[Imdbpy-help] install failed with error code 1

2016-02-17 Thread Philip Earvolino
Hello. I’ve spent some time trying to install imdbpy and i continue to get the message: Command "python setup.py egg_info" failed with error code 1 in /private/tmp/pip-build-vse626ob/IMDbPY I have looked in stackoverflow and many things are suggested. I have tried all (I think) of them, and

[Imdbpy-help] ratings

2017-04-26 Thread Philip Earvolino
I have built a local mySQL IMDB database and am now trying to execute various queries. I can not find any rating information? These should be, I believe, in the movie_info table with info_type_id’s of 99, 100, and 101? Does the imdb2py script not parse the ratings file, which is one of the

[Imdbpy-help] merging with weekly updates

2017-05-27 Thread Philip Earvolino
IMDB creates weekly updates in the “diffs” folder on the imdb host ftp site(s). Has anyone tried running this script on these files and merging the created SQL db with the existing db? If “diffs" is not only adding new records but updating existing ones will a merge properly key on the