Bismillah [IslamCity] Rewards of Safeguarding the Eyes from Lustful Glances

2008-07-24 Thread adil naveed
Jun 08

Rewards of Safeguarding the Eyes from Lustful Glances

Protection From Uneasiness
What is the first reward? It is protection from being uneasy. After staring at 
a female, one’s uneasiness increases. He feels, “I wish I could have got her.” 
You are therefore saved from uttering the word ‘wish’ and you are saved from 
expressing regret.
The first reward is thus called ‘protection from regret’. Now a person will not 
regret because he did not glance. The simple food of the house like chutney and 
roti will seem like biryani and plaow because it is a bounty granted by Allah. 
Tell me, if all the women of the world had to send biryani and plow for Majnun 
while Layla, whom he was madly in love with sent dry bread, whose food would he 
have eaten? He would have eaten Layla’s food and said, “This dry bread came 
from Layla’s hand.” Therefore the saints who are the lovers of Allah, regard 
their wives better than all the Laylas of the world. They know that Allah has 
granted them their wives.
That is the reason they live in peace. There is complete tranquillity in their 
homes. While on the contrary, those who gaze around here and there, are always 
perturbed and their homes have no blessing. Their homes are full of quarrels 
and fights because the husband has another woman in mind. His wife does not 
seem attractive anymore. Therefore, what is the first reward for safeguarding 
the gaze? It is protection from problems, uneasiness and regret.
The Sweetness Of Iman
The second reward is that one experiences the sweetness of Iman. Rasulullah 
Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has narrated a hadithe qudsi. The muhaditheen have 
stated that a hadithe qudsi is the statement of Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wa 
sallam, which he narrates from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la by saying, “Allah 
Subhanahu wa Ta’la says.”
Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has narrated in a hadithe qudsi that 
Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la said,

“The gaze is a poisonous arrow from among the arrows of Iblis (satan). Whoever 
protected his heart and gaze from this arrow due to My fear, I will grant him 
the sweetness of Iman that he will perceive in his heart.”
Due to the fact that he sacrificed the sweetness of his sight for Allah’s sake, 
Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la will grant him the sweetness of the heart. Allamah Ibn 
Qayyim (Rahimahullah) says that a person gave his basarat [gaze] and obtained 
basîrat [insight]. Basarat refers to sight. By sacrificing his sight, Allah 
Subhanahu wa Ta’la gave him the reward of the sweetness of Iman in his heart.
A Good Ending
Mulla Ali Qari lived in Hirat and then emigrated to Makkah. His grave is in 
Jannatul Ma’la. He writes in the explanation of this hadith that whoever is 
granted the sweetness of Iman will most certainly die with Iman because Allah 
Subhanahu wa Ta’la will not grant the sweetness of Iman to one and then snatch 
it away. This is the third reward for protecting the gaze. Therefore, do a 
transaction of a good ending with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la by protecting your 
gaze wherever there are women eg. on the streets, airports, railway stations, 
shopping malls, etc. When the sweetness of Iman enters the heart, it never 
comes out again.


RE: Bismillah [IslamCity] summer holidays, in the Lebanon of Europe

2008-07-24 Thread N K
Assalamu Alaikum 
Have a safe journey akhi, pray you and your loved ones enjoy your vacation, 
But, plse come back quick it's not the sameFee Amanillah

To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 09:17:24 +Subject: Bismillah 
[IslamCity] summer holidays, in the Lebanon of Europe


The mountains of the Lebanon 
and the Mediterranean sea,
near Geneva
Obama went to inspect Afghanistan's new-Opinion-fields
Gordon Brown is visiting the liberated-Green-Zone-of-Iraq
Lebanon and Israel are exchanging corpses
while Israel has  released the longest serving prisoner,
ever held ,worldwide... after 31 years !!!
My son is packing his luggage and his cameras
my wife and daughter too...
we are off to Switzerland , to visit 
the Lebanon of Europe otherwise own as:
La Republique Helvetique Suisse.
For the next month you shall have the pleasure
of not having to read my nonsense anymore  !!
and my translators ,God bless them all ,
will enjoy a better sarcasm ,
less repetition , less spelling mistakes
and a more refined humour
by anyone else. 
If you hear soon that Switzerland became no more 
a neutral-countryit would be because of me,
surely.because neutrality is like impotence !!
After all Zionism was born in there in Basel !!
I wish you all of you  Happy Summer Holidays
a lot of health and patience 
and that you would still want to read me , 
when I come back
or if I come back ... Inchallah !!
22 July 2008

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2008-07-24 Thread fatimah khan

  st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) }AS RECEIVED….
  Q. Is KFC chicken Halal?  

  A. Unfortunately we currently do not use Halal chicken in any of our 


O Allah! Guide us, make our intentions sincere, accept our deeds, answer our 
prayers, and make us of those who are patient.


Bismillah [IslamCity] The Atom Bomb Of Pride

2008-07-24 Thread adil naveed
The Atom Bomb Of PrideBeliefs, Spiritual Diseases Add comments

Rasulullah () said that the one who has an atom’s weight of pride in his heart 
will not enter jannah. He will not even get the scent of Jannah. This is the 
material of the atom bomb of pride that it deprives one of the scent of heaven. 
Therefore, one should have concern about it. We should not have this atom bomb 
within ourselves without knowing about it. Consult the bomb disposal squad, 
namely the Ahlullah to rid oneself of this bomb.
Two Ingredients Of Pride
What is Pride? Rasulullah () has apprised us of its ingredients namely,

Non-acceptance of the truth.
Regarding people as inferior.
Some people don’t accept the truth even though they know it is the truth. They 
say, “We do not accept what the Molvis have to say.” This is pride. The second 
sign of pride is that one regards others as inferior. Rasulullah () did not use 
the word ‘believer’ in the hadith but he said, ‘an-nas’, that is all the 
people. Thus, even if you regard a kafir as inferior, you have pride.
Now you may ask how can we not regard a kafir as inferior. Well remember that 
it is obligatory to dislike kufr [disbelief] but it is haram to regard a kafir 
as debased. It is possible that he may recite the kalimah and die with faith.
Source: A Life of Piety By Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab (db)


Bismillah [IslamCity] Sudan bans imports of Danish products (First Drop of Water) Well Done Sudan

2008-07-24 Thread Shahzad Warsi

Sudan bans imports of Danish products

The Sudanese Trade Ministry has announced a national boycott of Danish products 
for reprinting the cartoons that depict Prophet Muhammad. Sudanese President 
Omar al-Bashir ordered the boycott on Monday, which became effective 
immediately. Sudan's State Minister for Foreign Trade, al-Samih Siddik, said 
customs authorities have ordered importers not to purchase any Danish products.
According to the AP, local media reports said the action would affect about 60 
Danish imported items available in Sudan, largely dairy products. Various 
Sudanese groups and organizations have called for a massive demonstration in 
Khartoum on Wednesday.Denmark's Jyllands-Posten newspaper, which published the 
cartoons, issued an apology late on Monday in a statement to Arab countries 
sent to the Jordanian news agency, Petra.

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Bismillah [IslamCity] Fw: Video: Israeli soldier arrested for shooting prisoner

2008-07-24 Thread Arif Bhuiyan
Video: Israeli soldier arrested for shooting prisoner
Anne Barrowclough
An Israeli soldier has been arrested after being caught on camera shooting a 
bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoner in the foot.
In the video, the Palestinian, Ashraf Abu Rahma, 27, is seen being led, 
handcuffed and blindfolded, to a Jeep by a high ranking officer of the Israeli 
Defence Forces (IDF).
While the officer, a lieutenant-colonel, grips his arm, a second soldier aims 
his gun at Abu Rahma’s legs and fires a rubber bullet at him from about 1.5 
metres away.
The incident took place on July 7 in Ni’lin, a West Bank village which has been 
the scene of near daily demonstrations by stone-throwing protesters against the 
construction of the West Bank security fence, according to the Israeli Human 
Rights group B’Tselem, which has published the video. The demonstrator says 
that the bullet hit his left toe.
I closed my eyes and I don’t remember anything, he told the Palestinian 
television channel that screened the video on Sunday. It felt like my leg was 
gone. He said he had been held for about 30 minutes and had been beaten by 
soldiers before being shot. After the shooting he said he received treatment by 
an army doctor and was then released.
The video was shot by a 14 year old girl who filmed it from her house in the 
village, and sent it to B’Tselem. After the video was screened, The IDF 
launched an investigation into the conduct of the soldiers.
The Israel Defence Forcecs (IDF) said the soldier, who has not been identified, 
had been detained. The soldier has been detained for questioning. Once the 
investigation is complete measures will be taken, an army spokesman told the 
AFP news agency.
In a statement, the Army called the incident grave and in direct 
contradiction of IDF values and principles.
Military law forbids inflicting harm on detainees and obligates soldiers to 
show them respect and ensure their safety, it said.
Incidents when detainees are harmed are, in accordance with IDF policy, 
forwarded to the Military Police for investigation. As in this case, after 
reviewing the videotape, JAG Brig-Gen Avichai Mandelblit ordered the opening of 
a probe into the incident.
But an Israeli army spokeswoman, Avital Leibovich, added that the film raised 
several questions. She said it was clear the images were not filmed in one 
go, adding: Where are the missing sequences? What did they contain?
Ms Leibovich said the man went home with an injured toe and did not file a 
complaint. The army says five border guards, three soldiers and two labourers 
working on the wall were injured during protests against the barrier in June.
Israel says the barrier is needed to stop potential attackers from infiltrating 
Israel and Jewish West Bank settlements, but Palestinians say it is a land grab 
aimed at undermining the viability of their promised state.
From Times Online, July 21, 2008
For Video please click below

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Bismillah [IslamCity] The Muslim Brotherhood Denies Report It Called for Writer Prosecution--an important statement

2008-07-24 Thread S A Hannan
The Muslim Brotherhood Denies Report It Called for Writer 

  IkhwanWeb - Egypt

  Tuesday, July 22, 2008
  The Lebanese Menassat news agency has mysteriously translated the word 
Jama’a Islamiya or The Islamic Group into the Muslim Brotherhood in a news 
story about a call by Jama’a Islamiya to prosecute feminist writer Nawal 
Saadawi on charges of blasphemy and contempt for religion.

  The error in translation itself was a fatal mistake, since it confuses 
two completely ideologically different organizations and schools of thought, 
but it also feeds into false allegations by opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood 
that it adopts a hard-line stance against freedoms of thought and expression.

  Prosecuting writers contradicts with the Muslim Brotherhood ideology 
which has always been staunch supporter of freedom of thought and expression

  We promote freedom of thought, said MB Secretary General Mahmoud Ezzat, 
and never in the history of the Muslim Brotherhood we prosecuted or called for 
the prosecution of writers.

  But is important that writers and thinkers use their talents in a way 
that respects the creeds and beliefs of others; in another word seek to 
reconcile between principles of freedom and the respect to the rights of 
others, so that one’s opinion will not be a violation of the other’s freedom of 
belief, he told Ikhwanweb.


Bismillah [IslamCity] The concept of international justice will be on trial, too

2008-07-24 Thread Arif Bhuiyan
The concept of international justice will be on trial, too
Serbs will now look to The Hague for a kind of closure, but it is always better 
for a nation to seek atonement within itself
* Simon Jenkins 
* The Guardian, 
* Wednesday July 23, 2008
The capture of Radovan Karadzic is unqualified good news. Despite yesterday's 
queue of Balkan pundits eager to destroy any hope of his getting an 
unadulterated trial, he was half the duumvirate that oversaw the worst 
atrocities committed on European soil in half a century. The other half, Ratko 
Mladic, is still on the run.
Quite what Karadzic's defence might be is obscure, unless it is that brutality, 
revenge and the fog of war have long been commonplace in the Balkans. It is not 
an argument that will appeal to the thousan ds of Muslim and Croat victims of 
his fraudulent Serbian Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Atrocities also 
committed against Serbs by Croats, notably in Krajina, in no way excuse the 
systematic Serb killings, especially in Sarajevo and Srebrenica.
That Karadzic and Mladic have roamed free for 13 years since their indictment 
by The Hague tribunal in 1995 has been a disgrace both to the international 
rulers of Bosnia, including Britain's Paddy Ashdown, and to Serbia itself. But 
now, with a newly elected government in power, a sort of closure is in sight.
Visitors to Belgrade during the 1990s were baffled by the contrast between the 
European civility of its Serb citizens and their blank refusal to see wrong in 
what was happening in their name in the federated states of Bosnia and Kosovo. 
It was like the dismissive attitude of many Britons to colonial peoples in 
Africa and Asia. After the fall of Tito's communism, the Yugoslav cosmopolis 
disintegrated into its former parts. The release of hatred was appalling.
All who care for peace in the Balkans must now hope that Serbia can put the 
past behind it. It has paid an awful price for voting for Milosevic in 1990, 
including the recent loss of Kosovo and Montenegro. It has had to watch 
regional neighbours such as Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria join the European 
Union while its European credentials remained beyond the pale.
This year the Serbs rejected, admittedly by a narrow margin, a return to 
introspective chauvinism, electing a president and government of pro-western 
inclinations. The early capture of Karadzic may well have been precipitated by 
the prospect of European enlargement coming to a halt after the Irish veto. 
Serbs may not desperately want the EU, but they desperately want to be loved.
Not only Karadzic and Serbia are now on trial. So is the concept of 
international justice at The Hague, reduced to bureaucratic farce by the 
handling of Slobodan Milosevic in 2002. That trial was supranational 
jurisdiction at its most flatulent and inert, a monument to the maxim that slow 
justice is no justice. The prosecution case took three years, and by the end in 
2006, both the judge and the defendant were dead.
What the court really achieved in the case of Milosevic and the 44 other Serbs 
brought to trial must be moot. He died in captivity, but the process did much 
to stir fury among the Serbs that Croats and Kosovans - who could be no less 
cruel in their ethnic cleansing - had got off lightly at The Hague.
The case for war crimes justice in its present internationalised form remains 
in question. A burgeoning army of jurists points out that international crime 
against humanity is a meaningful concept and that many countries lack the 
security or the competence to conduct criminal trials, which is true. They also 
claim that the prospect of a Hague indictment deters the worst of dictators 
from the worst of atrocities, though it is hard to see this deterrence in 
Defenders of the international criminal court in The Hague also protest its 
infancy. As the lawyer Geoffrey Robertson has written: It has been a long and 
difficult struggle, legal, political and diplomatic, to hold political and 
military leaders accountable for crimes against humanity. The concept of 
impunity for atrocities within sovereign states is now an acknowledged wrong 
but, says Robertson, it is one that will take time to establish. 
This defence is wearing thin. It may well be that the world needs a lofty 
tribunal to enforce agreed standards of behaviour in war, and to call dictators 
to account. But every murder is a crime against humanity. The glamour of 
Nuremburg still hovers over a process that has become bureaucratic and 
trespasses on conflicts that should be dealt with nationally. It is tempting to 
add that international lawyers who so conspicuously fail to put their 
professional house in order can hardly expect sceptical statesmen to give them 
free rein.
The existence of The Hague is said to have complicated peace negotiations in 
Zimbabwe, Congo, Uganda and Sudan. Leaders are reluctant to step down from 
power without a promise of immunity from