Bismillah [IslamCity] The three States Solutions.......or three solutions for one state

2009-05-25 Thread raja chemayel
considers himself as an Arab regardless of his or her religion.. you may choose...or loose !! because.. Justice is coming !! Raja Chemayel 9Th. of May 2009

Bismillah [IslamCity] North Korea is next.......

2009-05-25 Thread raja chemayel
Prince Al Waleed offered 50 millions Dollars for New York it was rejected !! When the twin-towers in New York blew down the suspects were Saudi-Egyptian-Yemeni and Lebanese And yet , Afghanistan was bombed and invaded. When , Iraq was accused of Weapons of Mass-Destruction those weapons

Bismillah [IslamCity] 300.000 Pigs

2009-05-04 Thread raja chemayel
    Pigs in Egypt , What for ??         In Egypt are 300.000 pigs raised and bread and eaten by the Copts of  Egypt. Myself , a Lebanese-christian did not see any pigs in my Lebanon nor did I hear of any existing ones .   Although the Lebanon has the highest presence of Christians in any Arab

Bismillah [IslamCity] fanaticism , or not.....

2009-05-04 Thread raja chemayel
Religious-fanaticism has created the State of Israel so why should we then blame any other religious-fanaticism for trying to liberate his own Palestine ?   All those Fanatic-liberators have always had  full-national-rights while all the Fanatic-invaders never did ! Fanaticism or not ,

Bismillah [IslamCity] Some Journalists are luckier......

2009-04-30 Thread raja chemayel
Roxana a USA-spy !! Sami a Truth-Spy !! An American Journalist of Iranian origins is jailed after been found guilty of espionage . In theory, she could be guilty or eventually be innocent . But the fact is that tonight and for the next 8 years she will be sleeping in a prison. What is

Bismillah [IslamCity] what is still left over to be called, racism ??

2009-04-28 Thread raja chemayel
Brown-Palestinian fleeing from the White-Jews . in 1948 There is today a UN international conference on Racism in Geneva , Swisserland which is about to re-declare that Zionism is racism. You will not be surprised if I would tell you that the United Sates of America and the State of Israel

Bismillah [IslamCity] The illusion of wealth

2009-04-21 Thread raja chemayel
who sell you illusions ???. Raja Chemayel replacing Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom who is on a business trip trying to sell another kind of  illusion called Peace. Monday 13Th April 2009 Visit my blog. each tenth visitorgets a free illusion !!

Bismillah [IslamCity] our Sunday-morning shall come !!!

2009-04-16 Thread raja chemayel
Palestinian-Christians die also just like Jesus On the cross and at the crossroad The man of Nazareth the son of Mary the carpenter who walked on the waters has been found guilty of universalism and of socialism. The bankers at the temple want their revenge. His liberation movement shall

Bismillah [IslamCity] Dollars,greed and wealth

2009-04-14 Thread raja chemayel
-Arabia and the Gulf states shall no more stink after dollars , but rather smell the goodness. And then Banks may finally become respectable-places . The Financial-crisis is God's punishment against greed as a way of life. Why should anyone own more than half a million (Dollars) ?? Raja Chemayel

Bismillah [IslamCity] The shoes of my own daughter

2009-04-13 Thread raja chemayel
a military-base-radar in the Czech-republic to defend the Free-World from  any Iranian-Rocket-missiles flying over Europe (on its way to Israel ) Raja Chemayel in the city of Franz Kafka 05 April 2009

Bismillah [IslamCity] how to do , for not to get bombed !!!

2009-04-13 Thread raja chemayel
beware of those B52 planes !! Sherlock Hommos speech-writer to Raja Chemayel 06 April 2009

Bismillah [IslamCity] the right to exist and the right to defend itself

2009-04-13 Thread raja chemayel
Who has the right to exist ?? the invaders or the invaded ??? Who has the right to defend itself ?? the robbers or the robbed ??? what rights did Al Capone have ?? (except for a fair Trial) Did Dracula have the right to defend himself ?? Sherlock Hommos the right to ask !!! 07

Bismillah [IslamCity] Israel and Iran

2009-04-12 Thread raja chemayel
too. Israel and Iran one wants to nuke-bomb the other the other wants to dismantle the first. ( before this happens ) Raja Chemayel no-clear-nuclear scientist 2 of April

Bismillah [IslamCity] about the one finger......

2009-04-07 Thread raja chemayel
have this photo blown-up and look at details of the handshake Recently I posted a message/article concerning Arab States who flirt with Israel or who simply and openly have recognised that criminal-state. The same above picture was used as an illustration to the subject and I have commented that

Bismillah [IslamCity] Anyone surprised ???

2009-04-07 Thread raja chemayel
!! Equally , he who wants to help our sister , becomes an Arab.Iran and Venezuela , as example. In the meatime, those who are traitors and or collaborators, are standing in our line of fire !!! Raja Chemayel my sister is being raped !!! since 60 years. 30.03.09

Bismillah [IslamCity] The blue-eyed-West

2009-04-07 Thread raja chemayel
-blue-eyes from the Lebanon and my wife has also a pair of Bohemian-blue-eyes. I am not racist,  because I am an Arab so I just try to learn from past-history, to analise and make my own conclusions.: Zionism came from the West and the Financial-crises too Raja Chemayel 31.03.09

Bismillah [IslamCity] Ukraine, the NATO and Afghanistan

2009-04-06 Thread raja chemayel
The same Boris from Ukraine, only his boss changed. Ukraine once forgotten when it raised the soviet flags and now remembered and cherished. Half of Ukraine is from the Orthodox-Church and the other half is Catholic one half wants big-brother-Russia back and the other half believes in

Bismillah [IslamCity] The tale of two ambassadors

2009-04-05 Thread raja chemayel
the AIPAC insisted on having him being removed from Washington , last year It is high time for Mr. Abbas to leave and to ask for asylum in Washington or in Tel Aviv  and to let the good-guys do their work. Raja Chemayel Amsterdam 28.03.09 My friend Affif .

Bismillah [IslamCity] Oponents ? , Obama ? , Ossama !!

2009-03-25 Thread raja chemayel
all those 4 men got a  free-help from Israel If you have opponents , oppositions or even enemies , just call Israel for help . or even better than that : do not even call Israel , it will come all by itself , for itself . In the seventies and the eighties , Israel ravaged Lebanon to get

Bismillah [IslamCity] When the investigator and the investigated are the same......

2009-03-25 Thread raja chemayel
civilians nor it would blame and nor punish the IDF.   Nor would it make anyone more humane..   We die , they get a Medal and they die , we are called Terrorists !!       Raja Chemayel 20.03.09

Bismillah [IslamCity] How to come out of a Hamas Prison

2009-03-20 Thread raja chemayel
     Both should stay in prison..     Gilad Shalit in his prison in Gaza has met another prisoner who was arrested and condemned for trafficking hard Drugs.   They share the same Prison cell and incidentally both became became friends... although the other prisoner is an Arab.     Most

Bismillah [IslamCity] Mission Accomplished !!

2009-03-16 Thread raja chemayel
profited. What ever Saddam's Regime was , or even it was not.. it was 10 times better , than what we have now , as replacement. Therefore the USA may ,now ,raise the banner : Mission accomplished  !! and it will not be a lie, this time , for a change . Raja Chemayel 13.03.09

Bismillah [IslamCity] A Crime against Humanity and the 40 Vampires

2009-03-15 Thread raja chemayel
, honesty.and legality. ...all absent from that Court. Raja Chemayel 12.March 2009 PS : If the French-revolution would have caught those 40 usurpers they would have had the same fate ,but using a sharp Guillotine. And Mr. Tarek Aziz would have had his statue on the Champs-Elysee

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Theology of Liberation

2009-03-12 Thread raja chemayel
with no blood on their hands !! Raja Chemayel 10Th of March 2009 http://frustratedar abdiary.blogspot .com    

Bismillah [IslamCity] Why President Beshir , of Sudan

2009-03-12 Thread raja chemayel
6 times, a looser. President Beshir of Sudan has   6 very obvious disadvantages : 1- he is an Arab-leader 2- he is Black-African 3- he is a Muslim 4- he is from a Third- World- leader 5- he does not kiss  le derriere  of the West 6- he is never helping Zionism , not even indirectly.

Bismillah [IslamCity] China is thirsty too !!

2009-03-11 Thread raja chemayel
Not only the USA , needs the Oil!! When  Sudanese shoots at other Sudanese in Darfour , or anywhere else... the International Criminal Court takes action, against the President of Sudan. But when Israelis shoot at their own victims whom they have already robbed and exiled and besieged

Bismillah [IslamCity] The other 6 Millions

2009-03-11 Thread raja chemayel
shall : 1- kill 80% of the total worldwide-Palestinian-population 2- kill 2 Arabs for each one Israeli 3- kill 3 semites-victims for each one-non-semite. 4- kill one Million Russian-impostors     who are neither Jews nor Semites nor Arabs. Raja Chemayel who prefers dismanteling Israel,completely

Bismillah [IslamCity] The ICC , Darfour , Harriri and my parking-place

2009-03-09 Thread raja chemayel
crowded in my neighbourhood , and we shall have no places to park our cars , here in The Hague . Raja Chemayel a suspicious-neighbour of the ICC until all Criminals are judged Fifth of March 2008 PS : Near the ICC building , is a 360 degree-screen-movie-theater which is also fun to visit

Bismillah [IslamCity] I am neither a Muslim nor a Banker !!.

2009-03-08 Thread raja chemayel
solid than others and also why the Christian-financial-world is run by non-Christiansm and never by the Muslims !! ( or by the Shariaa-laws ) I honestly do not know the correct answers, therefore it is time ,maybe for me , that I become a banker, or even better , I become a Muslim !! Raja

Bismillah [IslamCity] To kneel for the Tunnels

2009-03-08 Thread raja chemayel
. Give me those tunnels , instead of the occupation and I shall also kneel for them, instead of kneeling for the occupiers... Raja Chemayel the forth of Match 2009

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Donors of Gaza

2009-03-05 Thread raja chemayel
Clinton ?? .again !! Today ,  and 40 days after the cease-fire , not one bag of cement has entered into Gaza !! many reporters are also forbidden inside Gaza You guess why !! I suggest that the donors keep their money , this time and allow us FREEDOM AND LIBERATION, instead . Raja

Bismillah [IslamCity] The endangered-specie and the dangerous-specie

2009-03-04 Thread raja chemayel
??. Wolfs should eat wolfs , and leave the Lamps alone and safe Israeli Settlers should go and re-settle , in Warsaw , Kiev and in Vilnius . Israelis, especially (and some of the Jews) are not an endangered-species but rather a dangerous-species. Raja Chemayel First of March 2009

Bismillah [IslamCity] Irma la Douce

2009-02-28 Thread raja chemayel
  The real Irma la Douce       It seems that Tizpi Livni was once a secret agent. a spy , working for the Mossad .   She was allegedly active in tracing those terrorists living and operating in Europe and especially in France.   This would explain her recent instant sympathy with Nicolas

Bismillah [IslamCity] Who is who ??

2009-02-28 Thread raja chemayel
                I was watching the common press conference done in Cairo today between Hamas and Fatah.   Sitting near me was my 13 years old son and he was curious to know what is happening.   I was explaining to him what was happening lately between those

Bismillah [IslamCity] Is treason the way to peace ???

2009-02-27 Thread raja chemayel
between Al Fatah and the Phalanges...or any other fascists. Even Camill Chamoun's life was saved by Yasser Arafat !! etcetc   More over,  Al Fatah are on the same line with  , (Hosny) Mubarak, (Ehud) Barrack and Barack (Obama) .     Raja Chemayel 24 Feb.2009            

Bismillah [IslamCity] Two sides , one Truth

2009-02-27 Thread raja chemayel
a victory unless it is final..   One must realise that Palestinians are trying to repossess their homeland and that the Israelis are simply expanding a stolen-land.   Raja Chemayel 25 Feb.2009  

Bismillah [IslamCity] The two states solution , is no solution !

2009-02-26 Thread raja chemayel
a Kalashnikov  and then , join Hamas , DFLP, PFLP or Hezbollah and see how close you come to Peace, after the Liberation.     Raja Chemayel Peace comes after a Victory !! 23.02.09

Bismillah [IslamCity] If ever Hosny leaves....!!!

2009-02-25 Thread raja chemayel
one Pharaoh too much !! President Hosny Mubarak has been as president for even longer a period than some Kings ever stayed in power. If ever he leaves the power in a coffin , please be sure than he is not mummified... because enough is enough !! . KIFAYA !! Should he leave his

Bismillah [IslamCity] the uninvited invaders......

2009-02-24 Thread raja chemayel
  If you were an Afghan-person and you wanted , 20 years ago, to get rid of the Soviet-Armies . The CIA and the Saudi Royals would give you weapons and money and they would call you Moujahed .     Today , if you want to get rid of the USA , UK and NATO , armies in that same Afghanistan , nobody

Bismillah [IslamCity] Announcement by the THUGS

2009-02-22 Thread raja chemayel
THUGS Terrorists Holding Unilaterally Gilat Shalit     Head Quarters-office under the rubbles of Gaza-City 3rd. street left to the 2nd. Avenue behind all the burned school Gazza the liberated   February 18Th 2009       Announcement of delay       we regret to announce an unforeseen delay in

Bismillah [IslamCity] A Clown too far.....

2009-02-18 Thread raja chemayel
in the Netherlands was even reluctant to sue him at Court for Defamation and hatred, but others have done it .     Personally , I fear not Wilders , because he cannot insult Islam and more over , I expect a clown to be , at least, funny  !!   Therefore , I will not even call him Clown     Raja

Bismillah [IslamCity] The wrong-half of the Lebanon

2009-02-17 Thread raja chemayel
Clan...     I prefer that someone else to teach us about democracy and Mahmoud Abbas or Husny Mubarak...for example !!       Raja Chemayel 14-Feb-2009     PS : 345.886 persons have attended that rally in Beirut which amounts to  one million according to this Future-clan

Bismillah [IslamCity] The right to resist

2009-02-12 Thread raja chemayel
our American-brother , Geronimo !! the Palestinian from America our Libyan-big-brother Omar al Mokhtar hanged by Mussolini before our Italian-brothers have hanged Mussolini ,himself.   our French-Sisters. they hanged the Mussolini's-friends in France our  Vietnamese-brother-resistant,

Bismillah [IslamCity] The right to exist ....???

2009-02-11 Thread raja chemayel
Do hyena's have any the right to exist ?? Do termites have the same right to exist ? and what about those young Hyena's ?? Monday-morning 09.02.09

Bismillah [IslamCity] An extremely short description

2009-02-10 Thread raja chemayel
Ben Heine The State of Israel is a parasite-state build completely on stolen-Palestinian-soil, thanks to all the colonial-powers and is now living totally on USA's subventions. Sherlock Hommos Saturday 7 Feb.2009 PS : it is now the week-end  , and my house is full of visitors so I

Bismillah [IslamCity] Jericho and Joshua and the Walls of Jericho

2009-02-09 Thread raja chemayel
!!! So what do we learn here ?? 1- Joshua and Jericho never met . 2- there were no Walls outside Jericho-city 3- the Old-Testament,  the Torah      is a very inaccurate-propaganda-book . Thank you ! National Geographic Channel !! Raja Chemayel Sherlock Hommos Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom 05

Bismillah [IslamCity] Gazza and its neighbors

2009-02-08 Thread raja chemayel
provinces. or any other occupied people in the world. Raja Chemayel 04 Feb.09 PS : Two years ago,  I sarcastically wrote that Israel was withdrawing from Gazza , only for to be able to nuke it. I was (partly) wrong , because Israel did not nuke Gazza , after all , it has only dropped

Bismillah [IslamCity] Not all Israelis....

2009-02-05 Thread raja chemayel
Not all Israelis..look this way. others simply drive a Tank or a Bulldozer Not all Israelis , are murderers and occupiers , most of them are only occupiers !! Raja   Che   mayel First of Feb.2009

Bismillah [IslamCity] The unequal Rockets.....of enequal victims

2009-02-04 Thread raja chemayel
?   There it is : The Perpetrator occupies the home of his victim and is shooting at the victim's refuge with a better Rocket. and the victim ??well , he is only the Terrorist !   Raja Chemayel on the side of the victim      PS : Yesterday in Davos, Simon Perez called those victims as Terrorists

Bismillah [IslamCity] Honesty.....impartiality and equal-treatment

2009-02-02 Thread raja chemayel
it happened before... .. it may happen again !!! How about sending Ismail Hannyah and Ehud Olmert to an International Criminal Court House ?? Each one will face the criminal-charges, to be filed, by the other party: 1- one shall be charged with Terrorism for the cause of a Liberation 2- the

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Totalitarian-Terrorists and the phosphoric-immunity

2009-01-30 Thread raja chemayel
Mr. Truth The Totalitarian-Terrorists and the Phosphoric-Immunity Mark Regev the Israeli-Government-spokesman declared to the Media that the Gaza-Massacre-Witnesses are unreliable , inaccurate and bias's   unquote The reason Regev has given is,  that Hamas shall take revenge on

Bismillah [IslamCity] Let us clean our own houses first !!

2009-01-29 Thread raja chemayel
and then the foreign !! At least, my Beirut is half-cleaned , by now, and we are working on the rest of it.. Raja Chemayel 24.01.2009

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Tunnels of Gazza------Nominate for OSCAR !!!

2009-01-28 Thread raja chemayel
The Sherlock Hommos Productions Presents !!! The Great non-Escape The IDF has found the plans to the  Gazza-Tunnels in which heroism was smuggled out of Gaza , into Egypt . and here is a photo of a major suspect believed to be Mr. Ismael Hanniyah who has, obviously, lost weight

Bismillah [IslamCity] Ben Biden !! for 156 Millions !!

2009-01-26 Thread raja chemayel
The inaugural-ceremony will cost 156 million Dollars  in a country with a very deep economical and financial crisis. not for Ossama Ben Laden but for Obbama Ben Biden !!           Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom  one hour before the swearing-in and 59 minutes before the loss of George !!    

Bismillah [IslamCity] The wedding without a Bride

2009-01-22 Thread raja chemayel
An hour ago , I was watching Olmert announcing his unilateral cease fire. I shall not give you my opinion on Olmert nor on his regime nor on his ideology butthis man said tonight : Gazzeans are not our enemies. and we have nothing against Gazza .unquote 1257 Dead out of which

Bismillah [IslamCity] The 10 propositions .

2009-01-22 Thread raja chemayel
choose Nr. 8...   but get off my way !!     Raja Chemayel Sunday afternoon 18.01.09  

Bismillah [IslamCity] if it were a Beauty contest.....

2009-01-19 Thread raja chemayel
                              If this war were a Beauty-constest we would have won !!! long time ago.     Raja

Bismillah [IslamCity] A song for Gaza

2009-01-18 Thread raja chemayel
A song for Gaza Raja

Bismillah [IslamCity] there could only be one US President at the same time

2009-01-14 Thread raja chemayel
!! Raja Chemayel Sabbath the  10Th. of January 2009

Bismillah [IslamCity] How worse could it get ?????

2009-01-13 Thread raja chemayel
shops. Palestinian blood became so cheap and Humanity is left in the hands of barbarians, hypocrites and impotents . Raja Chemayel 8Th of Jan.2009 Visit my Blog before President Sarkozy does.

Bismillah [IslamCity] Gazza is Palestine

2009-01-13 Thread raja chemayel
until a week ago..and that is the difference. many places or cities or provinces or countries are free , today in the Arab World ?? Raja Chemayel a Gazzean because I am an Arab.

Bismillah [IslamCity] If and when ??

2009-01-12 Thread raja chemayel
Gazza won't save him !! neither. If and when , Israel is really wining  this war on Gaza 1- Why Journalist are not allowed to watch and to report ?? 2- Why Israel is recruiting another additional 2000 reservists ?? 3- Why Israel needs 18 days to re-conquer its own-starved-Prison ??

Bismillah [IslamCity] Israel boms a error

2009-01-11 Thread raja chemayel
and ,more precisely,it was  a crime !! this is the link where the Israeli spokesman calls it self defence (against a school  !! ) partly he says the investigation is not over and partly ,  he accuses the school of harbouring Hamas-fighters Raja

Bismillah [IslamCity] Which country...... ??

2009-01-10 Thread raja chemayel
this is not Gaza. The Israeli spokespersons are repeating this sentence which is also repeated automatically by a dozen of European political parrots : quote which country in the world would accept being bombarded by missiles like we were, and would not also

Bismillah [IslamCity] An israeli civilian

2009-01-09 Thread raja chemayel
Major Avitar Leibovich spokeswoman for the Israeli Defence Ministry The spokeswoman of Israeli Ministry of defence was explaining to  the BBC, why some civilians in Gaza are being targeted ?? she said : when those civilians are stoking in their home-cellars rockets and missiles for Hamas,

Bismillah [IslamCity] El Raiiss and El Sayyed

2009-01-07 Thread raja chemayel
of an aggression which came upon us from outside.whether this justifies ''our terrorism''  or not !!     I loved El Raiiss , my son loves El Sayyed and both love God and our Palestine .   The way to Jerusalem starts in Gaza !!! Are we ready ??    Raja Chemayel  Saturday 3rd of January 2008      

Bismillah [IslamCity] The road to Gaza

2009-01-06 Thread raja chemayel
knows that, so he closed his eyes and his doors.     Raja Chemayel the third day in 2008 the third day of 2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] Next Year in Jerusalem

2009-01-05 Thread raja chemayel
.     Raja Chemayel my first in 2009

Bismillah [IslamCity] The fireworks of Gaza

2009-01-05 Thread raja chemayel
 God ask Abraham to bring along the Russians and Polish and Lithuanians and the Romanians too. Abraham was an Iraqi from Uur... and Simon Perez is the Devil from Poland.    No Peace , no Justice , no Mercy in Gaza just a lot of Fireworks !!!     Raja Chemayel the last hours of 2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] not all victims bleed.....

2009-01-04 Thread raja chemayel
a divine  coincidence !! Raja Chemayel 31.12.2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] why Gaza and why now ??

2009-01-04 Thread raja chemayel
, in the absence any future prospects. because, the state of Israel has burned out !! and Gazza pays now the price .     Raja Chemayel Jan. 4th.2009      

Bismillah [IslamCity] when the Truth is in the hands of liars

2009-01-04 Thread raja chemayel
Israel is claiming that it is avoiding civilians.. then, how could they bomb any place which does not have an army?? Like Gazza for example which has no army and hardly any police force. Have a look it is when Israel bombed 5 civilians

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Gaza massacres and the political masquerade

2009-01-02 Thread raja chemayel
of a symbolic-wound to his conscience   5-Gazzeans are getting rid of their miseries,anyway they can.       Raja Chemayel the second day in 2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] exactly the same Afghanistan

2009-01-02 Thread raja chemayel
not Something is wrong here Moscow has no more a dictator , anymore and  Washington has an elected-dictator. while the Muslim-fundamentalists are the same !!! Raja Chemayel looking for the way to Bethlehem 23.12.2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Man without any religion

2009-01-02 Thread raja chemayel
The man without religion The man who stole 50 billion Dollars (which are five thousand millions dollars) is of a certain religion which we cannot criticise otherwise we shall be labelled as being Anti-Semite. So ,  let us assume that this thief were without any religion but then comes

Bismillah [IslamCity] Israeli's logic....and Raja's comments

2009-01-01 Thread raja chemayel
no simply , because I agree !!

Bismillah [IslamCity] To lie or not to lie !!

2008-12-31 Thread raja chemayel
This is a football club getting ready for a picnic , in Alaska. Palestinian casualties include both Hamas members and civilians. More than 1,000 people have been wounded and there have been some 360 fatalities. UN humanitarian officials

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Flying-Shoe of Baghdad and the Rope

2008-12-23 Thread raja chemayel
This rope is multifunctional There is a great response on the Internet about that Flying Shoe of Baghdad. I must admit that it feels good to see,  G.W. Bush rewarded,,, Consequently some people are asking us to pack an old shoe and to mail it to the White-House in Washington. I

Bismillah [IslamCity] Voltaire and I

2008-12-18 Thread raja chemayel
not agree to  G.W.Bush and both of us would, rather, have a President like President Saddam Husseininstead of Bush if and when we are allowed to choose our leaders . Raja Chemayel 17Th of December 2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] A Size 10 memorabilia............

2008-12-16 Thread raja chemayel
    Show me your shoe and I shall surely show no shame.       George W. Bush has, indeed, declared after that shoe-incident that this projectile ( The shoe)  was actually a Size 10 shoe.   Size 10 means in European-standards,  a size 45 shoe . (No offence for our US colleagues and US readers

Bismillah [IslamCity] The last visit of the Liberator

2008-12-15 Thread raja chemayel
  Al Maliki offering protection to Bush.   watch this short film!!!           President Bush visited Iraq yesterday for the last time as President of the USA.   Bush met with a fat-Kurd , known to be called as the President of the

Bismillah [IslamCity] Announcement by the White-House-Press-office.

2008-12-15 Thread raja chemayel
  Press release NR. 45-886-NAG     from the desk of the Press-Secretary of the White-house  Washing-Tongue  U.S and A          As per date , all Arab and/or Muslim Journalists/Reporters and Correspondants attending  to any Press-Conference must enter bear-footed. (provided they use the right

Bismillah [IslamCity] the 20.000 Dollars Shoe.

2008-12-15 Thread raja chemayel
 com/watch? v=2XwJ1A- RHYY     What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ? That shoe would be sold for 20.000 Dollars .      What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ? That shoe would need to be disinfected , afterwords .    

Bismillah [IslamCity] Sunday before the monday

2008-12-14 Thread raja chemayel
  and it is only a Sunday..   after Sunday comes a Monday and Gaza shall starve further while the World's conscience would feel as if it is still a relaxing-Sunday       Raja Chemayel Sunday 14 December 2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] Gaza and fate......

2008-12-13 Thread raja chemayel
Freedom is never cheap !!     Raja Chemayel 13.12.08

Bismillah [IslamCity] The side-effects of Zionism

2008-12-11 Thread raja chemayel
  the state of Israel is dismanteled .      Arab-Terrorism is one side-effect of Zionism.     Raja Chemayel also a terroristout of necessaty . 9Th.November 2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] The improbable Cheese-Omelet

2008-12-11 Thread raja chemayel
, to the others when their own democracy is bought and sold each 4 years ??     Raja Chemayel breaking the eggs for to make the omelet . 10Th of December 2008     PS : one US Governor was arrested yesterday for selling a Senator's Seat. ..          

Bismillah [IslamCity] Amenisia , taylor-made

2008-12-09 Thread raja chemayel
  the missile can reach with an accuracy of 15 cm         Nobody thought that Prime Minister Hariri could have been blown-up by a rocket-missile fired from any Helicopter from a distance.   Nobody used his imagination , as to who could have done thisand how ? They all

Bismillah [IslamCity] a walk in the park

2008-12-09 Thread raja chemayel
??     My son : how about a hot chocolate ?? , it is cold out here !!       Raja Chemayel in a cold Amsterdam Sunday 7Th of december 2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] How to screw the People , least .

2008-12-09 Thread raja chemayel
Drawing by Ben Heineabout how to rescue of the US Economy the beggars    the transportation             Three Top Car Manufacturing Presidents flew last week to Washington , to request a donation , called bail-out.Each came by his own Private Jet , separately.It is remarkable ,to

Bismillah [IslamCity] Obamalogy

2008-12-08 Thread raja chemayel
    Black is beautiful , while White is careful.       Let us suppose that Obama is black, so what does a colour has to do with politics ??   Let us suppose that Obama is a Democrat, so what does it help when Democrat  is written with a capital-D ??   Let us not rejoice that Obama was 

Bismillah [IslamCity] Do you remember the Rambo films ??

2008-12-06 Thread raja chemayel
    where is the ammunition's belt ??    where is the ammunition-case ??         Do you remember the Rambo films ?? with Sylvester Stallone who was running and shooting all those ugly and mean Vietnamese-Communists ??   Did you notice that Rambo never had

Bismillah [IslamCity] Mumbai....and any car-accidents

2008-12-04 Thread raja chemayel
why the photo ?? when the relevant-faces are hidden !! they look rather like colleagues . (and those terrorists have clean-shirts) In Mumbai the final death-count is almost ready and I hear that there was only one USA citizen dead and also one British citizen dead and of course that Rabi who

Bismillah [IslamCity] There are starvations and starvations

2008-12-02 Thread raja chemayel
    The freedom of the Press allows any editor-journalist to choose what subject to report on or to comment on.   Fine with me , I agree provided honesty and fairness do have a role to play ...this role is called: objectivity.     But I wonder how come that the starvation of Darfour

Bismillah [IslamCity] When the differences makes a huge difference

2008-12-01 Thread raja chemayel
, that any Arab (especially the Palestinians) who is older than 40 years shall use the Jews  expression.   As for the younger generation they will use Israeli  to describe the same peopleif ever they are a people !! but that is another story .     Raja Chemayel an anti-Israeli ( although

Bismillah [IslamCity] Must we call them Pirats ??

2008-11-30 Thread raja chemayel
it.. is it a crime or a heroic-act ?? by any wish to apply ??   The Oil of Iraq is stolen 7 days per week, since 2003 and nobody calls them Pirates   78% of Palestine is stolen since 60 years and nobody calls them Pirates..   and the list is long...     Raja Chemayel

Bismillah [IslamCity] To be White and Rich

2008-11-29 Thread raja chemayel
  George W Bush has ,today,just issued 14 presidential-pardons for convicted-criminals on tax evasion, stealing government properties and on cocaine-dealings. etc... (look up the details in the news)      And, I remember 8 years ago when George came to power , we used to criticise him for

Bismillah [IslamCity] The virgin and the castrated

2008-11-21 Thread raja chemayel
          For those who no PhD in Political Sciences I have a question:   What would you call Mr. Saeb Erakat the appointed official Peace-negotiator between the Zionist State and the Palestinian Authority ??   and what description would you give him if you never attended , La Facultee des

Bismillah [IslamCity] who shall replace Tony Blair ??

2008-11-19 Thread raja chemayel
is full of them !!   How about an Afghan from Kabul ?? Mr. Karzay or even a Lebanese with an Italian name ?? Mr. Foufou Siniora !!   Anyhow , this is a promise Obama shall easily  keep and the only problem is that the choice is big ..     My Cousin , Raja Chemayel thinks that it should rather

Bismillah [IslamCity] The worries of the Gaza-citizens

2008-11-18 Thread raja chemayel
 why ??   Gaza-Airport is the safest one , worldwide !!   Gaza has replaced Masada !! Gaza has replaced La Commune de Paris !!     Raja Chemayel 15Th of November 2008      

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