[isabelle-dev] New user: steckerm

2014-06-03 Thread Jasmin Christian Blanchette
Hi all, Albert Steckermeier (steckerm) has just been added to the Isabelle group. He's a B.Sc. student who is working on an integration of the equality prover Waldmeister with Sledgehammer. Like all my students, he will get the proper repository training. Jasmin

Re: [isabelle-dev] Towards the Isabelle2014 release

2014-06-03 Thread Thomas Sewell
I had hoped to have the change I was making to hypothesis-substitution ready for the coming release. I've got it working for all of HOL and the library, and begun looking at the AFP and at the l4.verified proofs. The HOL+library changes were easy enough, but the l4.verified changes are