practical subnet sizes smaller than /26, /27, ...

2003-11-21 Thread John Martin
I'm looking for research / surveys on how enterprises and service providers really use subnetting within their networks. In particular, I'm interested in the size of subnets that people are regularly using and I'm interested in both public and private addressed networks (which I'm assuming,

Re: filtering active content

2001-07-25 Thread John Martin
At 08:40 AM 25/07/01 -0600, Vernon Schryver wrote: I've read somewhere that they sometimes ignore the 3 character DOS filename or filetype extension and look for magic numbers in the data. I've no way of evaluating that, or at least no inclination. I know that both Explorer and Netscape do

Re: Comparison of ICAP and SOAP

2001-07-09 Thread John Martin
Apologies for the delay in responding. I believe that Mark's summary is pretty accurate but I would add one clarification. SOAP encompasses much broader scope that iCAP. SOAP is a whole architecture for messaging; iCAP is a very simplified vectoring protocol. iCAP is a way of getting an

Re: IETF logistics

2000-12-20 Thread John Martin
Let me give you an example of where this didn't work recently. At San Diego, we had back-to-back meetings of WREC followed by OPES BoF and CDNP BoF. For the most part, there was a very large overlap in the attendance. If you did not forgoe the coffee break and - literally! - run between the

Re: guidance (re: social event politeness)

2000-12-14 Thread John Martin
...and speaking of bad manners, I noticed that there is a resurgence of people talking mobile-phone calls in meetings. I was only there for one day but it happened twice in three meetings. Another annoyance is those who allow it to ring and then cancel the call (presumably using CLI or

Re: recommendation against publication of draft-cerpa-necp-02.txt

2000-04-13 Thread John Martin
(i.e. DNS server farms, firewalls, proxies). As I have said repeatedly, "interception proxies" is only one of these applications and by no means the most widely used. Are you confusing this with WCCP (which *only* works with "interception proxies"). Quoth John Martin: [...

Re: recommendation against publication of draft-cerpa-necp-02.txt

2000-04-13 Thread John Martin
At 10:49 AM 13/04/00 -0700, Eliot Lear wrote: Part of the problem here is that a knife may be used as a food utensil or a weapon. Safe handling, however, is always required, and should be documented. Granted. I would add two other comments. I tried to locate the RFC for HTTP/0.9, but the best

interception proxies

2000-04-11 Thread John Martin
There has been a lot of discussion about the problems associated with so-called "interception proxies". This discussion is very much within the charter of the WREC WG. In fact, we even have a current draft whose sole purpose is to document such problems. The known problems draft is at:

Re: prohibiting RFC publication

2000-04-10 Thread John Martin
At 10:39 AM 10/04/00 -0400, Keith Moore wrote: The I-D in question has been referred to an existing IETF WG for review, that assertion was made, but not confirmed by the ADs. is it really true? it seems odd because it really isn't in scope for wrec. Let me jog your memory: At 06:29 PM