Re: [isabelle-dev] NEWS: Isabelle DejaVu fonts

2018-11-30 Thread Makarius
On 24/11/2018 19:51, Makarius wrote:
> *** Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE ***
> * Fonts for the text area, gutter, GUI elements etc. use the "Isabelle
> DejaVu" collection by default, which provides uniform rendering quality
> with the usual Isabelle symbols. For Java/Swing GUI elements this
> requires the Metal look-and-feel: it is the default on Linux, but not
> macOS nor Windows. Line spacing no longer needs to be adjusted:
> properties for the old IsabelleText font had "Global Options / Text Area
> / Extra vertical line spacing (in pixels): -2", now it defaults to 0.

I have reworked this further in various changesets leading up to
Isabelle/429426640596. In particular, the Isabelle fonts are now forced
on all Java/Swing look-and-feels, by modifying some UIManager font

This appears to work reasonably well on Linux GTK+, Windows, Mac OS X,
but we need to keep an eye on it for fine points and drop-outs. (For
Metal look-and-feel and already worked uniformly before.)

The idea is that GUI elements use "Isabelle DejaVu Sans" (not "Mono")
wherever feasible. Thus all mathematical symbols and special  icons
should be always correctly displayed (e.g. in Hypersearch tree view).
The regular search dialog now also uses this font: before it was the
main text area font (usually the "Mono" version).

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Re: [isabelle-dev] NEWS: Isabelle DejaVu fonts

2018-11-24 Thread Makarius
On 24/11/2018 19:51, Makarius wrote:
> *** General ***
> * The font family "Isabelle DejaVu" is systematically derived from the
> existing "DejaVu" collection, with variants "Sans Mono", "Sans", "Serif"
> and styles "Normal", "Bold", "Italic/Oblique", "Bold-Italic/Oblique".
> The DejaVu base fonts are retricted to well-defined Unicode ranges and
> augmented by special Isabelle symbols, taken from the former
> "IsabelleText" font (which is no longer provided separately).

Side-remark: this works via "isabelle build_fonts -d

The Isabelle/Scala sources of this tool should be obvious, see

In the past, people have occasionally pointed out that the standard
Isabelle font is a bit boring. If there are other high-quality fonts to
be considered for the Isabelle font portfolio, I am interested to hear
about them.

Of course, it is also possible to use private Isabelle-derivatives of
existing fonts, such as some Apple fonts that are provided with macOS.
(These are usually non-free and we cannot ship them by default.)

It is generally better to have all special glyphs in a single font where
all sizes are carefully fit together, instead of implicit or explicit
multi-font assembly in GUI frameworks.

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