Bismillah [IslamCity] Is International Justice the ENEMY of Peace (International Criminal Tribunal)

2008-08-01 Thread Yusuf Ibrahim
*Is International Justice the Enemy of Peace?*** *By Aryeh Neier* * * It is only a little more than fifteen years ago that the first of the contemporary international courts was created to prosecute those who commit

Bismillah [IslamCity] Helping Yourself Helping Others

2008-08-01 Thread fatimah khan
abusaajid syed mohammed [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: HELPING YOURSELF HELP OTHERS Salma Sanwari Most Muslim Women understand the meaning of the Hollywood-popularized saying, Pay it forward, doing kindness to others in need because someone did good to you when you were in straits. Long

Bismillah [IslamCity] Palestinians capture violence of Israeli occupation on video

2008-08-01 Thread Arif Bhuiyan
Palestinians capture violence of Israeli occupation on video In a graphic and hard-hitting film Peter Beaumont speaks to Palestinians filming abuse from settlers and Israeli armed forces * Peter Beaumont in Ni'ilin *, * Wednesday July 30 2008 Link to this

Bismillah [IslamCity] Oh The Great Americans ! Stir Up Your Conscience ! - Dr.M.K.Sherwani

2008-08-01 Thread Sherwani Mustafa
OH THE GREAT AMERICANS! STIR UP YOUR CONSCIENCE! *** The history was busy to write your name, AmongstĀ  the nations with the highest fame. The world was proud of your grace, Virtue and love were the signs of your face. From your soil, streams of justice

Bismillah [IslamCity] Smart eBook Library (SEL) will Available in Software

2008-08-01 Thread mohamed_yasir
Dear Seeker of Knowledge, The SEL software will content over 5000's of religion academic books in it's first version. The SEL software expected ready by 1st quarter of the year 2009. Kindly register to our newly launched website below and download 400+ e-Books for free. If u join as Free


2008-08-01 Thread Shahid
NATO SACKS TWO WOMEN FOR MUSLIM MARRIAGE 08/27/2007 Two Dutch women who recently married young Muslims from Tunisia have lost their jobs at the NATO base at Gellenkirchen in Germany, close to the Dutch border. The Defence Ministry confirmed to the Volkskrant on Monday that its AIVD security

RE: Bismillah [IslamCity] Please visit IQRA-Quran Study Circle for Sisters

2008-08-01 Thread Aasim
Just Simply Copy paste the following link in your browswer Insha'Allah you'll get there with the help of Great Almighty Allah May Allah help you learning His great Deen-e-Islam Jazak Allah-o-Khairan Kaseeran Ma'Assalam Aasim To: [EMAIL