[isabelle-dev] NEWS: Update to Poly/ML 5.8 -- and towards Isabelle2019

2019-03-12 Thread Makarius
*** System *** * Update to Poly/ML 5.8 allows to use the native x86_64 platform without the full overhead of 64-bit values everywhere. This special x86_64_32 mode provides up to 16GB ML heap, while program code and stacks are allocated elsewhere. Thus approx. 5 times more memory is available for

Re: [isabelle-dev] Fwd: [Isabelle-ci] Build failure in Isabelle (benchmark)

2019-03-12 Thread Thomas Sewell
"Unable to increase stack" is one of the various messages that tells you that PolyML has run out of resources. It doesn't really tell you what the problem is though. It might be an actual problem or a temporary problem caused by a machine being overloaded. Cheers, Thomas. On 2019-03-12

[isabelle-dev] Fwd: [Isabelle-ci] Build failure in Isabelle (benchmark)

2019-03-12 Thread Lawrence Paulson
Does anybody know what this is? 01:58:19 Running HOL-Quickcheck_Benchmark ...01:58:20 HOL-Quickcheck_Benchmark: theory HOL-Quickcheck_Benchmark.Needham_Schroeder_Base01:58:20 HOL-Quickcheck_Benchmark: theory HOL-Quickcheck_Benchmark.Find_Unused_Assms_Examples01:58:23 HOL-Quickcheck_Benchmark: