Build systems

2000-03-17 Thread Laird Nelson
My curiosity is piqued by several posts recently on the subject of builds. (I preface this by saying that I am fully aware that cvs is not a build tool, nor does it enforce policy, nor does it do my taxes (regrettably), etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam as we have all seen in the 34734983


2000-04-06 Thread Laird Nelson
Could someone please kindly point me to the spot in the Cederqvist where the val-tags file is mentioned? I can't find it and I don't know what it is. Cheers, Laird

$USER etc. variables (NOT env. variables)

2000-04-06 Thread Laird Nelson
I know through rumor (and testing) that, e.g., in a commitinfo line you can say something like this: ALL /some/program $USER ...i.e. you can put what looks like a shell environment variable substitution in the line and cvs--I believe, i.e. not the shell--will expand it for you. (I also know

Change in -d option in 1.10.8 (from 1.10)?

2000-04-06 Thread Laird Nelson
I read this in the 1.10.8 NEWS file: * The -d command line option no longer updates the CVS/Root file. For one thing, the CVS 1.9/1.10 behavior never had updated CVS/Root in subdirectories, and for another, it didn't seem that popular in general. So this change restores the CVS 1.8

Importing of CVS sources question

2000-04-07 Thread Laird Nelson
I started by importing cvs v1.10 lo these many months ago into our own CVS repository. Now I pulled down CVS v1.10.8 and imported that onto the vendor branch following the recommended steps. Everything worked fine. Then I went to make it. On making lib/getdate.c, it looks like that's made

Re: Access to CVSROOT/passwd mapped username

2000-04-11 Thread Laird Nelson
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote: The Perl CVSROOT/foo script, however, shows different values for $ARGV[0] (the $USER above) and $ENV{"USER"} (the actual environment). The former is the remote (client) username I want, whilst the latter is the local (server) username. It looks as though

Re: MKS/SI and CVS

2000-04-11 Thread Laird Nelson
"David L. Martin" wrote: MKS Source Integrity is *based* on RCS, but it isn't 100% true blue RCS This has been our experience as well. However, if you *can* get an MKS archive into CVS, do so; CVS is MUCH better than MKS. Cheers, Laird

Very minor feature request

2000-04-24 Thread Laird Nelson
Suppose there are two sandboxes in the world: mine, and someone else's. We both access the same CVS repository. If The Other Guy removes fileA from his sandbox, then when I do a cvs update in mine, I get a message that says something like: warning: fileA is no longer relevant ...and fileA

Re: bin directory

2000-04-25 Thread Laird Nelson
Larry Jones wrote: Since Unix doesn't distinguish between text and binary files, it is safe to import binary files on Unix without marking them as binary. ?? I thought marking a file as binary (during add *or* via cvs admin) simply turned off keyword expansion. What else do Micro$oft

Re: bin directory

2000-04-25 Thread Laird Nelson
Larry Jones wrote: They convert between the external end-of-line characters (CRLF) and the internal end-of-line character ('\n'), and they also interpret ^Z (SUB) as end-of-file when reading (they may or may not write ^Z at end-of-file when writing). Both of these can cause serious data loss

Re: patch for CVSUSER env variable

2000-04-28 Thread Laird Nelson
Ingolf Koch wrote: It appears that when using pserver together with a CVSROOT/passwd file which maps cvs users to different UNIX user ids (i.e. with three entries per line), it is not possible by programs called e.g. on commit automatically to find out which _cvs_ user did the commit.

Re: tag date/time

2000-04-25 Thread Laird Nelson
Ofer Nave wrote: Is it possible to figure out the exact time a tag was applied to a project in cvs? (I parsed through a ,v file but didn't see a way to glean this information.) Isn't this what cvs history is for? Granted, it does not store this information in the ,v file, but it's

Re: Interest in checkoutinfo administration file?

2000-05-04 Thread Laird Nelson
Erik Kluzek wrote: Is there any interest in CVS having a "checkoutinfo" administration file? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I've read the other messages in this thread and am not convinced that the modules file -o option will do what I want in all cases. I've found several cases where I'd like to

Re: Selection of branches for commit

2000-05-04 Thread Laird Nelson
t is automatically checked out into the FCVSROOT after it is modified. =back =head1 DIAGNOSTICS Bcvs_mainline_protector outputs any messages or errors prefixed with three asterisks and a space ("*** "). =head1 EXIT STATUS =over 4 =item 0 Bcvs_mainline_protector exited normally. =i

Truncated files in CVS?

2000-05-05 Thread Laird Nelson
Has anyone noticed ANY circumstances in which CVS, running in client-server mode, will truncate a file on the server side, on a block boundary? I have a user who is claiming that CVS truncated an Excel spreadsheet that he checked into the repository. He added it correctly, with the -kb option

Off topic, sort of: best ChangeLog practices?

2000-05-23 Thread Laird Nelson
Various posts here have been tangentially involved with ChangeLogs. Emacs has a ChangeLog mode. The free/open source communities seem to make great use of these things. What are they? Is there some URL or other source of information that someone can point me to on what a ChangeLog is, best

Re: merging

2000-06-12 Thread Laird Nelson
Larry Jones wrote: Moshe Levy writes: So, how do i avoid the automated deletions in the merge ? i think the cvs should atleast warn or do a diff on that kind of a change. You don't. As far as CVS is concerned, a change is just deleting some old lines and inserting some new lines;

Re: Command level access control

2000-06-12 Thread Laird Nelson
Tony Cleveland wrote: The taginfo script will definitely work for what I was tying to do, I had not thought of that. The only drawback is that you end up with another authorization file "taggers" that needs to be maintained. I'm actually (in my free time) working on a crappy little perl

Re: When is it appropriate to update a major version number?

2000-06-20 Thread Laird Nelson
Mike Jellison wrote: I don't understand why updating a major version number is a bad thing. Conceptually speaking, there are two identifiers for any file under configuration management: the identifier-that-the-version-control-system-assigns-to-it-to-keep-track-of-it-for-its-own-purposes and the

Re: Patches or work-arounds requested for lock problems

2000-07-11 Thread Laird Nelson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does anyone know of any pathes [sic] that will fix this problem? Well, CVS has two camps of users: 1. Those who use it because it's been designed to support concurrent development (read: no locks), and because they believe that a project where "communication" is

CVS pid available?

2000-07-14 Thread Laird Nelson
I'm working on an ACL framework that snaps in under the various *info files. Could someone please tell me if it is possible (without patching the CVS code) to obtain the CVS pid? I can do this when the server is being accessed via, e.g., :pserver: or :ext: or :server:--the current directory for

Valuable *info information

2000-07-17 Thread Laird Nelson
I thought I'd post this here in case it proves useful to others. Here is a random list of Things That Are True of the various *info files. It is incomplete and in no significant order whatsoever. Version tested is cvs 1.10 on Solaris, built from source. 1. when running in local mode, CVS

Re: New trigger system

2000-07-17 Thread Laird Nelson
Ian Wells wrote: I keep finding comments about the need to implement a new system of triggers which is more comprehensive and orthogonal than the current commitinfo/loginfo/taginfo one. Has there been any progress on this (code, designs, or even first thoughts) or is it still waiting for

Re: cvs tag -F and branch tags, (was Re: Branches vs. keyword expansion)

2000-07-20 Thread Laird Nelson
Stephen Cameron wrote: Well, guess what... You just converted "branchtag" from being a branch tag into being a regular tag. Not only that, but now you have NO idea what revision "branchtag" used to point to, and no way to find out, so you can't even undo it. Of course this could be

Re: questions about CVS

2000-07-26 Thread Laird Nelson
- Original Message - From: Adam Winter [EMAIL PROTECTED] First, how can two products share a module? Release the module as a regular product internal to your company, with regular point releases. Then treat it like any other third party product you depend on. I say this not to imply

Re: [cciug] general makefile (and script) style rule

2000-07-28 Thread Laird Nelson
Wolfgang Laun wrote: Talking about UNIX (vanilla) Make and GNU Make, I'd say that you're in for some fun and games if you try to make this robust against spaces in path names by using some general set of rules. It would be possible to put quotes around all macro expansions where one path name

Re: Checking branch for commit

2000-07-28 Thread Laird Nelson
Marc Poinot wrote: Laird Nelson wrote: Additionally, you can get the old version by having your commitinfo script look in ./CVS/Entries; the line with the filename in it will also have its old version. On the server side ? Yes; even in a pserver or rsh context. If your script is being

Re: Next CVS release? (1.10.9?)

2000-08-02 Thread Laird Nelson
Tony Cleveland wrote: Are there any plans of make another CVS point release to include the many fixes in the development version? Of course you can just run the development version but it would be nice to have a milestone that was designated at least some what stable. +1; CVS will get

CVS pids and the pids of its kids

2000-08-02 Thread Laird Nelson
Sounds like the latest Harry Potter book. Through extensive hammering and beating on cvs, I've established the following Very Likely Thing: * The ID of the cvs process that runs commitinfo and verifymsg scripts is NOT the same as the id of the CVS process that runs the loginfo scripts. *

Re: CVS pids and the pids of its kids

2000-08-02 Thread Laird Nelson
Donald Sharp wrote: What does it matter? 1. If my commitinfo script leaves a dropping behind it in the cvs temp directory (which is of the form /tmp/cvs-serv20873 when cvs is invoked via rsh or pserver or probably gserver), and my loginfo script wants to retrieve that dropping, the loginfo

Re: CVS pids and the pids of its kids

2000-08-02 Thread Laird Nelson
TC wrote: He is probably tring to do some stuff with the commit loginfo scripts they hide in $TMPDIR/cvs-serv[pid] (server.c) if script he is in is calling out to get the parent process id he's not going to find the right cvs-serv[pid] dir with the contant he is expecting ... We have a

Re: CVS pids and the pids of its kids

2000-08-03 Thread Laird Nelson
"Reinstein, Shlomo" wrote: Hi, I've used that method to communicate information between the commitinfo and the loginfo of the same commit process - that is, using the pid of the "cvs commit" process itself, which is the parent of both. How have you done this? The pid of the "cvs commit"

Re: CVS pids and the pids of its kids

2000-08-03 Thread Laird Nelson
Donald Sharp wrote: Have a control file that tracks directory names based on the original cvs invocation pid.The commitinfo script would write to this file the location of it's temp directory. Where do you propose to keep the control file? How do you know what cvs' original invocation

Re: Code freeze support in CVS?

2000-08-08 Thread Laird Nelson
Dennis Jones wrote: Does CVS support the idea of code freezes? For example, being able to restrict commits on a particular branch, directory, or file, or by user groups (via commitinfo perhaps)? Keep an eye on (the nascent and currently rather

Re: [Cvsnt] Security pserver ..

2000-08-10 Thread Laird Nelson
Tony Hoyle wrote: I found an ssh client! Unfortunately WinCVS doesn't like it when it asks for a password (it hangs). It was also more than a little opaque to set up (nothing that couldn't be fixed with scripts though). Mike Castle on this list claims there's an easy way to get ssh

Re: how to create/design your repository/project

2000-08-17 Thread Laird Nelson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: How should I set up my repository to best benefit the development/management effort? should we have multiple repositories? each repository represents one of our clients. or should we have just 1 repository, define multiple modules and each module represents one

Re: Questions about CVS tags

2000-08-28 Thread Laird Nelson
mich wrote: Does anyone on the list know what is causing the error below: == RESPONSE has 0 items: cvs [server aborted]:tag '.' must start with a letter

Re: CVS Code Freeze and 1.11 Test Release Available

2000-08-30 Thread Laird Nelson
Noel L Yap wrote: It's interesting that none of "cvs edit -c", "cvs edit -f", and "cvs ci -c" made it into this release Damn! OpenAve: PLEASE put these in. We desperately need them. Hopefully the WinCVS folks will incorporate them as well. IMO, these patches are extremely important in

Re: CVS checkout filename with space (bug fixed ??)

2000-09-01 Thread Laird Nelson
Laine Stump wrote: I have files with spaces in them (not by choice - InstallShield saves some project info in files containing spaces in the names), and the only trouble I've had is spurious messages when doing cvs update from a parent directory of the directory containing the "spacey file".

Re: Security Problems with CVS?

2000-09-07 Thread Laird Nelson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Have you consider useing CVS together with SSH ?? This message triggered something I've wanted for a while. Could someone who is proficient in ssh and WinCVS in particular post a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the two to play nicely together in a way such that one

Re: Wrong Author entry when using log[_accum].pl

2000-09-10 Thread Laird Nelson
- Original Message - From: Martin Neitzel [EMAIL PROTECTED] I can give you a simple patch setting the environment variable CVS_USERNAME to "roland" (while keeping USER as "cvsiti"), as well as my own loginfo logger using this, as well as adding a corresponding email address if

Re: Wrong Author entry when using log[_accum].pl

2000-09-11 Thread Laird Nelson
Martin Neitzel wrote: FYI, this escaped me in the Cederqvist because this special variable substitution appeared to me as a regular environment variable with its regular $SYNTAX and all the other shell piping / redirecting, and quoting being used in the examples. Yes; IMHO the Cederqvist

Entries format question

2000-09-14 Thread Laird Nelson
I'm finding a case where there's a '=' in the date field of a line in an Entries file when I'm doing a cvs tag. The = is not documented in the Cederqvist as being one of the characters that should show up in the timestamp field. I'm running a taginfo script under pserver that parses the Entries

Taginfo question

2000-09-14 Thread Laird Nelson
Is there any way to determine from within a taginfo script whether the tag being added is a branch tag? I'm inclined to say no--no such information exists in any of the arguments etc. passed to taginfo, in the ,v file or in the environment. Cheers, Laird

inetd question related to cvs (not usual pserver doesn't work FAQ)

2000-09-14 Thread Laird Nelson
inetd programs are supposed to be able to simply read from STDIN, right? I'm trying to write a wrapper program around cvs pserver that gets invoked, obviously, from STDIN. I'd like to peek at the conversation between client and server, and I thought I could get at this conversation by simply

Re: Taginfo question

2000-09-14 Thread Laird Nelson
Another taginfo question (maybe a bug report). Cederqvist says that the taginfo script is supposed to get five arguments: tag, action, directory, file and revision. But when I do a cvs tag -d someTag someFile.txt I get three: tag ("someTag"), action ("del") and directory

Re: inetd question related to cvs (not usual pserver doesn't workFAQ)

2000-09-14 Thread Laird Nelson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: An easier way to look at the pserver client/server dialog is to define the CVS_CLIENT_LOG environment variable with the base file name for the log on the client. Yes; thanks. What I'm actually trying to do is harvest some information from the pserver connection that

Re: Check out trigger

2000-09-27 Thread Laird Nelson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am desperately trying to have a trigger set up for check out. You are out of luck. Time to start hacking C code. :-) Is there some reason you can't continue to use your modules -o solution for all modules? Cheers, Laird

Re: Memory/space issues

2000-09-28 Thread Laird Nelson
Paul Sander wrote: Which device are you looking on? The Entries.Static file is normally created in your workspace. Might that device be filling up? --- Forwarded mail from [EMAIL PROTECTED] I am somewhat new to CVS, at least as the admin... I am running into problems of when trying

Re: cvs commit confusing behaviour on modified files without changed content

2000-10-04 Thread Laird Nelson
Olivier Berger wrote: As cvs has connected to the server, it detects that the content hasn't changed, and doesn't commit anything without notifying me. So everything looks like the commit aborted for some unreported reason. What do you think about that (client 1.10.7 - server 1.10.6) ?

Re: Repository know who has checkouts?

2000-10-04 Thread Laird Nelson
"Richard J. Duncan" wrote: We add a watch to the entire source tree. Then when people checkout code they must run "cvs edit" to get a writable version of the file before making modifications What does it mean to say "cvs watch on" across a sandbox? Does that really mean that the actions of

Re: Repository know who has checkouts?

2000-10-04 Thread Laird Nelson
Noel L Yap wrote: No, unlike some other tools, changes within the repo do not affect already-existing working directories (aka sandboxes). I was probably unclear. If user A sets a watch on somefile.txt, then *when user B updates his copy* it will come down as read only, *even if there are no

Re: Repository know who has checkouts?

2000-10-04 Thread Laird Nelson
Noel L Yap wrote: Yes, this would be a problem. In practice, though, the entire team decides to use "cvs watch on" on the entire repository (or at least entire modules) so that they may use "cvs edit" to better support inter-team communication. Right. Before I go and cvs watch on various

Re: Repository know who has checkouts?

2000-10-04 Thread Laird Nelson
Noel L Yap wrote: Yes, this would be a problem. In practice, though, the entire team decides to use "cvs watch on" on the entire repository (or at least entire modules) so that they may use "cvs edit" to better support inter-team communication. It just struck me that watch on/watch off is in

Re: Permissions on cvs watch on/off (Was: Repository know whohas checkouts?)

2000-10-05 Thread Laird Nelson
Noel L Yap wrote: I haven't formed an opinion, yet, but I will say that allowing only cvsadmin to use "cvs watch on/off" may be more difficult than protecting "cvs admin" since there are sub-sub-commands to "cvs watch" that normal users should be able to use. Well, right; my point I guess is

Re: Repository know who has checkouts?

2000-10-05 Thread Laird Nelson
"Derek R. Price" wrote: Well, I view the 'chmod u+w' or 'cvs edit' requirement as a side effect of a user watching those files. CVS has to be running in order to send the notices user A requested, so user B has to run 'cvs edit' when he wants to edit or else there won't be a running process

Re: CVS timestamps

2000-10-05 Thread Laird Nelson
Matthew Berney wrote: It would be nice to have the timestamps in the repository actually match our local time Oopsie; you don't want to do that if your repository is global, like most, say, open-source projects. I'd vote for client localization, though; i.e. cvs logs and historys and so on

Re: Directory-level access control?

2000-10-05 Thread Laird Nelson
"Derek R. Price" wrote: Yes. You can do it using standard UNIX permissions groups. Also take a look, if you're the open source hacking type, at I'm working on a project there that, among other things, will allow XML files that conform to

Re: commitinfo variables

2000-10-11 Thread Laird Nelson
"Alexander N. Spitzer" wrote: are there anymore variables then just $CVSROOT $RCSBIN $USER $EDITOR i.e. is there a variable with the command line params in it/and or tags? No. But note that taginfo provides you with the tag that the person is adding, moving, or removing, so perhaps


2000-10-11 Thread Laird Nelson
"Derek R. Price" wrote: Also, it sounds like with this method large lists would be processed and placed in the environment regardless of whether the child was going ot use them or not. i.e. CVS could go through and place a 1000 item list of filenames in the environment for a script called

Re: CVSROOT problem

2000-10-13 Thread Laird Nelson
- Original Message - From: "Rafal Kedziorski" [EMAIL PROTECTED] I want to lock the access to CVSROOT for users. Only the admin of the repository should change it. How do I make that? If you just want to prevent people from modifying certain files, you can use your filesystem's

Philosophy question regarding modules file options

2000-10-13 Thread Laird Nelson
What was the intent behind the -o, -u, -e, -i, -t, etc. modules file options? I understand that they are the ancestors of the commit support files, but some of them run their programs on the server side, some on the client, and (it seems) all of them run only after the operation has completed.

What *should* happen in a cvs update from top level dir?

2000-10-17 Thread Laird Nelson
I'm using cvs 1.10 on Solaris 2.7, built from source. If I have a projects directory and I check out two modules into it, and if I have any CVSROOT environment variable set, and if there is no CVS directory inside the projects directory, what should happen when I do a cvs update from within

Re: Getting the version number in a notify message

2000-10-25 Thread Laird Nelson
Aldo Longhi wrote: As far as I can see in the CVS documentation (Cederqvist), this information is NOT passed to the "notify" script by CVS (as it is for other "trigger" operations). Actually, the new revision number is only passed to loginfo. Everything else (commitinfo, verifymsg) suffers

Re: access rights to branches

2000-10-31 Thread Laird Nelson
Shem Mazur wrote: I have a CVS user who continues to checkout modules or update files from the wrong branches. Can I restrict her ability to update from particular branches or main trunk? What the various other replies were trying (somewhat unhelpfully :-)) to tell you is no, not with CVS

Re: access rights to branches

2000-10-31 Thread Laird Nelson
Andrew Gilmartin wrote: What would be useful to us is a pre-commit check that made sure the user can revise a given file and given branch or mainline. For example, # user file development-line * #none #none *

Re: access rights to branches

2000-11-01 Thread Laird Nelson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: When might the patch referred to below make it into a future CVS release? Probably about the same time that the cvs edit -c patch does. :-( Cheers, Laird -- W: [EMAIL PROTECTED] / P: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Good, cheap, fast: pick two.

sleep 2 in loginfo example

2000-11-02 Thread Laird Nelson
The CVS manual speaketh thusly: "C.7.2 Keeping a checked out copy "It is often useful to maintain a directory tree which contains files which correspond to the latest version in the repository. For example, other developers might want to refer to the latest sources without having to check them

Re: Updating file versions from 1.x to 2.x

2000-11-03 Thread Laird Nelson
Michael Bailey wrote: I've been asked to update file versions for all files on a branch to 2.0 Although I realise this is not the cvs way, would it be A Bad Thing? {sigh} It's a shame you're dealing with a boss who most likely has only ever used or heard of SCCS, which doesn't have

Re: Verifymsg on branches?

2000-11-14 Thread Laird Nelson
Uwe Fritsch wrote: we used the verifymsg mechanism in the past to check for some keywords for commit messages. As we create a branch for each release, we would like to add an additional keyword for bug numbers, but only if a new version is committed to the branch. Well, you can't really do

Re: Verifymsg on branches?

2000-11-27 Thread Laird Nelson
Alex Harper wrote: I'm fairly certain this will not work for the commit -r case Laird mentioned, but since 99% of my users are using GUI CVS clients which do not have a commit -r interface anyway I decided this was a hole I could live with (given no other choice). FWIW, that's the same

Re: Verifymsg on branches?

2000-11-27 Thread Laird Nelson
Uwe Fritsch wrote: Instead of changing the entered log message after the user has entered it, I rather would like to make the user aware that he has to enter a Bug ID in the log message. My idea was to have a different log template for the trunk as compared to the branch. As this seems not

Re: checking out a file (not a module)

2000-11-28 Thread Laird Nelson
ari gold wrote: the best solution i found was 'cvs update -d filename'.. that did the trick..makes sense, i guess. Right; as the fine manual states in zillions of places, you check out a project once. Then you do updates and commits till the end of time.

Ampersand module question

2000-11-28 Thread Laird Nelson
I'm curious about ampersand modules. Once a regular module (containing another module via the "" construct) is checked out, does that module actually *know* that it contains the contained module? If my modules file says something like this: frobnicator frobnicator caturgiator ...and I do

Re: Help needed regarding verifymsg on branches

2000-12-01 Thread Laird Nelson
"Derek R. Price" wrote: Deivanai Meiyappan wrote: I have a template asking for BUG-ID when i am checking in at branch level..But i am not not able to get the branch tag in my verifymsg script. This would be a good problem to search the mail archives for. In short: parse current

Re: Repository know who has checkouts?

2000-10-06 Thread Laird Nelson
From: "Noel L Yap" [EMAIL PROTECTED] What about getting rid of "cvs watch on/off" altogether and making this feature a configuration parameter inside CVSROOT/config? Bingo. Exactly what I had in mind just this morning. :-) Cheers, Laird -- W: [EMAIL PROTECTED] / P: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: history of the tags (was: hitory of the tags)

2000-12-04 Thread Laird Nelson
Mike Sutton wrote: On 12/04/00 14:55:21, Youngman, James wrote: I would ideally like also to be able to restict how tags can be used (e.g. tags of a certain format can be used only in a certain way -- in my case, only on the top-level module and not directly on the modules it

Re: Can't make root directory?

2000-12-06 Thread Laird Nelson
Stephen Rasku wrote: cvs -d :pserver:stephen@vancouver:/ash/cvsroot co /tgx/3rdparty/exim Oopsie; you said "/tgx..." instead of "tgx...". The argument to co/checkout is relative to the last component of the cvsroot specified as an argument to the -d parameter. Cheers, Laird -- W: [EMAIL

Re: notify file

2000-12-06 Thread Laird Nelson
"Derek R. Price" wrote: There have been a few discussions lately about this kind of thing as well, including one that suggested always providing all available information for a hook in environment variables, similar to CGI, but I'm not sure now that this patch isn't a better solution since it

Re: CVS question

2000-12-07 Thread Laird Nelson
Vinh Pham wrote: Hi, For example, if there are 2 persons working on a project. If one person add a file or directory, how can the other person know that a new file or directory is added? Of course if the second person does an update (-d) , he or she will get that file/directory but

Re: verifymsg

2000-12-11 Thread Laird Nelson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [another question answered explicitly by the cvs manual] Cheers, Laird -- W: [EMAIL PROTECTED] / P: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Good, cheap, fast: pick two.

Re: cvs scripts

2000-12-13 Thread Laird Nelson
Greg Henley wrote: cvs status . | egrep "(status|Status)" | egrep -v "Up-to-date" cvs -n -q update also works very nicely, reporting what cvs *would* do if it *were* to do an actual update. Files that are *not* up to date show up in the listing with a "U" or a "P" (update or patch) next to

Re: Multiple developers in one work area

2000-12-18 Thread Laird Nelson
"Parand T. Darugar" wrote: I'd like to setup CVS for a web based project that involves multiple developers. We would like to have those multiple developers access the same directory of source code, as opposed to each having their own working area. The reason behind this is that everyone

Re: How can I Recover from Erroneous Checkins?

2000-12-27 Thread Laird Nelson
Deja User wrote: I know the cvs way is to keep the wrong version in the history and checkin the right one on top. But in my case this approach I need to just remove the wrong head revisions as if they were never there otherwise my revision hitstory ends up being littered with erroneous

Re: Does pre-commit script with a remote server?

2001-01-03 Thread Laird Nelson
Howard Zhou wrote: I am trying to write a pre-commit script to insert a change id to cvs log. Precommit scripts can't affect the file being committed, if by "precommit" you mean "fired by the commitinfo admin file". Cheers, Laird -- W: [EMAIL PROTECTED] / P: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: CVS on a solaris box with ACLs

2001-01-29 Thread Laird Nelson
--- Noel L Yap [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: (I'm not convinced that CVS should directly support ACLs). FWIW, I've implemented platform-independent XML-based ACLs using perl5 regexes in my cvssupport project on Sourceforge. They're simply processed by a basic commitinfo script. You can block