2000-05-17 Thread David Wang
Hi all, IS-IS is defined to work with CLNP not for IP originally. Until today a lot of SONET and telecommunication equipment vendors still use IS-IS to route CLNP packets through the SONET Data communication channel(DCC) to carry management information and there is a great pressure to change

MPLS and Private Network

2000-04-06 Thread David Wang
Title: MPLS and Private Network Dear Friends, A company consists of 2 remotely separated sites, A and B. A leased T1 line connects the networks on these 2 sites together. We generally call the company's network a private network since the connection between the 2 sites are private leased

Carry IP Packet in Ethernet Frame in IEEE 802.3 LLC Encapsulation Format

2000-03-30 Thread David Wang
Dear Friends, I never see or heard any product use 802.3 LLC frame format to carry IP packet. But I am not sure I am correct. Does anyone knows that some product does use the LLC frame to carry IP packets and why? There are 2 type of Ethernet frames: Ethernet Version 2 Frame: |

How Many Routing Tables

2000-03-23 Thread David Wang
Dear Friends, This may be a silly question but I never found a clear answer form a book or a standard. A router is running BGP4, OSPF and RIP at the same time. How many routing tables(or forwarding tables) this router has? I think there should be only one table produced by all the protocols