Re: Cyrus imap 2.3.11-xx with postfix 2.9.4

2015-11-25 Thread Vladimir Klejch via Info-cyrus
nistrators of the ypages servers don't see any problem or logs about theirs server. What caused this issue ? What can I do to prevent it. Thanks and best regards J.Karliak -- ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ Vladimir Klejchkleo_at

Re: user rename and uidvalidity value

2014-11-05 Thread Vladimir Klejch
Hi partly diskussed in: snip --- 6.3.5. RENAME Command The value of the highest-used unique identifier of the old mailbox name MUST be preserved so that a new mailbox created

Re: How to improve mail search from iPad and other mobile devices

2014-09-18 Thread Vladimir Klejch
Hi the performance hit with usage of incremental squatter update should not by so high as with full reindex. Cheers Kleo -- _ | You have moved the mouse.

Re: How to block a dictionary attack

2010-04-12 Thread Vladimir Klejch
Hi i use in this way fail2ban ( and not only for imap ... fail2ban is confugurable for other net services too. Kleo On Mon, 12 Apr 2010, ram wrote: I am seeing this pattern now very often. Every weekend someone tries to

Re: make_sha1 and virtual domains

2009-08-31 Thread Vladimir Klejch
it by posible to have virtualdomains functionality in all parts of cyrus source code ?? Zatim Kleo On Wed, 26 Aug 2009, Vladimir Klejch wrote: Hi Is there a way to use make_sha1 with virtualdomais ??? I see in source hardcoded adding

make_sha1 and virtual domains

2009-08-26 Thread Vladimir Klejch
Hi Is there a way to use make_sha1 with virtualdomais ??? I see in source hardcoded adding of user. in beginning of supplied user to make mailboxname and i think, this cann't work with virtualdomains. I need this to check replication and have all mailboxes in more virtual domains. in

Re: Announcing cyrus-user-map, a local recipient map generator for Postfix

2009-03-10 Thread Vladimir Klejch
On Tue, 10 Mar 2009, Farzad FARID wrote: Le 10.03.2009 09:59, Stefan Schmidt a écrit : Nice thing, but just out of curiosity, why don't you use postfix' recipient verification mechanism? In smtp_recipient_restrictions add reject_unverified_recipient at a reasonable position in these

Re: Replication errors: missing subscription

2008-09-02 Thread Vladimir Klejch
Hi It's posible to see your checkreplication script ??? I'm searching for valuable solution of checking the replication and there is no documented solution , how to verify in sync state and workaround for misstates ... Thanks Kleo On Tue, 2

Replication verification

2008-06-27 Thread Vladimir Klejch
Hi I have running two node back to back replication with 2.3.11 . The replication is running in both directions and with my small checks i didn't found any problem, the replication is runnig great. Now is the second server used only as replica of first server (hot-standby) and i'm searching

Re: Replication verification

2008-06-27 Thread Vladimir Klejch
On Fri, 27 Jun 2008, David Carter wrote: On Fri, 27 Jun 2008, Vladimir Klejch wrote: I searchig for a posibility to use both server's in production as master-master. Afraid that replication in Cyrus doesn't support full master-master, only master/slave. UIDs in IMAP make full master