RE: Bismillah [IslamCity] Not much has changed since my holidays

2008-08-29 Thread N K
Welcome back Akhi... Hope u had a nice ..

To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 20:37:54 +Subject: Bismillah 
[IslamCity] Not much has changed since my holidays

Only Jesus 
could be beat Michael Phelps 
and the USA !!
Olmert will soon leave us on corruption's charges ,while ,Mahmoud Abbas will 
remain to collect his corruption's profits .Hamas is declared as a Terrorist 
organisationbut obviously it is the only 
democratically-elected-Terrorist-organisationin the Middle East, while being 
occupied by the only democratic statewhich also is not the only corrupt state 
, in same the Middle East
I saw Mahmoud Abbas bidding farewell to Mahmoud Darwish
and I thought to myself :
there stands (arguably) the most corrupt Palestinian
holding  a farewell speech to the most uncorrupted Palestinian.A 
Palestinian-Saint called Darwish..
Georgia wanted to prove its newly-acquired-western-democratic-values
by slaughtering 1200 of its own Ossetian-minority-citizens who happen 
to hold also a Russian Passport
which incited the Russians to demonstrate to France and to the USA
who is , what is , and where is the ex-Soviet-union.Just in case Ukraine or 
Belarus get funny-ideas from Condi Rice.
Lebanon and Syria decided to establish two  Embassies
in their reciprocal Capitals which are only 90 km apart (60 Miles)
while 71% of Lebanese has family-members on the Syrian side
of a border which makes 84% of the total border lines of the Lebanon.
What else ?? is new ...
Oh yes!!
Ariel Sharon did not die yet
and he must be headding for the new record-titel of :
the longest-Coma-Patient

The Olympic Games went on to prove to us that :
the Dalay Lama is not a God 
that the Black Race is supperior to the White one
that the Americans swimm faster than Boratand that Israel got no medals which 
exludes the theory of Israeli-superiority
Bahrain scored better than Israel . and so also did Tunis and Alegriaand
Palestine got no medals,at all, because there no medals for Tunnel-digging
nor for Wall-climming...nor for Marathon of Check-points-crossing.
let alone , for Stone-throwing while being on an empty-stomach
 Five weeks of Holidays did not change the world , nor change me.
Many atheletes get dopped , some got caught and others did not ,
many regines practice Ethnic-cleansing, some get caught others do not.
Raja Chemayel
 back on the front !!
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RE: Bismillah [IslamCity] summer holidays, in the Lebanon of Europe

2008-07-24 Thread N K
Assalamu Alaikum 
Have a safe journey akhi, pray you and your loved ones enjoy your vacation, 
But, plse come back quick it's not the sameFee Amanillah

To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 09:17:24 +Subject: Bismillah 
[IslamCity] summer holidays, in the Lebanon of Europe


The mountains of the Lebanon 
and the Mediterranean sea,
near Geneva
Obama went to inspect Afghanistan's new-Opinion-fields
Gordon Brown is visiting the liberated-Green-Zone-of-Iraq
Lebanon and Israel are exchanging corpses
while Israel has  released the longest serving prisoner,
ever held ,worldwide... after 31 years !!!
My son is packing his luggage and his cameras
my wife and daughter too...
we are off to Switzerland , to visit 
the Lebanon of Europe otherwise own as:
La Republique Helvetique Suisse.
For the next month you shall have the pleasure
of not having to read my nonsense anymore  !!
and my translators ,God bless them all ,
will enjoy a better sarcasm ,
less repetition , less spelling mistakes
and a more refined humour
by anyone else. 
If you hear soon that Switzerland became no more 
a neutral-countryit would be because of me,
surely.because neutrality is like impotence !!
After all Zionism was born in there in Basel !!
I wish you all of you  Happy Summer Holidays
a lot of health and patience 
and that you would still want to read me , 
when I come back
or if I come back ... Inchallah !!
22 July 2008

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RE: Bismillah [IslamCity] The other Bulldozer .....!

2008-07-08 Thread N K
Well said akhi !!

To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 15:01:35 +Subject: Bismillah 
[IslamCity] The other Bulldozer .!

One frustrated Palestinian has used his Bulldozer
to rampage cars and persons , in Jerusalem
If you are curious to know why he was frustrated
you must know that he was occupied all his life 
and was locked inside his city
which was shrinking smaller each day.
As for knowing how did he come up with this idea , ??
it is a simpler question
this occupied,frustrated,deprived Palestinian
must have watched other Israeli-Bulldozers 
who regularly and unpunished drive
their Bulldozer over homes and schools, also.
One proverb says :
The Apple does not fall far away from its tree !!
Raja Chemayel
also frustrated..
4Th of July 2008

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RE: Bismillah [IslamCity] Muslims 'under siege like Jews'

2008-07-06 Thread N K
Walaikumus Salam Warahamatullahi Wabarakatu
Would like to say that I have posted a comment at the yorkshire post link and 
would also like to encourage others in doing so. 
I believe it is a best way of being active in promoting Islam.

To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Sat, 5 Jul 2008 14:37:29 
+0100Subject: Bismillah [IslamCity] Muslims 'under siege like Jews'


From: Zifri Baharudin 
Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2008 1:19 PM
To: Media Monitoring Group 
Subject: [MMG-UK] Muslims 'under siege like Jews'

Muslims 'under siege like Jews' 

1- Can we all please write our comments below [ie letter of support, at least, 
to agree with the articles and views]:
[you have to register, just need email and password]
2- and submit similar comment for this [please make reference to their article 
3- I know maybe not all of you support him, but at least,  I would say most of 
us will at least agree with his view on this matter. you can also submit your 
supports to MP Shahid at his diretc email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]  

Fax: +44 7092102478
4 July 2008 

A government minister has warned that many British Muslims feel like the Jews 
of Europe. 
Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik, who is a minister for international development, 
stressed that he was not equating the Muslims' situation with the Holocaust. 
But, in an interview to mark the 7 July bombings anniversary, he suggested that 
many Muslims felt under siege. 
This had the effect of segregating society and undermining efforts to deal with 
extremism and terrorism, he said. 
Mr Malik, who revealed he had been the victim of religious hatred himself, made 
the comments in an interview for a Channel 4 Dispatches programme. 
He said: I think most people would agree that if you ask Muslims today what do 
they feel like, they feel like the Jews of Europe. 

 It is critical we ensure that Britain's near two million Muslims have a sense 
of belonging... because it is vital in the fight against violent extremism in 
the name of Islam 

Shahid Malik, MP for Dewsbury
I don't mean to equate that with the Holocaust but in the way that it was 
legitimate almost - and still is in some parts - to target Jews, many Muslims 
would say that we feel the exact same way. 
Somehow there's a message out there that it's OK to target people as long as 
it's Muslims. 
And you don't have to worry about the facts, and people will turn a blind 
David Brown, from the Jewish Life Education Centre, said he did see some 
parallels between the persecution of Jews in the 20th Century and the 
contemporary treatment of Muslims. 
If you think about the earlier stages of what was going on in Europe in the 
later (19)20s and early (19)30s and the way that Jews were scapegoated and 
stereotyped, I can certainly understand a sentiment of that is going on for the 
Muslim community, he said. 
The documentary - which investigates whether the fear of terrorism has fuelled 
a rise of violence, intolerance and hatred against British Muslims - will be 
broadcast on Monday to coincide with the third anniversary of the 7 July London 

British society is in danger of becoming segregated, Mr Malik said
Mr Malik's constituency in West Yorkshire was home to 7 July suicide bomber 
Mohammad Siddique Khan. 
The MP, who told how his car was firebombed, a car drove at him in a petrol 
station and said he receives regular hate mail, called for action to be taken 
to help Muslims feel accepted in society. 
It is critical we ensure that Britain's near two million Muslims have a sense 
of belonging and feel accepted, first and foremost because it is their right as 
British citizens, but secondly because it is vital in the fight against violent 
extremism in the name of Islam, he said. 
With some 2,000 people under surveillance because of the possibility that they 
might engage in terrorism the threat of an attack is a very real one and 
Muslims in communities up and down the country become indispensable in the 
fight against terrorism. 
Yet there is no doubt that many Muslims feel under siege in the media and in 
society and this siege mentality feeds into a wider victim narrative. 
Mr Malik said the apparent persecution made it more difficult for people in 
positions of responsibility to persuade people to challenge the small minority 
of extremists who call themselves Muslims.