Re: DHCPv6 client in Windows 10 broken after anniversary update

2016-10-10 Thread Henri Wahl
Hi, same here on a Windows 10 Pro 1607 with stateful DHCPv6. Only takes addresses when being forced by /renew6 but seems to forget them soon too. I first suspected a problem with the DHCPv6 server dhcpy6d but when I read you mails this seems to be a more global problem. Regards -- Henri Wahl

Windows 7 DHCPv6 T1 T2 behaviour

2014-12-01 Thread Henri Wahl
but instantly seem to forget their renewed address so they only keep their link-local address. This was no problem with shorter T1. Is this behaviour known? Any real-life recommendation for T1 and T2? Best regards Henri - -- Henri Wahl IT Department Leibniz-Institut fuer Festkoerper- u

Re: IPv6 Multicast issue?

2013-06-17 Thread Henri Wahl
/What virtual NICs do you use in your guests? There are several issues with IPv6 and VMXNET3 that can be solved by using E1000. Regards / -- Henri Wahl IT Department Leibniz-Institut für Festkoerper- u. Werkstoffforschung Dresden tel: (03 51) 46 59 - 797 email: http