

2015-07-02 Thread Tom Brennan
Maybe he thinks once you find them you're going to delete them. Charles Mills wrote: If exactly what were in place? Again, this is *not* for a RACF profile. I am just expressing the rule using EGN. Would SYS?.T??.RA000.* make people happier? Charles -Original Message- From:

Re: Did I really need a CLIST???

2015-05-20 Thread Tom Brennan
J O Skip Robinson wrote: Coding subcommands in reverse order just to save one letter in each REXX command would be absurd. Completely you with agree I, Skip. -- For IBM-MAIN subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions,

Re: Deleting data sets in use

2015-07-22 Thread Tom Brennan
In the old days I would run a program from Gilbert Saint-flour called BYPASSNQ. JCL called his program which (if I remember correctly) used SVC screening to intercept ENQ's for the running task - probably just returning R15=0 without doing anything else. Then BYPASSNQ would call the program

Re: Library out of space issue while APPLY RSU

2015-07-22 Thread Tom Brennan
J O Skip Robinson wrote: ...When you're ready to IPL a new maintenance level, copy your install environment over the alternate sysres environment using production HLQs like SYS1. Exactly. And I'd like to add that one big benefit of the copy step on a test system is that you get some

Re: Fwd: Bank’s severance deal indebts laid off IT workers to be ‘on call’ for 2 years of tech support �without pay

2015-10-22 Thread Tom Brennan
And here's another good idea, from the reader-comments at The Register: "If you read the full text of the clause it entirely hinges on the definition of the word 'assist'. You can make a pretty strong argument that responses like: 'Yes, I agree, that IS a pretty nasty problem.'

Re: Talk Talk Attack

2015-10-29 Thread Tom Brennan
Clark Morris wrote: > Depending on the vulnerability exploited, the attack might have been successful on the mainframe. Dynamic SQL if allowed on the mainframe is one vulnerability (Bobby Tables story). CICS transactions probably don't have much vulnerability. Apache based web server

Re: I just bought an IBM z890

2015-11-07 Thread Tom Brennan
Shmuel Metz (Seymour J.) wrote: But doesn't Tom's Vista support 62x160 with explicit partitions? Yes to 62x160. No to partitions. What would be reasons for multiple partitions when a user can already open up multiple TN3270 windows on their PC?

Re: I just bought an IBM z890

2015-11-06 Thread Tom Brennan
This is so cool. Maybe try starting with something like ZZSA? I never tried, but I heard that can be IPL'd from DVD in the HMC. Leonardo Vaz wrote: Really nice indeed! I don't think you can IPL z/OS via FTP though. I guess you want to run linux? -Original Message- From: IBM

Re: Share your z Systems expertise: survey improvement

2015-10-30 Thread Tom Brennan
Tell them there's a printable $10 bill waiting for them at the end :) Actually, I'm one of the looky-loos. I was only trying to understand what this is all about and don't have any applications. I didn't fully understand the background and objectives after the first few questions, so I

Re: AW: Re: IEAVAPE2/IEAVPSE2 another address space

2015-10-19 Thread Tom Brennan
Peter Hunkeler wrote: And who can we be sure Josef Reichman isn't just another name you've arbitrarily chosen? With that, I need to say that I've had business emails in the past from a Joseph Reichman and the originating IP address matches the michelbutz posts. So it's either Joe, or it's


2015-10-16 Thread Tom Brennan
Why be terrified? If IBM is as good as they claim regarding security, they should welcome looky-loos with secret cameras in their eyeglasses. "IBM does not provide government access to client data or back doors into our technology" (IBM statement to Reuters) Oops, did IBM just say that

Re: Junk your IT. Now. Before it drags you under

2015-10-15 Thread Tom Brennan
Doesn't seem to be targeting mainframes. Are other old platforms now getting lumped into the term "legacy"? Ed Gould wrote: Legacy systems tie you to unproductive legacy thinking and lead to stagnation.

Re: Syncsort changes hands

2015-10-14 Thread Tom Brennan
Andrew Rowley wrote: So we can look forward to the return of the bubble sort! It's only 7am but I'm sure that will be the funniest thing I hear all day :) -- For IBM-MAIN subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions,

Re: Subscribing to IBM-MAIN

2015-10-08 Thread Tom Brennan
la-Status2: 0080 Message-ID: <> Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2014 23:32:24 -0700 From: Tom Brennan <> User-Agent: Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.2 (Windows/20050317) X-Accept-Language: en-us, en MIME-Version: 1.0 To: lists...@listser

Re: IBM bkserv website donw or gone?

2015-11-18 Thread Tom Brennan
Do I sense mainframe bigots here?? :) Actually though, I can get a 500 error on my (Intel) Linux server just by doing things like forgetting a semi-colon in a php script. So while this might look like a hardware or OS error from the outside, I'd suspect it's more likely a programming issue

Re: Fastest way to read OLDEST GDG entry

2015-11-17 Thread Tom Brennan
Paul Gilmartin wrote: Naively, I'd expect that LISTCAT use CSI, or something very similar. Years ago a Storage Admin mentioned that his "List every dataset" nightly job was running more than an hour. I was playing around with CSI at the time (via assembler) and modified some existing code

Re: Having the mainframe on YouTube

2015-10-01 Thread Tom Brennan
Jack J. Woehr wrote: Have you looked at the price of RedHat stock lately? There's plenty of money in free: you charge for support! I certainly agree! But I'm not sure it's related (unless that's the point I'm missing). So let's say you give me source code (free speech) and I compile it and

Re: Having the mainframe on YouTube

2015-10-01 Thread Tom Brennan
Mark Post wrote: Which is why some people have taken to calling it Free/Libre, since French, among other languages distinguish the two. And just as an aside, I'm intrigued that at least one other person besides myself and John McKown knows about and understands the concept and is willing to

Re: Recovery routine for ICHRTX00

2015-09-20 Thread Tom Brennan
J O Skip Robinson wrote: The recovery routine got control and screwed up registers, ... That reminds me of a similar experience when I was handed JES2 Exit 6 around 1985 and told to make some changes. It was complex code I didn't understand at all, so to learn I zapped some zeros at

Re: OT: Electrician cuts wrong wire and downs 25,000 square foot data centre

2015-12-14 Thread Tom Brennan
And since we're talking electricity this reminded me of the time a large possum decided to crawl into some electrical boxes and die for some reason (this was well inside the building). The body was discovered after a while by odor, and people thought he could not be removed safely without

Re: Is there a source for detailed, instruction-level performance info?

2015-12-24 Thread Tom Brennan
Farley, Peter x23353 wrote: So what is an ordinary programmer to do? Years ago I guess I had nothing to do so I wrote a program that hooked into various LINK/LOAD SVC's and recorded the load module name (like Isogon and TADz do). That huge pile of data ended up on a tape and I wrote some

Re: Is there a source for detailed, instruction-level performance info?

2015-12-24 Thread Tom Brennan
ether store or store halfword is faster -- change your algorithm so you have only 1/1000 as many stores." Charles -Original Message- From: IBM Mainframe Discussion List [mailto:IBM-MAIN@LISTSERV.UA.EDU] On Behalf Of Tom Brennan Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2015 1:52 PM To

Re: Coupling Facility Structure Re-sizing

2015-12-23 Thread Tom Brennan
I'm somewhat involved in a distance test scheduled for next month, and I believe it will be using the "Fiber Lab Flex" box on this page: The main plan is to check 20km+ between two machines currently right next to each other.

Re: Testing SFM policy

2016-06-07 Thread Tom Brennan
When I saw your original post, the first thing I thought of was a program that sets the PSW so it can't be interrupted, then loops for a time (while checking the clock) before exiting. ATTACH a few of these tasks and maybe you could take over all CPU's and better simulate the bad-dog. Just a

Re: Speaking of 3270-X devices (Was: Query on OSA-ICC consoles)

2016-06-12 Thread Tom Brennan
Any program talking to the terminal (i.e. VTAM, Session manager, ISPF, whatever) can ask the terminal for its capabilities and the terminal responsds with a Query-Reply block, maybe a couple of hundred bytes long, describing all the things the terminal can do. That includes things like the

Re: IBM plans for the future - an imaginary tale

2016-06-14 Thread Tom Brennan
Fun to read! But whenever I see things like this a couple of items come to mind: 1) z/OS often gets lumped in with z/Linux as if a move to z/Linux will save the mainframe. Sure, that will save the *hardware*, but it won't save the jobs of all the z/OS software folks. 2) IBM needs to make

Re: June 6th Somewhere!

2016-06-05 Thread Tom Brennan
It's a rectangular birthday cake with a single candle, but I think someone dropped it on the way to the party. zMan wrote: Did GMail munge the formatting? What was that EBCDIC art supposed to be? I copied it to non-proportional editor, still not obvious. On Sun, Jun 5, 2016 at 7:44 PM, Edward

Re: June 6th Somewhere!

2016-06-05 Thread Tom Brennan
Main)) / (()) / / ++++ Tom Brennan wrote: It's a rectangular birthday cake with a single candle, but I think someone dropped it on the way to the party. zMan wrote: Did GMail m

Re: IBM plans for the future - an imaginary tale

2016-06-14 Thread Tom Brennan
Itschak Mugzach wrote: funny? not sure. I'll vote for sad. I meant "Fun" which is a little different. I just liked the interesting way the author put things together. The content is sad of course. So, my advise is not to find new uses to the mainframe, just make it affordable for

Re: IBM plans for the future - an imaginary tale

2016-06-14 Thread Tom Brennan
exits. Linda Sent from my iPhone On Jun 14, 2016, at 4:09 PM, Tom Brennan <> wrote: Itschak Mugzach wrote: funny? not sure. I'll vote for sad. I meant "Fun" which is a little different. I just liked the interesting way the author put things togethe

Re: jedit (Was "Windows based editor / reformatter for DOS/VSE JCL?")

2016-06-21 Thread Tom Brennan
I keep thinking of Obi-Wan. Charles Mills wrote: Every time I see the name jedit I wonder if it is somehow related to JDate. Charles -- For IBM-MAIN subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions, send email to

Re: How to Dynamically add SUBSYTEM

2016-01-18 Thread Tom Brennan
I remember zapping the existing subsystem block in memory to some other name and then running the re-init. Probably not something I would do except on a test system or if we were about to IPL anyway. But from Jim Mulder's note, it sounds like 2.2 provides a way to do something similar -

Re: IBM Destination z - What the Heck Is JCL and Why Does It Look So Funny?

2016-02-04 Thread Tom Brennan
You're right I think, and that would be another good analogy. I'm pretty sure stdin and stdout are opened prior to calling the specified program, very much like JCL allocation is done before PGM= gets control. These are the similarities I'm looking for that might help someone move from

Re: IBM Destination z - What the Heck Is JCL and Why Does It Look So Funny?

2016-02-05 Thread Tom Brennan
as an example, you'll get confusion from the students. They'll say "why don't you just do it in awk?" or even reel off an obscure Perl one-liner. Using ls into grep into tail may be more realistic. On Thursday, 4 February 2016 20:00:36 UTC, Tom Brennan wrote: That's great stuff, and how

Re: IBM Destination z - What the Heck Is JCL and Why Does It Look So Funny?

2016-02-07 Thread Tom Brennan
Yep - I'm hoping they'll like the batch facilities in MVS which in my opinion are far beyond unix. This might be a spot where a history lesson is needed, but I wasn't around in the early days: From what I've read, MVS started with nothing but batch jobs and later grew into online systems.

Re: IBM Destination z - What the Heck Is JCL and Why Does It Look So Funny?

2016-02-04 Thread Tom Brennan
I probably wasn't clear that the 3 step job is just an example to let a unix person relate their data-passing methods to ours. If I put all that in a single step it would kind of defeat the purpose of the example. Ed Gould wrote: The three jobsteps can be cut down to one if you use the "new"


2016-02-12 Thread Tom Brennan
I agree, unsafe. But I could probably argue that just letting a system programmer logon is unsafe :) I had various checks to try to prevent the hooks from causing issues, including (if I remember correctly) using the LRA instruction to check for a valid address in ECSA prior to access. I


2016-02-11 Thread Tom Brennan
I guess I missed the first post. It interests me, maybe because at one time (when I had not much to do) I wrote some SVC hooks that did similar monitoring, and crazy enough, my code actually made it to production where it was of some use over time. I think this was late-1990's, maybe before

Re: IBM Destination z - What the Heck Is JCL and Why Does It Look So Funny?

2016-02-04 Thread Tom Brennan
That's great stuff, and how mainframe methods need to be taught today. College students understand unix and windows, and need to know the (can I say odd?) differences they will see on the mainframe, along with a bit of history. I'm currently trying to write up some notes for some (possible)

Re: Binder

2016-01-28 Thread Tom Brennan
Well that's still better than the web-based userid access request system where I worked. The main page said "Order ID's and Assess" Greg Shirey wrote: Hmm, the page displays a "Supper-scale Mainframe System" and a "Large-scale Mainframe System." If someone asked me if I'd rather have

Re: Deleting a dataset that GRS has enqueued.

2016-01-27 Thread Tom Brennan
I did that zap a few times until I found the BYPASSNQ program from Gilbert Saint-Flour. I believe he used the old method of SVC screening to replace the ENQ SVC with a BR14 just for the running task, then he called the program specified on the parm. A genius method, but of course this was


2016-02-02 Thread Tom Brennan
I can't help, but that reminds me very much of Bruce Schickler who did I/O gens for the company back in the days when we were converting from real 3270 terminals to PC emulation. I remember going to his desk to help with something and I said, "Where's the mouse"? He didn't know. It was under

Re: OT: Come watch me install Linux on the IBM z890 Mainframe!

2016-01-31 Thread Tom Brennan
Yep - this is something you don't see every day. Or *any* day, come to think of it :) The closest I've come to this is watching IBM power up a BC12 in a temporary warehouse environment (cables and power just kind of hanging). But IBM certainly wasn't pulling boxes out of the rack like Conner is

Re: Tritus SPF again

2016-02-25 Thread Tom Brennan
Nice! I ordered a 3.5 drive too and went through my pile of old disks looking for anything I should try to copy once it arrives. Thanks for the DOSBOX hint, maybe I can install my old Lemmings game disk and pick up where I left off in 1993. And I have a 1991 CTC SPF/2 3.5" disk which should

Re: CBU test

2016-02-29 Thread Tom Brennan
I just talked to a long-time former IBMer and he says: #1 Yes (which matches up with my own experience at the HMC CBU screens) #2 Yes (from his memory). You would vary offline CP's so there's no more than 3 (in your 703 example) on any LPAR and then head back to the HMC temporary upgrade

Re: COBOL v5

2016-01-25 Thread Tom Brennan
I've decided over the past few years that it's not that I don't like/trust certain things, it's that they don't like me. Some in that category are: Excel vi Java Those little white lap dogs with evil black eyes PDSE's So it's not my fault, they started it :) Skip Robinson wrote: --

Re: Introducing the New z13s: Tim's Hardware Highlights

2016-02-18 Thread Tom Brennan
You're not the only one. It's just asking for trouble. "I need you to IPL all the z13s this weekend, but not the z13s." ?? Frank Swarbrick wrote: Just a comment, the name z13s did not appear to me to be a name of a new system, but rather just the plural of z13, i.e. "Look at those z13s run!".

Re: AW: Re: You thought IEFBR14 was bad? Try GNU's /bin/true code

2016-02-10 Thread Tom Brennan
I would have written it like this: HELP NOT AVAILABLE+ COMMAND IEFBR14 NOT FOUND, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER I mean... the HELP member could be available *sometime*, right? And at least that keeps you from getting stuck in a loop with no WAIT. Peter Hunkeler wrote: But does IEFBR14 do this?

Re: CeBIT and mainframes

2016-03-19 Thread Tom Brennan
Maybe EBSDIC is just like colour vs. color, spanner vs. wrench. John McKown wrote: I just read the article. Interestin, but, really, EBSDIC? Twice?!? -- For IBM-MAIN subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions, send

Re: Very weird scrolling anomaly with hidden excluded lines

2016-03-21 Thread Tom Brennan
Even on a mod-2 when I run through the X/HIDE/F sequence on file SDSF2 the scrolling is odd. For example, about the third screen I scroll down ok, but when I scroll back up I'm 1 line off from where I started. I can reproduce this if the scroll amount is PAGE or CSR but if I put say, 20 in

Re: IBM z/OS Product Documentation 2016

2016-03-25 Thread Tom Brennan
I recently discovered there are pdf manuals for Omegamon 5.1 but none for the latest release 5.3. I hope IBM isn't planning on getting rid of pdf manuals in favor of that web thing that I cannot use as effectively. -- For

Re: Linux

2016-03-26 Thread Tom Brennan
Don't purchase Linux for your own use - you'll find answers to issues using Google. At least that's been my experience. If you haven't worked with Linux at all, I'd actually recommend something I bought recently, the Raspberry Pi 3 - CanaKit from Amazon for $79 comes with everything you need

Re: Linux

2016-03-26 Thread Tom Brennan
enterprise production you would want support, but for home use you need not purchase anything. You can use Google for your "support." Charles -Original Message- From: IBM Mainframe Discussion List [mailto:IBM-MAIN@LISTSERV.UA.EDU] On Behalf Of Tom Brennan Sent: Saturday, March 26, 201

Re: Linux

2016-03-26 Thread Tom Brennan
Starting footnotes with [0] ? Sure sign of a C programmer :) Tomasz Rola wrote: As of which Linux, I guess you should choose the one that has documentation and tutorials on their homepage. I am long time Debian [0] user [1] but I have no idea if this would be the best choice for you. Sometimes

Re: New to RACF

2016-04-22 Thread Tom Brennan
Now you made me think of Dan Quayle Tom Marchant wrote: #PRINTF 'You have %d potatoes',COUNT -- For IBM-MAIN subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions, send email to with the message: INFO

Re: How to copy one pack IPL'able z/OS to DVD.

2016-04-29 Thread Tom Brennan
David Crayford wrote: I've got a Pi3! Are we nerds? Me too! Yes, you didn't know? -- For IBM-MAIN subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions, send email to with the message: INFO IBM-MAIN

Re: 64-bit caller and VL-bit

2016-04-28 Thread Tom Brennan
Paul Gilmartin wrote: And the UNIX argv[] vector is terminated by a NULL (0) pointer, not -1. Don't people usually use the argc (parm count) value also passed in unix main()? If so they would never go past the end of argv[]. But I do like ending things with zeros instead of

Re: New to RACF

2016-04-21 Thread Tom Brennan
Or they could use "%08X" to tell printf to tag on the leading zeros - no counting needed. Here's one that always looks strange to me: "You have 1 records" I think that *does* take some extra C coding to fix unless someone can tell me some printf tricks. Years ago I wrote some assembler

Re: What was a 3314?

2016-05-19 Thread Tom Brennan
Not if the jobs run fine. To change the subject beyond VIO: In my experience, arbitrary limits on mainframe resources do nothing more than result in job reruns. Jobs killed because of time/space/spool/etc might need double the CPU because of the rerun after the limits are increased. What a

Re: smp/e sha-2 support?

2016-05-17 Thread Tom Brennan
Create a profile or group named ADMIN, add some users to it, and list that out for the auditors whenever they ask. Best case, they will fall for it and you're done. Worst case, you have a spot (like a paper list but in RACF where it looks more legitimate) where you at least have a chance of

Re: Special characters in passwords from non-US computers (Italy)

2016-05-16 Thread Tom Brennan
This is just some wild guessing and assumptions: In Windows there's a Language option in the Control Panel where you can specify Italy and many other places I've never been to. I just did that and the top row on my keyboard comes out like this when I hold the shift key: EN English:

Re: OMVS hang at system shutdown

2016-05-06 Thread Tom Brennan
I'm with you... It seems like operators are often told that D A,L should come back with nothing before V XCF. Of course we want to get tasks with databases shutdown nicely (CICS, DB2, etc.), and files closed (bpxoinit shutdown) and checkpoint records written ($PJES2 or even $PJES2,TERM) but

Re: z890 in my basement

2016-04-19 Thread Tom Brennan
Great! Just the type of person IBM needs. Now why can't my daughters (same general age) do something like that? They just need to be hard working and have good genes. Oh well. Mike Schwab wrote: Connor turned 19 and accepted an

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