Bismillah [IslamCity] The three States Solutions.......or three solutions for one state

2009-05-25 Thread raja chemayel

an example of
the two-states-solution

The two states solution :
a stolen-Palestine
side by side , with
an occupied-Palestine

The one state solution :
the State of Zionist-Israel
without any Arabs

The right state of Palestine:
the one natural-historical-Palestine
home for who eve considers himself as an Arab
regardless of his or her religion..

you may choose...or loose !!
Justice is coming !!

Raja Chemayel
9Th. of May 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] North Korea is next.......

2009-05-25 Thread raja chemayel
Prince Al Waleed
offered 50 millions Dollars for New York
it was rejected !!

the twin-towers in New York blew down
the suspects were Saudi-Egyptian-Yemeni and Lebanese

And yet ,
Afghanistan was bombed and invaded.

When ,
Iraq was accused of Weapons of Mass-Destruction
those weapons were actually in Israel and in Pakistan, too.

And yet ,
Iraq  was invaded and occupied .

All those theories and all the accusations regarding New-York's 911
and even all the suspicions remained baseless , to say the least
and never did anyone point the finger at Israel.
(the biggest beneficiary)

It is rather good that Israel was never suspected
nor found guilty.
otherwise the USA would have ,consequently ,
bombed North Korea  !! .

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
10 of may 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] 300.000 Pigs

2009-05-04 Thread raja chemayel


  Pigs in Egypt ,
What for ??

In Egypt are 300.000 pigs
raised and bread and eaten
by the Copts of  Egypt.

Myself , a Lebanese-christian did not see any pigs
in my Lebanon nor did I hear of any existing ones .
Although the Lebanon has the highest presence of Christians
in any Arab or in any Muslim country.
Yet no pigs are significantly to be found in the Lebanon !!

Judaism and Islam do not allow pigs
and I see not why Christian-Arabs ought to have them .

No doctor , nor any nutrition-expert would tell us
that Pig-meat is healthier than Lamb , Goat or Cow.
As a matter of fact it is biologically and nutritionally
the less healthy and the less hygienic of all meats.

Having said that ,
I ask my Copt-brothers in Egypt :
why to keep them ??
and why have they kept them for centuries ???
The tolerance of Islam did not forbid the pigs
but the Copts could have gradually got rid of them,
wihtout any lost nor any sacrifice .

Why should I keep a pig in my garden ,
when my next-door-neighbour is Muslim or Jew ??

Can't we not live without Pigs ??

The last 40 years I live in Europe
among a lot of  Pigs , where they bother nobody.
I do eat it , but when I invite a Muslim or a Jew
to my house , I do not serve it.

Why Egypt ??
what is the point ??
Get rid of your pigs !!!
and how about getting rid also of Husny's regime too  ??
both are worthless !!
Sherlock Hommos
May 3rd.2009



Bismillah [IslamCity] fanaticism , or not.....

2009-05-04 Thread raja chemayel

has created the State of Israel
so why should we then blame
any other religious-fanaticism
for trying to liberate his own Palestine

  All those
have always had 
while all the Fanatic-invaders
never did !

Fanaticism or not ,
there is
a foreign-invader
and an

Fourth of May 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] Some Journalists are luckier......

2009-04-30 Thread raja chemayel
Roxana a USA-spy !!

Sami a Truth-Spy !!

An American Journalist of Iranian origins
is jailed after been found guilty of espionage .

she could
 be guilty or eventually be innocent .

But the fact is that tonight and for the next 8 years
she will be sleeping in a prison.

What is obvious is that all the western-Media's
have mention this news immediately ,repeatedly
and very loudly

For the sake of
 honesty and objectivity
I must admit ,  that Iran might be wrong in its judgement
but one thing is sure this lady-journalist was
testing the patience of the Iranian-regime
and she has finally got her clear answer.

I know about a lot of other journalists
who were only testing the credibility of the USA,
the last 5 years and they do not sleep in an Iranian Prison.
Some of them slept , rather, in a torture-camp
and others slept
 one-meter-under-the-groundfor ever.

My conclusion would be :
it is better for a Journalist
to be a USA-Spy
than a critic of the USA..

Sherlock Hommos
CEO ,  of critic-sans-frontiere
26 April 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] what is still left over to be called, racism ??

2009-04-28 Thread raja chemayel
Brown-Palestinian fleeing
from the White-Jews .
in 1948

There is today a UN international conference on Racism
in Geneva , Swisserland
which is about to re-declare that Zionism is racism.

You will not be surprised if I would tell you that
the United Sates of America and the State of Israel
shall not attend and nor agree on its final resolution.

It is worth
 remembering how the USA was founded
because should you ask my opinion, I would say
 the White-man robbed the Red-man from his country
while the Black-man build a new country
for the White-man 
(does it not sound familiar ??)

As for Israel I would say :
White-Jew robbed the Brown-Arabs from their country
while later the Brown-and-Black-jews
build a wall around it 
(does is not sound realistic ??)

Racism has no colour ,
but it happens that the White-colour
gets dirty  very oftenand very fast too.

In 1977 the UN general assembly has already declared
Zionism is a form of
but in 1992 George (Papa) Bush managed to retract this resolution.

I , personally , would like to ask all of you :
 If Zionism were not to be racism,
then what is still left over to be called:  racism ?? 
Israel is not only The only Democracy
it is rather
The only racist-regine in the Middle East

Sherlock Hommos


Bismillah [IslamCity] The illusion of wealth

2009-04-21 Thread raja chemayel

The Wahhabi's cut-off the hand of any thief
that is why the mouse,  becomes very handy !!

Finance Story
or rather the
Finance Scandal

First were the banks ,
who gave away someone else's money
to someone who cannot pay it back
and if he could pay it back , he shall not.

Then the banks could refund nor pay back
to their customers-depositors

That is when it was called a  crisis 
upon which time, 
 the Government jumps

The Government prints more money
and give it to the banks
or give it to the bank's customers...

And what happens then ???

Well the banks shall accept this money
either from the Government or from their customers
but the banks will give it back to
those who cannot refund and if they ever could,
they will never give it back
that is when the Government
re-print more money.
and you know the rest of the story.

It is not the Government's fault
nor are all the Banks crooks.
but the system is a vicious-close-circuit
whereas if you have money , you go to the bank
and when you need money , you also go to the bank.

And with the bank's money you build an illusion
and then you sell that illusion
until some day comes and someone tells you
 Hold on !! this is an illusion !!! 
and then he refuses to buy that illusion.
That is when the crisis starts

So how to stop this endless circular traffic ??
Abolish the banks !!
or use the sword to cut off the hand  of those thieves
who sell you illusions

Raja Chemayel
replacing Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
who is on a business trip trying to sell
another kind of  illusion called Peace.

Monday 13Th April 2009

Visit my blog.
each tenth visitorgets a free illusion !!


Bismillah [IslamCity] our Sunday-morning shall come !!!

2009-04-16 Thread raja chemayel
Palestinian-Christians die also
just like Jesus

On the cross
at the crossroad

The man of Nazareth
the son of
the carpenter who walked on the waters
has been found guilty of universalism
and of socialism.
The bankers at the temple want their revenge.

His liberation movement
shall be declared as illegal and anti-Semite
and his followers shall be thrown to the lions
or bombed by the phosphoric-devils.

This afternoon just before the Sabbath's begin ,
he shall be put on a Cross up on a Hill
wearing our crown.

As for us ,
we shall sit and wait for the Sunday morning
our Sunday-morning shall come !!!


Friday 10th of April 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] Dollars,greed and wealth

2009-04-14 Thread raja chemayel

The financial crisis ,
although it is an international one ,
it has started in the USA
and it shall also end there.

The USA shall keep on printing dollars
until they ran out of paper
or until they abolish capitalism
or until they recall all their soldiers back home
or until refrain from financing
all the injustices worldwide

China was right when it suggested
to replace the Dollars
by an international-global-currency:
How about a brand new of currency called
 Al Maarouf  
which is mentioned in the Holy Koran
as a  kind deed    or a grace
or goodness.

This way the rulers of Saudi-Arabia
and the Gulf
shall no more stink after dollars ,
but rather smell the goodness.
And then Banks may finally become respectable-places .

The Financial-crisis is God's punishment
against greed as a way of life.

Why should anyone own more than half a million (Dollars) ??

Raja Chemayel
 Al moulkou li Allah
09 April.2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] The shoes of my own daughter

2009-04-13 Thread raja chemayel
Obama wants to place a Huge Radar,
where it will be never needed.

My 20 years old daughter who studies in Pilzen
went this morning to Prague to attend the speech
of  President Barrack Obama.

She came back home with her two shoes still on.

This means two things :
1 - either ,my daughter believed
 that handsome-sweet-talker .
2 - or my daughter thought that
  her shoe is more valuable than Obama's speech.

I never tried to influence my children's direction in politics
but I secretly thought that any shoe can be sacrified !!

Especially that President Obama
wants to build a military-base-radar
in the Czech-republic to defend the Free-World
from  any Iranian-Rocket-missiles flying over Europe
(on its way to Israel )

Raja Chemayel
in the city of Franz Kafka
05 April 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] how to do , for not to get bombed !!!

2009-04-13 Thread raja chemayel
 do not recognise the State of Zion.

Speaking today in Ankara , Turkey
President Obama confirmed :
The USA is not at war , nor it shall be ,
with Islam

I ask myself ,
what is Islam , if not the Muslims themselves ??
and if I were right ,
who else but Muslims were bombed this last decade ??
the Orthodox-Christians of Yugoslavia who never ever
recognised Israel !!

In other words :
recently ,  only nations who did not , and shall not ,
recognise Israel were
 , Afghanistan , Iraq and Serbia
( and soon North Korea , and Iran too )

So beware of those B52 planes !!

Sherlock Hommos
speech-writer to Raja Chemayel
06 April 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] the right to exist and the right to defend itself

2009-04-13 Thread raja chemayel
Who has the right to exist ??
the invaders or the invaded ???

Who has the right to defend itself ??
the robbers or the robbed ???

what rights did Al Capone have ??
(except for a fair Trial)

Did Dracula
have the right to defend himself ??

Sherlock Hommos
the right to ask !!!
07 April 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] Israel and Iran

2009-04-12 Thread raja chemayel

Vanunu a traitor ?? or a Hero !!

Israel and Iran
one has nuclear-power
the other does not (yet)

Israel and Iran
one sells nuclear power
the other tries to purchase

Israel and Iran
one has done 8 wars in 60 years
the other only one in 200 years

Israel and Iran
one has the backing of the Devil
the other fights against the Devil

Israel and Iran
one was build by the colonialists
the other kicked them out

Israel and Iran
one produces and sells pornography
the other has strictly forbidden it

Israel and Iran
one considers God as his own property
the other serves God and shares him too.

Israel and
one wants to nuke-bomb the other
the other wants to dismantle the first.
( before this happens )

Raja Chemayel
no-clear-nuclear scientist
2 of April


Bismillah [IslamCity] about the one finger......

2009-04-07 Thread raja chemayel
have this photo blown-up
and look at details of the handshake

Recently I posted a message/article concerning Arab States
who flirt with Israel or who simply and openly
have recognised that criminal-state.

The same above picture was used as an illustration to the subject
and I have commented that
 Livni is not even looking in the eye the the Qatari-Foreign-Minister

After I have sended that message I looked closer at the picture
only to notice that Livni is not even shaking the hand ,
 but simply giving him one finger

Although it is not the middle-finger
it is still only one finger.

So Arab-Regimes be warned !!

If and when you decide to shake hands with Israel
you get only one finger

Israel ultimately does not want hand-shakes
because it lead to Peace and this is not Israel's strategy
because Peace means consessions and conssessions means
giving back any stolen or occupied land.

So keek your hand for yourselves , dear Arab-regimes
and use them to make a fist..
from Israel you get only one finger !!!

 remember what George ever gave you

Sherlock Hommos


Bismillah [IslamCity] Anyone surprised ???

2009-04-07 Thread raja chemayel
Some Arabs have no shame
and Livni avoids eye-contact.

The Doha Arab League Summit
closed down , today, earlier than planned.

Arab leaders disagreed , once again !!

Anyone surprised  ??
not me !

Didn't I tell you that there should be
2 Arab-League-Organisations

The first will include those who have
recognised our invaders and occupiers
and you may call it :
the Arab-league-of-castrated-collaborators
and the second may conserve the tittle of :
 Arab League of States

Two years later ,
the Arab-League of Collaborators
will have to change its name into :
The League of Collaborators
and they may keep Mahmoud Abbas with them.

In the meantime and
 after this division (or separation)
we have have an Arab-League which will be Arab.

nobody may still call himself  a brother
after he recognises the rapist of our sister.
thus he who recognises Israel , is no Arab !!

Equally , he who wants to help our sister ,
becomes an Arab.Iran and Venezuela , as example.

In the meatime,
 those who are traitors and or collaborators,
are standing in our line of fire !!! 

Raja Chemayel
my sister is being raped !!! since 60 years.


Bismillah [IslamCity] The blue-eyed-West

2009-04-07 Thread raja chemayel
Two Prime-ministers,
but one is  more prime  than the other.

Practically all the Western-governments
are now busy bailing out the financial-institutions.

Muslim Governments are worried  only for
their own non-Muslim-financial-institutions
because their Muslim-banks are practically unconcerned
and relatively much safer.

A couple of hundred years ago
those same financial-institutions
were called evil and the devil's own.
and later they became legal and respectable
because the West needed them to finance its colonial-plans.

And what about Zionism ??

First , Zionism was financed only by the Jews
while being considered to be evil by the West
and then later financed by the same West ,
for the benefit of the same blue-eyed-Jews
and now,  it is considered legal and even moral ,
by the same West.

The Prime Minister of Brazil very recently
called this financial-crisis:
 a product ( the fault) of the blue-eyed-West
Myself I call Zionism :
 a product (the fault) of the

Nonetheless both the Zionism-crimes
and the Financial-crimes
are today supported and sponsored by...
the blue-eyed-West

Do not consider me a racist , please !!
my mother has the prettiest-blue-eyes from the Lebanon
and my wife has also a pair of Bohemian-blue-eyes.

I am not racist,  because I am an Arab
so I just try to learn from past-history,
to analise and make my own conclusions.:

Zionism came from the West
and the Financial-crises too

Raja Chemayel


Bismillah [IslamCity] Ukraine, the NATO and Afghanistan

2009-04-06 Thread raja chemayel

The same Boris from Ukraine,
only his boss changed.

once forgotten when it raised the soviet flags
and now remembered and cherished.

Half of Ukraine is from the Orthodox-Church
and the other half is Catholic
one half wants big-brother-Russia back
and the other half believes in Condoleeza Rice stories
and now in the Hilarious Clinton's.

Soon Ukraine shall become even more poor
so that both halves of it,
 would want to fall
in the lap of the Hilarious Clinton.
and then Ukraine shall join the NATO
and then Kentucky Fried Chicken shall follow.

Consequently the Ukrainian-Army-soldiers,
being part of the NATO , shall join the
International-Coalition-Forces in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Statistically, eventually and coincidentally
the same soldiers who were in Afghanistan under
the Soviet Red Army shall return
 now under the banners of NATO.

And Hilarious Clinton shall jump to Kabul
and explain to the local population that :

When Boris was red he came to rape and invade your Afghanistan
but now the same Boris is blue , which means that this not an invasion
nor an intrusion nor an occupation nor a colonisation
not even an annexation...
No my dear Afghans !!!
Boris is not an invader,anymore, because his cap is

I am confident that all Afghans shall hardly
differentiate between red and blue .

I am either colour-blind or
 eventually a bit more intelligent
than the average-afghan..
because I see no difference between both Boris.

Sherlock Hommos

PS :
in 2004 Polish-Soldiers went to Iraq to dismount that ammunition-factory
which they have sold , 5 years earlier.because they became NATO, too.


Bismillah [IslamCity] The tale of two ambassadors

2009-04-05 Thread raja chemayel

Amb.Saffieh in Moscow

The tale of two ambassadors
both have represented the PLO,
which means that they represent the Palestinian Nation.

The first Ambassador based in Poland
has had a reception made in honour of the Israeli Ambassador
who was leaving Poland.
Which means that the cakes and the champagne was paid by
the Palestinian national budget and of course it means that
the Palestinians are happy and satisfied by the behaviour of
the Government of that Israeli Ambassador.
You may judge here the diplomatic-consequences of such
a party-reception-invitation.

1000 Miles away, in Moscow , a second Palestinian Ambassador
Mr. Afifi Saffieh has attended a popular meeting ,
without champagne and without cakes , which was in support of Gaza
and which was obviously organised
 by the Hamas supporters, in Moscow.

 Mahmoud Abbas being what he is. ( no details needed here)
was angry at Mr. Afif Safieh and has fired him .

I know Mr. Saffieh , personally , who was (our) the Palestinian Ambassador
here in the Hague (1987) and I would like to confirm that when it comes
to diplomatic-representation and to diplomatic-skills
and education in general,   Mr. Abbas does not fit to become
the  Tea-boy  to Mr. Saffieh .

Of course I do not know Mr. Abbas , personally ,
but what I have seen and heard gives me a clear picture
about Abou Mazen (Mr. Abbas)  when I can compare the two
personalities .

Mr. Affif Safieh is even fit to become Palestine's
 next foreign-minister,
should my opinion

But things being what they are , and corruption , nepotism,
opportunism and decay , all being so well implanted in Ramallah ,
those two incidents ( if not two accidents) have had to happen.

Mr. Affif Safieh would make any Amabssador jealous
which is no surprise why even the AIPAC insisted on having him
being removed from Washington , last year

It is high time for Mr. Abbas to leave and to ask for asylum
in Washington or in Tel Aviv  and to let the good-guys do their work.

Raja Chemayel
Amsterdam 28.03.09

My friend Affif .


Bismillah [IslamCity] Oponents ? , Obama ? , Ossama !!

2009-03-25 Thread raja chemayel
all those 4 men got a  free-help
from Israel

If you have opponents , oppositions
or even enemies , just call Israel for help .
or even better than that :
do not even call Israel ,
it will come all by itself , for itself .

In the seventies and the eighties ,
Israel ravaged Lebanon to get rid
of the Palestinian-military-presence
 in the Lebanon
and even the civilian-Palestinians were not
All that as a courtesy to the Lebanese-fascist-side.

After the death of Rafik el Harriri ,
Israel got busy eliminating all the opponents of Syria
in the Lebanon , Poets, Pimps, Politicians and Journalists
even when Syria never asked Israel to do it .
Israel did it ,  unasked,   as a courtesy.

In Summer 2006 ,
Israel went in the Lebanon to get rid of an opposition
which was much bothering to Fouad Siniora ,
(the only man who would accept sleeping with Dr. Rice
with the lights on !!)

Hezbollah survived it and even became stronger.
and the bad news is.. that Siniora also has survived,
but anyhow Israel acted like what a
 bouncer does
outside a
 discotheque , but Israel failed..again

Now, today, Mahmoud Abbas ,
is in a dire-straights and has an opposition that has
even won the elections and has kicked him out of Gaza  ,
including all his dirty profiteers..
And again Israel jumps in to clear the stage ,
from any opposition , from any contradiction
and from any social-democratic-justice  !!

So willingly or otherwise ,
many Arab-leaders ought to be again thankful to Israel.

Who knows ??
soon the King of Saudi-Arabia might need Israel
to illuminate any
or any
or even any future women-liberation-association.
You never know !!!

Israel is always there to kill , or to blow up
and even to invade anything, anywhere and anyone.

And finally ,
and for the right price , Israel will bomb ,for you,

the White-house
 , even !!

Sherlock Hommos

Afterall who do you think bombed the
 Twin-Towers :
Ossama ben Laden ?
Obama  ben Biden  ?
Obama ben Bush
Israel ???



Bismillah [IslamCity] When the investigator and the investigated are the same......

2009-03-25 Thread raja chemayel

when Israelis investigate Israelis
There is recently a new investigation
whether or not Israel would have committed
Crimes against Humanity
or War Crimes , in Gaza.
To start , I say it is neither the first time
that Israel commits those crimes
nor it is the first time that an investigation-commission
is established and requested to investigate.
More over it is not the first time that the investigators
and the investigated are from the same Nationality
and even the same Army  .
What is new,this time,  
is that no foreign Journalist/reporters
were allowed to be present.
Last time in 1982 the person found guilty of
a similar massacre of Sabra and Chatila
became 10 years later rewarded
even as a Prime Minister.
of the same people who investigated him
and even found him guilty.
So let us not rejoice ,
because an investigation
will not bring back our 1200 dead civilians
nor it would blame and nor punish the IDF.
Nor would it make anyone more humane..
We die , they get a Medal
they die , we are called Terrorists !!
Raja Chemayel


Bismillah [IslamCity] How to come out of a Hamas Prison

2009-03-20 Thread raja chemayel

 Both should stay in prison..
Gilad Shalit in his prison in Gaza
has met another prisoner who was
arrested and condemned for trafficking hard Drugs.
They share the same Prison cell and incidentally
both became became friends...
although the other prisoner is an Arab.
Most probably Gilad will come out first
due the eventual prisoners-swap
which shall take place soon..
But , Gilad shall not forged his new friend
and shall try to enrol his new-friend
in the IDF the Israeli Army.
Just get him out..
Why ?? did you ask me 
Well , because only two kind of people
do get an amnesty or a release from a Hamas prison,
1- Israeli soldiers (being swapped)
2- future Mahmoud-Abbas-ministers..or PA-officials.
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Gen.Secretary of :
Amnesty Interparadoxal
16 March 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] Mission Accomplished !!

2009-03-16 Thread raja chemayel
The wrong President
the wrong invader
the wrong result.

The right
 right catastrophe
 right Hoax .

Soon comes the anniversary for the sixth year
of the rape of Iraq...

And ,when we all agree that:
Democracy, religious-moderation,governance-transparency ,
women-rights , human-rights , education, ethnic-rights and local-autonomy's ,
security, health-care ,non-sesectarianism corruption-control

are all very much essential in any society or in any nation,

Then ,
 we must admit and submit that all the above virtues,
were better practised and better preserved
under President Saddam Hussein and the
 Baath Party.

Denying those virtues and or destroying them
was the original and the secret plan of the USA's Bush regime.

What ever shall come out of Iraq shall be
and will be less than Saddam's Iraq !!

Only Iran and Ben Ladin and Israel and Hally Burton
have profited.

What ever
 Saddam's Regime was , or even it was not..
it was
 10 times better , than what we have
 now ,
as replacement.

Therefore the USA may ,now ,raise the banner :
 Mission accomplished  !! 
and it will not be a lie,
this time , for a change .

Raja Chemayel


Bismillah [IslamCity] A Crime against Humanity and the 40 Vampires

2009-03-15 Thread raja chemayel
Mr. Michael Tarek Aziz
.accused of Crimes-against-humanity
by those who know not Humanity

Yesterday a court in Baghdad has sentenced
Mr. Tarek Aziz for 16 years imprisonment.
The charges are  Crime against Humanity 

The facts :
During the economical siege on Iraq
which went on for 11 years ,
there were 40 importers and traders , in food-stuffs
and general-nutrition-raw-materials , who were found
guilty of  usurpation and artificially inflating the prices
and attempting  to impose a price monopoly.

Those 40 criminal-persons were lawfully executed
after a Martial-Court has found them

At that time  ,
Mr. Tarek Aziz was the foreign-Minister
of the republic of Iraq

Two questions :
1- how do you punish usurpers (in food stuff )
    during a siege and when Martial-Law is applied.  ??
2- What is the relation between a Foreign-Minister
    and some usurpers being punished by a legal Court..   ??

If there was a Crime against Humanity
then those 40 thieves would have committed it
and not Mr. Tarek Aziz

and not even the Court that found them guilty .

Invading Iraq was done under false pretext
and today's Courts of Baghdad are even worse than false.

That same Court has found President Saddam guilty
of lawfully-executing those who
 once tried to assassinate him.

And the bad-joke is that this Baghdad-Court
used the term  Crime against Humanity
when there was no Crime
and while this Court knows not any Humanity ,
which starts usualy with , sincerity , honesty.and legality.
...all absent from that Court.

Raja Chemayel
12.March 2009

PS :
If the French-revolution would have caught those 40 usurpers
they would have had the same fate ,but using a sharp Guillotine.
And Mr. Tarek Aziz would have had his statue
on the Champs-Elysee or in the gardens of Versailles.

If the Cuban-Revolution would have the same case of usurpers
no one would recognise their grave , today.

If Trotsky were still alive , he would also have sent them
to Siberia , with a one way ticket...

If the Vatican would have caught them in the Middle-Ages
they would be burned alive..

I agree with all cases , including the one in Baghdad,
but Mr. Tarek Aziz is simply innocent !!
and this Court ought to hang itself !!



Bismillah [IslamCity] The Theology of Liberation

2009-03-12 Thread raja chemayel
http://frustratedar abdiary.blogspot .com

Two armed-liberation-forces
with two religions, but one God.

Two British-soldiers were assassinated
yesterday in Northern-Ireland.

They were packing their stuff , and getting ready
to be re-deploid  in 

Fate caught up with them,  faster than life itself
and they shall
 never see Afghanistan , again.

The  Real IRA has claimed the responsibility
of their assassination ..
Destiny or Fate or Bad-Luck was faster,  than the Taliban's.

There is something undeniable and unavoidable
about the Theology-of-Liberation :
.it liberates  !!
whether it liberates the Catholics of Ireland
or it liberates the Muslims of Afghanistan
God is always with the
 oppressed people
although most of the Kings and the most oppressors
do claim to have him on their side.

(Northern) Ireland and Afghanistan
are occupied, today, as in 200 years ago
The death of those two poor-souls,
is ,for us,  just a reminder..

Imperialism does not mind which the religion its victims do have .
And Liberation does not mind neither the religion of its oppressors .

If a religion liberates , then it is welcome
and when a religion enslaves then it is not.

If the IRA were only an Irish-Football-club it would never
have (partly) liberated its home..
and the Taliban's are Afghans who which to run their own country
as they think it is right to do

Being ,myself ,a christian I salute the Muslim- Taliban's
until the Afghans themselves decide for another
Being ,myself, an evangelical/protestant I also salute the Catholic-IRA
until Ireland decides to replace them , by whoever might be better.

I offer my condoleances  to the families of the 2 dead soldiers.
At least they died with no blood on their hands !!

Raja Chemayel
10Th of March 2009

http://frustratedar abdiary.blogspot .com



Bismillah [IslamCity] Why President Beshir , of Sudan

2009-03-12 Thread raja chemayel

6 times, a looser.

President Beshir of Sudan has
  6 very obvious disadvantages :

1- he is an Arab-leader
2- he is Black-African
3- he is a Muslim
4- he is from a Third- World- leader
5- he does not kiss   le derriere  of the West
6- he is never helping Zionism , not even indirectly.

Now you know why !!!

Besides that ,
look what has happened
 to President Saddam Hussein
and he has had only 5 disadvantages.

Sherlock Hommos
having only one disadvantage,
a mother in law..


Bismillah [IslamCity] China is thirsty too !!

2009-03-11 Thread raja chemayel
Not only the USA , needs the Oil!!

When  Sudanese shoots at other Sudanese
in Darfour , or anywhere else...
the International Criminal Court takes action,
against the President of Sudan.

But when Israelis shoot at their own victims
whom they have already robbed and exiled
and besieged and re-bombed
the International Criminal Court takes action ,
against the President of Sudan,

When the USA bombs Iraq under false pretexts
When the USA invades Iraq under false pretencions
When the USA invades Afghanistan under any excuse
the International Criminal Court takes
against the President of Sudan.

If the President of Sudan
would have sold his Oil to the USA
instead of selling it to China...
I would not be writing this,
and the International Criminal Court
would have been rather jobless...
(and President Bashir would get a Nobel-Prize
for planting blue-roses in his back garden)

Eng . Moustafa Roosenbloom
Oil-broker for Justice
eighth day of the third month in 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] The other 6 Millions

2009-03-11 Thread raja chemayel
visit my  Blog , 
and you may bring your own drinks !!

Hezbollah can reach Israel-targets
easier and more accurate than Iran .

If and when a nuclear bomb
shall fall on the State of Israel
it shall destroy and kill :

1.200.000 Palestinians holding an
 Israeli Passport and living inside Israel.
2.300.000 Palestinians living in the West Bank
1,500.000 Palestinians living in Gaza
1,000.000 Russian-emigrants pretending to be Jews
 100.000 Druze-Arabs with an Israeli-Passport and collaborating!!
   100.000 Foreign-labour working in Israel
6.000.000 non-Jews will perish  the other six-millions

compared this Total
to the remaining 3,7 million Jewish-Israelis
out of which  , are 2,9 million non-Semite-Jews-Israelis
and 800.000 are Semite-Jews of Arab-Origin .

Conclusion :
any Nuclear bomb dropped on the State Israel shall :

1- kill
 80% of the total worldwide-Palestinian-population
2- kill 2 Arabs for each
 one Israeli
3- kill 3 semites-victims for each one-non-semite.
4- kill one Million Russian-impostors
    who are neither Jews nor Semites nor Arabs.

Raja Chemayel
who prefers dismanteling Israel,completely.
9th of March 2009

Visit my Blog ,
where the nonsence makes sence !!


Bismillah [IslamCity] The ICC , Darfour , Harriri and my parking-place

2009-03-09 Thread raja chemayel
The , ICC Court House ,
 is 553 meters away from my office

The ICC , International Criminal Court
is 3 block away from my office in the Hague.

And I think that I am the nearest person to it
among all my readers  ( or all my deleters )

From the backyard of my office I could dig a tunnel
right under that ICC-Building , but the Dutch Secret Police
would not like it , at all .
( and they would never recruit me, later on )

Recently my illustrious-neighbours have started
a the Hariri-case and today the Bashir-Darfour-case.

I do not think that those judges , 3 blocks away ,
do care for my opinion
but if you insist on hearing it,
I would say :

 - The Harriri Case is politically motivated and has completely
ignored the plausible-theory of a missile sent from a gun-ship-helicopter
flying 30 miles away from the
 crime-scene .
It was much more convenient to suspect and accuse Syria
which has , in fact , protected and sponsored Harriri
for more than a decade.

B- Darfour and President Bashir is a classical case of a civil-war
where competing- tribes fight for
the  water-resources
and where some tribes are pro-government ..and other tribes are
helped by some foreign-powers who are interested in more than the waters.

So if and when
an Israeli Helicopter assassinates another Arab Leader
and , if and when
a civil-war is financed and motivated by some foreign-powers
we shall consequently have new cases at the ICC , International Criminal Court ,
it will get crowded in my neighbourhood ,
and we shall have no places to park our cars ,
here in The Hague .

Raja Chemayel
a suspicious-neighbour of the ICC
until all Criminals are judged
Fifth of March 2008

PS :
Near the ICC building , is a 360 degree-screen-movie-theater
which is also fun to visit...much funnier than the ICC.


Bismillah [IslamCity] I am neither a Muslim nor a Banker !!.

2009-03-08 Thread raja chemayel

Mr. Madoff

and , an Madoff

I am not a banker and I am not a Muslim.
But I do trust Islam far more than all the banks.

Lately, the financial-world went
and banks are now worth only their real-estate-values , almost.

Billions and Billions are
 pumped into a
called the stock-market or the world-of-finance.

Industries are not spared
Jobs are lost and the future is dark.

One sleepless night,
I watched a TV documentary about
the ethics of finances and banking-ethics
which are applied in the Western-world.

One phrase by the commentator struck me, when he said :
 such an occasional  high
 standards in the West ,
 is only normal and constant among the
 Islamic-banks.. unquote

Then I started cruising in my mind and in my memory,
looking for any recent or even old financial-scandals
among any Islamic-bank.
And I could not find any example , not remote nor recent.

There must be some magic formula
that Islamic-banks do apply
that keeps them solid and irreprochable.

I do not know it
 precisely because
because , I am neither a  Muslim nor a Banker.

Also , only yesterday ,
I was trying to explain to my children
how come Halal-food is healthier than my normal-christian-cooking.
But I could not convince them why and they decided to refer
rather to a Medical
 person ,
 instead of me.

What I fear now ,
is that my children will ask me , very soon,
to explain how come Muslim Banks are more solid than others
and also why the Christian-financial-world is run by non-Christiansm
and never by the Muslims !! ( or by the Shariaa-laws )

 honestly do
 not know the correct answers,
therefore it is time ,maybe for me , that I become a banker,
or even better , I become a Muslim !!

Raja Chemayel


Bismillah [IslamCity] To kneel for the Tunnels

2009-03-08 Thread raja chemayel
it is winter , in Gaza

Liberty today, uses a tunnel
Freedom has to crawl in it , too.

Baby-Milk comes via a tunnel
the hope for
 dignity , too.

Abbas has a private-jet
Hannyah goes only on his knees for God ,
and for the Tunnel , too.

Olmert has all the F 16 jet-fighters
Nathaniahu has even more
Hilary has a  big Boeing 737
and Mashaal has the Tunnels,
and God and the people , too.

Mubarak and Barrack
will collect the donor's money
the Gazzeans suffocate in their Tunnels
instead of suffocating from

Why can't the tunnels see the light
is humanity forbidden ??

Why not building a tunnel
between the Truth and the Western-Media
why not building a tunnel
between the Truth and Zionism ??

There is a light at the end of each tunnel
there is no light in Zionism,
which is born out of darkness
and leading into a worse darkness.

Give me those tunnels ,
instead of the occupation
and I shall also kneel for them,
instead of kneeling for the occupiers...

Raja Chemayel
the forth of Match 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] The Donors of Gaza

2009-03-05 Thread raja chemayel
The Pathetic Conference of Hypocrisy
in Sharm el Sheikh

A donor's conference for Gaza
will take place in Egypt, this week.

I remember in the 90's that so many donors
poured their money into Gaza only to see it
demolished later by the Israelis
and equally all the donors stopped their donations
after Hamas has won the elections

Who is fooling whom

Money comes to Gaza  just to build life-size-targets
on which Israeli-planes and artillery will  practise ,one day.

Money comes in Gaza just to build a fake-democracy
that ,some day,  is supposed to kiss the bottom of the West ??

So when a
 wins that election
 money stops and the Israelis come in with their tanks
because a clean-national-liberation
does not do what a donor, nor what an occupier ,wants.

What donations ??

and who are the donors , this time ??
Tony Blair and Hilary Clinton ??
.again !!

Today ,  and 40 days after the cease-fire ,
 one bag of cement has entered into Gaza !!
many reporters are also forbidden inside Gaza

You guess why !!

I suggest that the donors keep their money , this time
and allow us FREEDOM AND LIBERATION, instead .

Raja Chemayel


Bismillah [IslamCity] The endangered-specie and the dangerous-specie

2009-03-04 Thread raja chemayel

 above , an endangered-specie
below, a dangerous-specie

In the south-west of France
at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains-chain
the French Farmers are complaining to the authorities
that Wolf are attacking their lambs.

Those Wolfs are declared as endangered-species
and are thus,  protected by environment-laws .

In the Occupied Palestine ,
Palestinian Farmers are complaining to the world
that Israeli-Settlers are attacking their soil
and planting their new-settlements.

The French Wolfs are protected by an environment-law
but who, or what, is protecting
 the Israeli-settlers ??.

Wolfs should eat wolfs , and leave the Lamps alone and safe
Israeli Settlers should go and re-settle , in Warsaw ,
Kiev and in Vilnius .

Israelis, especially (and some of the Jews)
are not an endangered-species
but rather a

Raja Chemayel
First of March 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] Irma la Douce

2009-02-28 Thread raja chemayel


The real Irma la Douce
It seems that Tizpi Livni was once a secret agent.
a spy , working for the Mossad .
She was allegedly active in tracing those terrorists
living and operating in Europe and especially in France.
This would explain her recent instant
sympathy with Nicolas Sarkozy.
He might have worked for her ,
because there is a rumour
that Sarkozy himself was once 
on the payroll of the Mossad.
I see it in front of me , as in a film ,
Tizpi walking down the streets of Pigalle
with a small dog, wearing the same outfit
as Irma la Douce...
and Nicolas Sarkozy in a French-police-uniform
collecting bribes and protection-money.
They meet , and a romance starts ,
she does not know that he is a
and his love to Irma makes Nicolas blind
to the fact that Livni  is a Prostitute
Stop !! Cut !!
Is that now a film ?. or a reality ??
Is Israel's next prime minister an ex-prostitute ,
or was she just pretending it ??
Was Sarkozy a corrupt person ?
or he just did it for the money ???
Do films show the reality ,
or does real life resemble the films ??
And then,  
what is wrong with an ex-prostitute
becoming an Israeli-Prime-Minister ??
All her predecessors were worse !!
they were generals !!!
Sherlock Hommos
NB ;
The link to Livni 's past


Bismillah [IslamCity] Who is who ??

2009-02-28 Thread raja chemayel



I was watching the common press conference
done in Cairo today between Hamas and Fatah.
Sitting near me was my 13 years old son
and he was curious to know what is happening.
I was explaining to him what was happening
lately between those Palestinian-faction-parties.
He was astonished  to see how much details
I knew and how many people I could recognise
on that panel sitting and facing the reporters.
My son , asked me how I could know who is Hamas
and who is Fatah ??
I replied to him that it is very elementarily simple :
Those with a tie , well shaved and a nice suit
above 700 Dollars are from Fatah..
and those with a beard , no tie and a cheap suit
are from Hamas.
My son asked me also if the the Hamas delegates
used the Tunnels of Gaza , to reach Cairo,
and if Fatah people flew in a private jet ?? .
( I think that in a couple of years from now,
my son will start also writing)
I smiled , and told him that he is starting to understand
the difference between a Militant-party
and a well-fed-marionettes-party.
Again , please watch the above photos and
you shall understand , who is who.
Sherlock Hommos
my suits are from Boss ,
but I am for Hamas !!
27 Feb 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] Is treason the way to peace ???

2009-02-27 Thread raja chemayel


At the top Mafia meeting ,
only Abbas is missing !!
Today Hamas has accused some of Al Fatah elements
of having passed on military information about Gaza
onto their leaders in Ramallah , who in turn have passed
them onto Israel's army
If this news is correct the Lords of Ramallah
would have gone ,again, too far.
If this news is incorrect,
then Hamas would have gone too far.
I am ashamed to believe only one side,
and my experience in Beirut of the 80's
does not allow me to doubt such accusations.
In 17 years of civil-war  I did not see a direct-clash
between Al Fatah and the Phalanges...or any other fascists.
Even Camill Chamoun's life was saved by Yasser Arafat !!
More over,  Al Fatah are on the same line
with  , (Hosny) Mubarak, (Ehud) Barrack and Barack (Obama) .
Raja Chemayel
24 Feb.2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] Two sides , one Truth

2009-02-27 Thread raja chemayel


a man and his identity

One must make a difference between
a wounded- invader and his victims .
One must differentiate between
a war of national-liberation
and any other wars.
One must separate the legal violence ,
from a list of all  other violence's.
One must distinguish between
a bullet shot at the oppressors
and the bullet of the oppressor.
One must accept the price of liberation
and refuse any reward for the occupiers
One must worship the truth
and curse the fake and the impostors.
One must accept a defeat
as an incentive to get better
and not celebrate a victory
unless it is final..
One must realise that Palestinians
are trying to repossess their homeland
and that the Israelis are simply
expanding a stolen-land.
Raja Chemayel
25 Feb.2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] The two states solution , is no solution !

2009-02-26 Thread raja chemayel


The French-Resistance,
did not negociate for Peace.

Some are planing and promoting
The Two States Solution :
1- the State of Israel
side by side with,
2- the Occupied and castrated State of Palestine

Some are for the One State Solution
which will be either
1- Israel without any Palestinians
2- Palestine re-liberated and sovereign

Personally , I am for the Arab State of Palestine
where , who ever is not an Arab , nor does he feel as such,
may go back to where he came from !!!

In case ,a non-Arab accepts and respects
the Palestinian-sovereignty over Palestine ,
he or she may stay..
like in South Africa or in today's Hong Kong ,
or Algeria after the liberation
or Egypt after Nasser.

In the meantime , any peace-negociations have
only made the Arabs to loose their time
and made the State of Israel gain some roots on our soil...
Therefore ,
please,  pick up a Kalashnikov  and then ,
join Hamas , DFLP, PFLP or Hezbollah
and see how close you come to Peace, after the Liberation.
Raja Chemayel
Peace comes after a Victory !!


Bismillah [IslamCity] If ever Hosny leaves....!!!

2009-02-25 Thread raja chemayel

one Pharaoh too much !!

President Hosny Mubarak has been as president
for even longer a period than some Kings ever stayed in power.

If ever he
 leaves the power in a coffin , please be sure than he is not mummified...
because enough is enough !! . KIFAYA !!

Should he leave his Presidential Job alive ,by any chance,
then you can build a Pyramid to his memory and bury him therebut 
un-mummified !! please.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

KIFAYA is arabic for enough


Bismillah [IslamCity] the uninvited invaders......

2009-02-24 Thread raja chemayel

If you were an Afghan-person
and you wanted , 20 years ago,
to get rid of the Soviet-Armies .
The CIA and the Saudi Royals
would give you weapons and money
and they would call you  Moujahed .
Today , if you want to get rid
of the USA , UK and NATO , armies
in that same Afghanistan ,
nobody gives you money nor weapons
and everybody shall call you  Terrorist 
If Soviet- soldiers  were (1980)  invaders 
what are ,today , the American  NATO  soldiers   ??
At least the Soviet-Russians came in
by an invitation issued by the Afghan-Government..
But who did invite NATO and the USA ??
Sherlock Hommos , PhD
antropologist  historologist  sarcasmologist


Bismillah [IslamCity] Announcement by the THUGS

2009-02-22 Thread raja chemayel

Terrorists Holding Unilaterally Gilat Shalit
Head Quarters-office
under the rubbles of Gaza-City
3rd. street left to the 2nd. Avenue
behind all the burned school
Gazza the liberated
February 18Th 2009

of delay
we regret to announce an unforeseen delay in releasing
that mini-War-Criminal-Israeli-soldier
Mr. Gilad Shalit ,
in exchange for
hundreds of innocent-Palestinian-hostages.
the circumstances of this delay
are beyond our control
and yet we ask for apologies.
It came to our attention that Mr. Gilad Shalit
has been hit by some Phosphoric bombs
thrown at us by some barbaric-army , lately .
Gilad is been treated now to cure his 
but the delay is actually to be blamed on
the Regime of Mubarak which is not allowing
the medicament's to enter at the borders,
so we are using the tunnels , which takes longer
and of course , cost us more.
As soon as those medicament's will reach us
and as soon as Olmert will be ready to talk
to smaller Terrorists , than he actualy is ,
we shall, naturally and immediately release Gilat Shalit
Signed :
The rightful Terrorists
defending their own country
from the bigger-unrightful-Terrorists


Bismillah [IslamCity] A Clown too far.....

2009-02-18 Thread raja chemayel

The Dutch Parliamentarian who has done
his utmost to insult Islam Mr. Geert Wilders ,
has been denied entry to the UK .
Her Majesty's Interior Ministry (Home-Office)
found out that his presence on UK soil would not
promote the harmony between the religions within the UK  ..
was the official-stand-point.
But I think , that the UK has enough active clowns
and besides that , clowns are supposed to be funny
and not simply our Wilders .
As far as the Dutch society in general ,
we have laughed at Wilders more than enough..
My favourite group here in the Netherlands was even
reluctant to sue him at Court for Defamation and hatred,
but others have done it .
Personally , I fear not Wilders ,
because he cannot insult Islam
and more over , I expect a clown to be , at least, funny  !!
Therefore , I will not even call him  Clown
Raja Chemayel
in the city on the Amstel
were tolerance is the rulenot a perception.
NB :
Humour is to say the truth in an idiotic way
Humour is the say an idiocy , intelligently.


Bismillah [IslamCity] The wrong-half of the Lebanon

2009-02-17 Thread raja chemayel

While ,
the truth-seekers are not allowed to cross over to Gaza
the Truth itself is still imprisoned inside Gaza.
While ,
fascism is growing ever so rapidly in Israel
the neo-fascist may form a coalition-government
with the extreme-fascists  but without the pseudo-fascists.
While the wrong-half-of-Lebanon commemorates
the death of Rafik el Harriri , the speakers were :
1- his own son who is simultaneously the step-son of King Fahd
    and whose Godfather is Monsieur Jacques Chirac
2- An ex-President who has elected on the back of Israeli-Tanks
3- A Feudal-Druze-War-Lord who claims who claims to be a socialist
    because his father was one.
4- A Christian-War-Lord who was trained and armed by Israel
    who has killed more Christians than Muslims.
5- Another Christian leader whose father was on the payroll of MI6
    and whose bother was slaughtered (1981) by the Christian-War-Lord
    mentioned here-above (Nr. 4)
    and whose father was saved by the US Marines-fleet (1958)
    and Arafat's Helicopter has saved the same father ( 1977 )
6- Speakers Nr. 4 and Nr. 3 have done nothing else but than waging
    personal-sectarian-wars against each other , 17 years long
    one of them occupied my home town and later, the second ,
    slaughtered its inhabitants.
And the irony and the masquerade is that
this group calls itself
the Cedar Revolution and or the Future
as if the Future is theirs only
and as if the Cedar was also bought by the Harriri Clan...
I prefer that someone else to teach us
about democracy and Mahmoud Abbas
or Husny Mubarak...for example !!
Raja Chemayel
PS :
345.886 persons have attended that rally in Beirut
which amounts to  one million  according to this Future-clan


Bismillah [IslamCity] The right to resist

2009-02-12 Thread raja chemayel
our American-brother ,
Geronimo !!
the Palestinian from America

Omar al
hanged by Mussolini
before our Italian-brothers
have hanged Mussolini ,himself.
our French-Sisters.
they hanged the Mussolini's-friends
in France

he fucked
Washington and the Pentagon
and before that
he even fucked the colonial-France.

Israel claims that it has:
the right to
and we say that ,
Palestine has, consequently:
the full right to resist.

If Israel did not exist ,
then we would not have had to resist .

If,  to resist  one has to practise
the so-called Terrorism
then we reply that Israel's existence

 is , by itself,   an aggression .

if they want us not to resist
then ,they must pack their luggage's
and go back to Kiev,
to Warsaw, Brooklyn and to Vilnius.

In the mean time ,
we are here at home
defending our olive-trees
and we shall resist !!

Peace will come,
after   , Israel leaves !!
peacefuly or otherwise..

Raja , ben Ibrahim , ben Khalil,  Al Chemayel
Tuesday 10Th of Feb.09


Bismillah [IslamCity] The right to exist ....???

2009-02-11 Thread raja chemayel

hyena's have any the right to exist ??

termites have the same right to exist ?

what about those young Hyena's ??



Bismillah [IslamCity] An extremely short description

2009-02-10 Thread raja chemayel

Ben Heine

The State of Israel is a parasite-state
build completely on stolen-Palestinian-soil,
thanks to all the colonial-powers
and is now living totally
on USA's subventions.

Sherlock Hommos
Saturday 7 Feb.2009

PS :
it is now the week-end  ,
and my house is full of visitors
so I have no time to write more,
if by Monday-morning , I might find
another description of Israel
I shall
 let you know .
Otherwise, consider description as this final !


Bismillah [IslamCity] Jericho and Joshua and the Walls of Jericho

2009-02-09 Thread raja chemayel

Yesterday on National Geographic Channel
was an interesting historical-biblical-documentary.

It seems that when Joshua was playing loudly
his trumpets outside the city Jericho...
Jericho was not build ,yet.

And 280 years later ,
when Jericho was finally built ,
it has never had any
 walls !!!

So what do we learn here ??

1- Joshua and Jericho never met .

2- there were no Walls
 outside Jericho-city

3- the Old-Testament,  the  Torah
     is a very inaccurate-propaganda-book .

Thank you ! National Geographic Channel !!

Raja Chemayel
Sherlock Hommos
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom


Bismillah [IslamCity] Gazza and its neighbors

2009-02-08 Thread raja chemayel

why do Gazzeans  run away ??
is somebody doing an ethnic-cleansing , perhaps ??

How come the people of Gazza
always like to bomb the Israeli towns on its borders ??

There are 2 possibilities :

Either it is so that Gazza-people are criminals .

Or, simply because the People of Gazza
are engaged in a war of
whereas the Israelis are their

How come
 the Israels keep on bombing Gazza
if not strangling it  , or starving it ??

There are here also 2 possibilities :

Either the Israelis are criminals.

or simply the Israelis are colonialist
engaged in an ethnic-cleansing
whereas they are stealing more land.

Any other suggestions ? 
other accusations ?  other analyses may-be ?,
and or other descriptions ??? ... are welcome

Until then ,
I say that Gazza  has all the rights to fight
as well as, any other Palestinian provinces.
or any other occupied people in the world.

Raja Chemayel
04 Feb.09

PS :

Two years ago,  I sarcastically wrote that Israel was withdrawing from Gazza , 
only for to be able to nuke it.
I was (partly) wrong ,
because Israel did not nuke Gazza , after all ,
it has only dropped Phosphoric (+ Cluster) bombs !!!

Phosphore burns
just like a Nuclear-bomb !


Bismillah [IslamCity] Not all Israelis....

2009-02-05 Thread raja chemayel

Not all Israelis..look this way.
others simply drive a Tank
or a Bulldozer

Not all Israelis ,
murderers and occupiers ,
most of them are
only occupiers !!

Raja   Che   mayel
First of Feb.2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] The unequal Rockets.....of enequal victims

2009-02-04 Thread raja chemayel

If a Muslim Imam were standing here ,
it would be called religious-fanaticism
Imagine 2 rockets,
one goes up from Sederot and lands in Gaza-city
and the second Rocket goes up in Gaza
and does the opposite .
First we shall notice that the first Rocket
was faster and strongerand most of all
it was more modern thus more efficient,
thus doing more damages...
The second Rocket was inferior on all counts
and consequently it did much less damages.
The Human dimension to this short story
is more relevant than the technical one.
Because the old-inhabitants of Sederot 
were thrown out in 1948 and have had
to resettle in the crowded Gaza , as refugees
withing a walking distance from their evacuated homes,
making room for a new invader who later became
the occupier and the oppressor and the colonial-power.
The Political dimension is also much relevant
although actually it is the most absurd:
Because the inhabitants of Sederot whose real name was Najd
are accusing the inhabitants of Gaza-City of Terrorism
while reminding the World of that Holocaust
which happened (or not) by the hands of others than Palestinians
but rather by those who have declared at EU headquarters 
that Hamas is a terrorist organisation
The symbol remains as a hand-made-rocket
shot at the oppressors , while facing a High-Tech-Rocket
dumped on the victims.
There is a lot of inequality on this Planet
so why should all Rockets be equal ??
and why are the victims also unequal ?
There it is :
The Perpetrator occupies the home of his victim
and is shooting at the victim's refuge with
a better Rocket.
and the victim ??well , he is only the Terrorist !
Raja Chemayel
on the side of the victim
 PS :
Yesterday in Davos,
Simon Perez called those victims as Terrorists
and the Turkish Prime minister offered him a Mirror.


Bismillah [IslamCity] Honesty.....impartiality and equal-treatment

2009-02-02 Thread raja chemayel
it happened before...
it may happen again !!!

How about sending
Ismail Hannyah and Ehud Olmert
to an International Criminal Court House ??

Each one will face the criminal-charges,
to be filed, by the other party:
1- one shall be charged with Terrorism for the cause of a Liberation
2- the second will be charged with Genocide for the cause of  an 

And whereas this Court
shall punish each of them
for what they will be eventually found guilty of ,
irrevocably, immediately ,unconditionally
unambiguously and without appeal .

If any of the accused thinks
that he might be innocent
then he should not refuse this Court !!

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
World Association for equal-treatments



Bismillah [IslamCity] The Totalitarian-Terrorists and the phosphoric-immunity

2009-01-30 Thread raja chemayel
Mr. Truth

The Totalitarian-Terrorists
the Phosphoric-Immunity

Mark Regev the
declared to the Media that
 unreliable , inaccurate and bias's   unquote

The reason Regev has given is,  that Hamas
shall take revenge on them , if and when they
would say anything negative about Hamas.
Concluding that Hamas is not only a Terror-Organisation
but it were also a Totalitarian-Organisation.

His conclusion is that all the reports about the atrocities
and the Genocide are non-reliable
and that Israel itself is conducting its own investigation !!

This means that an Israeli Colonel shall investigate
with his own Israeli-Pilot ,  if the Phosphoric-Bomb
which was transported in the F.16 plane
was dropped on a Palestinian-school .or it
was returned back to the air-base 
 ?? unused !!

In other words , Israel wants to wait until it
concludes its own investigation before answering
to the world's media accusations.

In the meantime  and concertedly
Ehud Olmert has issued a general immunity decree
covering all Israli-military-personel

Just in case the World is not wrong ,
and Israel might not be innocent.

Sherlock Hommos , P.Hd

PS :
Mr. Regev has also declared that :
Those weapons are legal , because NATO
and Democratic-countries , has them too .

Not even Richard Nixon could come up

with such an argument 


Bismillah [IslamCity] Let us clean our own houses first !!

2009-01-29 Thread raja chemayel
Some of , 
the garbage of the Arabs !!

It is my wish , my hope and my dream as well,
to see the Israeli Government
 standing in front of
an International -War-
 Crime -Court.

But should we not start first by judging
our own clowns and leaders ???

At least the Israelis are doing it for
a Criminal-national-expansionism-robbery
for which their voters will forgive them , for it .

But those Arab (and Palestinian) Leaders
are doing it out of
for which no voter gave them any mandate !!

How , why, when and where ,
any such treason can remain unpunished ???

Abbas is no more a President ,in office,
Mubarak never lost any election
both Kings
 Abdullah (1+2) never were elected
while Islam does not even allow the function of a

So let us clean our own houses first !!
and  judge our oppressors !!
the local first and then the foreign !!

At least, my Beirut is half-cleaned , by now,
and we are working on the rest of it..

Raja Chemayel


Bismillah [IslamCity] The Tunnels of Gazza------Nominate for OSCAR !!!

2009-01-28 Thread raja chemayel


 Great non-Escape

The IDF has found the plans to the  Gazza-Tunnels
in which
heroism was smuggled out of Gaza ,
into Egypt .

and here is a photo of a major suspect
believed to be Mr. Ismael Hanniyah
who has, obviously, lost weight ,here
due to the blockade on Gazza
and has now
 grown a beard.

here are some of the
 Hamas Terrorists
 their next bombing of
innocent- Israeli-civilians

the new
 UN-reconstruction's plans
for the Rafah-Border-Crossing

The Chief Prison's guard
the moustache , here,  is a fake
but the uniform is real

The Prison's nurse
( still a virgin!! )

she falls in love with
Steve Mac.Hanniyah's rat
at the end of the
but that rat doesn't want her
so it marries Abbas !!

The End

Tickets on Sales
at nearest US-Embassy !!

Nominated for 5 Oscars !!

Best Massacre
Best co-production 
Best reporters-absence
Best real-time-genocide
Best original-scenario

parental-guidance required


Bismillah [IslamCity] Ben Biden !! for 156 Millions !!

2009-01-26 Thread raja chemayel

will cost
156 million Dollars 
in a country with a very deep
economical and financial crisis.

not for
Ossama Ben Laden

but for
Obbama Ben Biden !!
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom 
one hour before the swearing-in
and 59 minutes before the loss of George !!




Bismillah [IslamCity] The wedding without a Bride

2009-01-22 Thread raja chemayel
An hour ago , I was watching Olmert
announcing his unilateral cease fire.

I shall not give you my opinion on Olmert
nor on his regime nor on his ideology
butthis man said
 tonight :
 Gazzeans are not our enemies.
and we have nothing against Gazza .unquote

1257 Dead out of which are 540 children
5147 Wounded
according Mr. Regev , the Israeli Gov. spokesman
must also be attributed to Hamas' negligence
or ammunition exploding everywhere...

So , tonight before I go to sleep , I found out  :
1- Olmert does not hate Gaza
2- The dead and wounded are because of Hamas
3- Olmert thanked Ehud Barrack and Hosny Mubarak
    equally and simultaneously they both made a wonderful Job
    Olmert said
4- Mubarak and Sarkozy agreed
5- Tony Blair and Mubarak agreed
6- Condolisa Rice and Livny agreed
7- Italy , France, Germany and others agreed to come Sunday
    to visit Hosny Mubarak's hide out in Sharm el Sheikh

but nobody asked Hamas' opinion !!!
it is like a wedding but without the bride !!

Good night humanityI going to sleep

23.10 hrs on 17Th of Jan 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] The 10 propositions .

2009-01-22 Thread raja chemayel

 by Ben Heine
How to get rid of the State of Israel ??
the 10 propositions :
1- take Israel to an International Court to declare it an illegal-State
2- revoke and cancel the UN resolution which created it originally
3- sit at home and pray for God to do it for you
4- convince The USA and the Europeans to stop their blind-support
5- Drop an Atom bomb on it , while risking to kill simultaneously
more Palestinians in and around it, than Israelis.
6- Convince all the Jews that they are no more the chosen-people
    and they never were.
7- Convince the Jews that the promise was fulfilled 2000 years ago,already.
8- Go back home and wait for a Miracle .
9- Beleive blindly in the good-intentions of the USA and other Imperialists..
10- Pick up a Gun and join Hamas or Hezbollah or PFLO or DFLP.
Make your choice ,
nobody is rushing you nor obliging you for anything
you may even choose Nr. 8...
but get off my way !!
Raja Chemayel
Sunday afternoon 18.01.09


Bismillah [IslamCity] if it were a Beauty contest.....

2009-01-19 Thread raja chemayel

If this war were a
we would have won !!!
long time ago.


Bismillah [IslamCity] A song for Gaza

2009-01-18 Thread raja chemayel
A song for Gaza



Bismillah [IslamCity] there could only be one US President at the same time

2009-01-14 Thread raja chemayel
Can you tell any difference ???

Recently I wrote a short note
asking whether it could get worse ?? in Gaza.

As a matter of fact , it could get worse !!

Because Obama often said :
there could only be one US President at the same time

Can you
 imagine the World , and indeed Gazza too ,
with two US Presidents ???
it would be like the Warsaw-Ghetto but then ,with two Adolfs
it will be like Massada but with two Roman armies !!
it will be like a marriage but with two mother-in-law !!
it will be like the Titanic but with two Ice-bergs !!
it will be like Adam and Eve but with two snakes !!

Raja Chemayel
Sabbath the  10Th. of January 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] How worse could it get ?????

2009-01-13 Thread raja chemayel

The Czech-Prince
and the Ugly-Frog

How could it get worse ??

Gazzeans are exiled since 1948
in 1956
 they got occupied
so they became exiled and occupied
until 2005 when they became
exiled ,  but imprisoned and starved.

Since 20 days they are ,
invaded and massacred.

Then comes Mahmoud Abbas
who denied them their democratic rights
and now jumps to New York
pretending to represent them

Then comes a Hungarian-Jew
being now a pro-Zionist-French-President
trying to negotiate a peace
 with Hamas nor with Israel ,
with an Egyptian-castrated-president
 Hamas refused him as mediator.

And the EU Foreign Minister (a Czech Prince)
representing the whole of Europe
while the French-President-Hungarian-Jew
and his Jewish-French-foreign-minister
have stolen the show away from him .

Last and not least , there is Tony Blair
with a quartet who never played
 any tune
nor played any concrete role , nor even rehearsed.
Tony Blair is the worse of worse , where even
 UK-Labour Party does not want him back.

How worse could it get ??

All went to the UN Security Council to hear
with their own ears , that the USA shall veto
anything against (or even blaming ) Israel .

It is like saving the life of a Lamb ,
only to deliver it  , to the butcher...

And to top it all
Mr. Amr Moussa of the Arab League went
also to New York , to profit
 of the Winter-Sales
at the 5Th. Avenue shops.

Palestinian blood became so cheap
and Humanity is left in the hands of barbarians,
hypocrites and impotents .

Raja Chemayel
8Th of Jan.2009

Visit my Blog before President Sarkozy does.


Bismillah [IslamCity] Gazza is Palestine

2009-01-13 Thread raja chemayel

Drawing by Ben Heine

Lately and especially because of what is happening
in Gazza , I read many people reminding us that :
 Gazza is Palestine
as if we would like to separate Gazza from Palestine.

May I tell you , what I personally think and feel
for Gazza which is part of Palestine ,
and is not Palestine, of course.

To start , allow me to differentiate ,
because there are :
1-Palestine in Exile
2-Palestine the Occupied
3- Palestine the Stolen. (so called Israel)

What makes Gazza so special was the fact
that until a week ago Gazza was the only part
of Palestine which was liberated ( although besieged )

So ,when people like me, we praised and defended Gazza
it was the symbol to the things to come , namely,
the liberation of the whole of Palestine ,
liberated from Zionism and from the corruption of Fatah .

This made Gazza so special and so idyllic
in my eyes and probably for others too.

Of course Gazza is Palestine ,
and Baghdad and Beirut are also Palestine  ,too.

Cairo is Palestine too , but occupied by Mubarak's mafia clan
Amman is Palestine under the boots of a non-Jordanian-King
and .the list is long.

But Gazza is different , Gazza was free
until a week ago..and that is the difference. many places or cities or provinces or countries are free ,
today in the Arab World ??

Raja Chemayel
a Gazzean because I am an Arab.


Bismillah [IslamCity] If and when ??

2009-01-12 Thread raja chemayel

Gazza won't save him !! 

If and when ,
Israel is really wining  this war on Gaza
1- Why Journalist are not allowed to watch and to report ??
2- Why Israel is recruiting another additional 2000 reservists ??
3- Why Israel needs 18 days to re-conquer its own-starved-Prison ??

Hamas is not claiming (yet) any victory
instead, Hamas refuses any cease-fire !!

You may draw your own conclusions .
or follow your wishful thinking..
just like me  !


Gazza is the bridge 
toward the Liberation

PS :
If and when Tony Blair wants
a cease-fire
he should not worry !!
Murarak and Sarcozy 
will not shoot at each other .
 Unless .
Hamas has Weapons of Mass Destruction 
send to them by President Saddaam
and Sarcozy wants them back to France.

If and when
Israel is not aiming at Civilians in Gaza
how come 85% of the dead-victims are civilians
and 97% of the wounded are Gazza-civilians ??

If and when Israeli-Occupation is not a theft
then what is it ??

If and when Israel is not a crime,by itself,
then what is it ??

If and and when Zionism is not racism plus colonialism
then what is it ??

If and when Israel shall not achive any victory
would that not be a defeat ??


Bismillah [IslamCity] Israel boms a error

2009-01-11 Thread raja chemayel


least 30 people, including children, were killed in an Israeli air
strike on a United Nations-run school in the Gaza Strip, according to
Palestinian medical sources.

Palestinian families across Gaza have fled their homes for UN-run
schools and shelters, as Israel's military operation in Gaza reached
its 11th day.
ity: hidden; text-align: center; id=picGalleryNoScript_2

Israeli forces earlier refocused attacks in the Gaza Strip to 
include the southern town of Khan Younis.

itants on 6 January 2009. id=picture_3 width=466 

and Islamic Jihad said their fighters had engaged Israeli soldiers with
machine-guns and rockets in Gaza City, where residents reported loud
explosions and heavy gunfire.

Plumes of smoke rose above the territory as Israeli infantry, 
supported by helicopters and tanks, clashed with Hamas militants.

A tankand a school !!

The Israeli-army bombs a school in Gaza
40 dead and 200 wounded !

Are you
 surprised ??
Is it the first time , ever ??
what else does, such an army ??
did you ever except anything better ??
or anything else from Israel.

I know a place in Qana (Lebanon)
where it was bombed twice
and in both times ,
it was called  
 an error 

Should you ask me , I would say :
that the establishment of Israel
was an error 
and ,more precisely,it was
 a crime !!

this is the link where the Israeli spokesman
calls it self defence (against a school  !! )
partly he says the investigation is not over
and partly ,
 he accuses the school of harbouring Hamas-fighters

Raja Chemayel


Bismillah [IslamCity] Which country...... ??

2009-01-10 Thread raja chemayel
this is not Gaza.

The Israeli spokespersons are repeating
this sentence which is also repeated automatically
by a dozen of European political parrots :
 which country in the world would accept being
bombarded by missiles like we were,
and would not also respond...?unquote

May I ask those  all so clever-brains:

 Which country in the world is occupying
another country
 Which country in the world is occupying
another country  ,for 60 years??
Which country in the world is occupying
another country for sixty years , and is starving
for the last 26 months ??
Which country in the world is occupying

another country for sixty years ,
and is starving it , for the last 26 months ??
and would be, today ,complaining for being attacked !  

I see Great-Britain occupying Gibraltar
but not starving it, therefore the Gibraltarians
are not complaining nor shooting any rockets.

Thus ,  Israel is worse than Great-Britain
therefore, the Gibraltarians are more peaceful
than the Gazzeans ..

So may I suggest that all the Israelis move to Gibraltar

Sherlock Hommos
Gibraltarian real-estate-developer
sixth day of January 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] An israeli civilian

2009-01-09 Thread raja chemayel

Major Avitar
spokeswoman for the Israeli

The spokeswoman of Israeli Ministry of defence
was explaining to  the BBC, why some civilians
in Gaza are being targeted ??
she said :
when those civilians are stoking in their home-cellars
rockets and missiles for Hamas, we cannot consider them
as being civilians anymore ..I am also a civilian and I do not
have missiles and rockets  hiding in home -cellar.. ..unquote

I saw this lady on the TV ,
(and not being myself a blind person) ,
I saw her wearing a  military-uniform ( of a Major)
while officially representing a ministry of defence.
And to be more
 precise , a ministry of defence
of an aggressing-country that did not do anything else
than aggression and occupation the last 60 years.

This lady claims now  to be now a civilian ,
and that , therefore , she has no missiles in her cellar at home
(because , most probably she has those missiles in her office).

The Conclusion :

an Israeli,  wearing his or her  military uniform
while being interviewed by TV cameras (and not by a radio)
and claiming that she or he
 is a civilian,   must be believed...!!!.

(Indeed , in that case , such a clown does really represent Israel !!)

Sherlock Hommos
( I never lie while telling a truth )

NB :
this Lady Major was on BBC-World TV News
on 03. Jan 2008 interviewed Luise Ducet
at 20.00 hrs.


Bismillah [IslamCity] El Raiiss and El Sayyed

2009-01-07 Thread raja chemayel

 El Sayyed  El Raiiss
When I was a child living in Beirut
there was a Giant living in Cairo
when he roared by the Nile
we, under the Cedars ,
went down the streets to demonstrate.
That Giant has had more to say in Beirut
than any Lebanese politician could or would .
We called him El Raiiss   ( the Chief )
Today Beirut is still in the Lebanon
and Cairo is still by the Nile.
But now when in Beirut , El Sayyed roars,
Cairo goes down the streets to demonstrate,
without asking any permission from the Pharaoh of Cairo.
Nothings has changed ,
El Raiiss and El Sayyed are the same blessing.
And we all know that Arabs are not united
but at least Arabs are  , one People !!
The Israelis are 11 peoples , but are united.
nevertheless that does not make them a people
but rather pirates coming from different nationalities
and different cultures and different races.
 What unites the Israelis is their greed
and their criminal-mythical-obsession to steal Palestine .
Let us repossess our Palestine
and then the Israelis will go back to Europe and the USA ,
as just Jews.
Gazza is not the solution ,
nor is Gaza the problem ,
today nor ever.

Gaza is simply today's Chosen Victims
because they are Palestinians
because they are Arabs
because they said ''No'' to Zionism .
Arabs are not perfect , maybe..
but we are the Truth , the legal and natural-inheriting-people of the Land
and most of all , we are the victims of an aggression which came upon us
from outside.whether this justifies ''our terrorism''  or not !!
I loved El Raiiss ,
my son loves El Sayyed
and both love God  and our Palestine .
The way to Jerusalem starts in Gaza !!!
Are we ready ??
 Raja Chemayel
 Saturday 3rd of January 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] The road to Gaza

2009-01-06 Thread raja chemayel


who does still need any enemies ?
The road to Gaza passes by Cairo
The tunnels towards liberation
start in Gaza .
Beirut has its (our) Sayyed
ready like a lion
Damascus has its Lion
waiting to be called Sayyed .
Riyadh and Kuwait have
rich-Camels riding on selfish-Bedouins
and Rabat is not better,,,
The roads to Gaza leads us to Jerusalem
Jerusalem is sold by Abbas
If Baghdad were still standing on its feet
Gaza would not be attacked, today.
The destruction of Gaza started
by the hanging of President Saddam
and the Pharaoh of Cairo knows that,
so he closed his eyes
and his doors.
Raja Chemayel
the third day in 2008
the third day of 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] Next Year in Jerusalem

2009-01-05 Thread raja chemayel

One religion , we all know, used to wish to itself,
to be in Jerusalem
So each year , at the new-year's-day
they  used the slogan :
Next year in Jerusalem !!
Since 1967 , my friends and family
we say the same slogan , ironically.and with bitterness :
Next Year in Jerusalem !!
This year I say :
Next Year in (the disinfected) Jerusalem !!
The irony remains that when we were inside Jerusalem
they were not forbidden to enter in.
but now that they are inside Jerusalem ,
we are completely out of it .
( we need a special-permission to spend the Christmas-eve
with our uncle or aunt ,in Jerusalem , who need a permission
to add a floor to their existing housein Jerusalem ,
and who do not get it  , even ) 
If we are terrorists today , it is because we copied them
and if we were to become , also, supporters of an Apartheid
it is also because of them.
Raja Chemayel
my first in 2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] The fireworks of Gaza

2009-01-05 Thread raja chemayel

   NO !!    This is not Gaza.
My 14 years old son and I decided
not spend money on the fireworks this year,
we shall shall grant this money 
to any Gaza-based humanitarian-organisation.
Needles to say that no Gazzean father has the money
to buy fireworks for his children , even if they were available.
A Gaza -father must first find food and water and medicament's.
Later he must look for bread and freedom,
for water and liberation
for clothes and education
for dignity and Independence.
Abbas took away his democratic choice
Rice took away his democratic government
Olmert took away everything else.
Husny Mubarak took away his oxygen
No new-year-celebrations in Gaza, but a lot of fireworks: 
From the Quassam rockets that takes 3 kilos of fear
towards the oppressors
and from the Israeli-rockets which bring 350 kilos
of high-explosives-death paid by the USA
and delivered by Zionism .
The Sky is lit over Gaza
the explosions are free and numerous
the fireworks are free but deadly.
While death is so cheap !!
Gazzeans do not care what year it is ,
2009 follows another rotten year .
since 60 years.
When God supposedly offered Palestine to Abraham
did God ask Abraham to bring along the Russians and Polish
and Lithuanians and the Romanians too.
Abraham was an Iraqi from Uur...
and Simon Perez is the Devil from Poland.
 No Peace , no Justice , no Mercy in Gaza
just a lot of Fireworks !!!
Raja Chemayel
the last hours of 2008on Planet  Injustice


Bismillah [IslamCity] not all victims bleed.....

2009-01-04 Thread raja chemayel
An Israeli-victim...where is the blood ???
and also why then ,
 even the ambulance  too ?? (far right)

When Gaza was respecting a
 six months
Israel was still holding its 24 months starvation-siege , non-stop.

When ships were carrying fresh weapons to Israel
food-and-medicament's bound to Gaza were prohibited .

When Israel was selling mini-nuclear-electrical-plants abroad
Gaza children were doing their
 home-work using a candle light.

When Gaza people had to smuggle their Aspirin and their anti-biotics
Israel was milking Wall-Streetand forbidding Baby-Milk to Gaza

When the Raffah border passage to Egypt was closed
the Cairo Palaces opened their doors to Abbas and to Livni .

When an Israeli-official is being
 ,live on TV,
always and simultaniously one Quassam Rockets
lands (safely) behind (or near) him.
and never on his head ?? !!
what a divine  coincidence !!

Raja Chemayel


Bismillah [IslamCity] why Gaza and why now ??

2009-01-04 Thread raja chemayel

 the devil and the devil's advocate.
Gazza is not the solution ,
nor is Gazza the problem , today nor ever.

Gazza is simply today's Chosen-Victim
because they are all Palestinians
because they are Arabs
because they said ''No'' to Zionism
On a bicycle,  you could cross Gazza
from South to North ,in 3 hours,only
and from East to the sea (west) in 25 minutes.
In a Helicopter ,
once you rise up to 150 meters
you can see the other end of Gazza.
Gazza is the biggest-starved-prison
in the World
and thus it could never be a threat  to anyone.
Except , being a threat to the human-consciences.
Israel is not re-invading Gazza
''for its own safety''
but rather , it does it again
just to delay any future-Peace-settlement
for another decade.
Or even just to delay
any future-peace-negotiations
for another decade.
Israel is only buying for itself time,
in the absence any future prospects.
the state of Israel has burned out !!
and Gazza pays now the price .
Raja Chemayel
Jan. 4th.2009


Bismillah [IslamCity] when the Truth is in the hands of liars

2009-01-04 Thread raja chemayel

Israel is claiming that it is avoiding civilians..
then, how could they bomb any place which does not have an army??
Like Gazza for example which has no army and hardly any police force.

Have a look

it is when Israel bombed 5 civilians and even showed us that bombing-film
on the TV and claimed that they were Hamas soldiers firing rockets...

It seems that they were never Hamas people and even less being any soldiers.

One more lie 



Bismillah [IslamCity] The Gaza massacres and the political masquerade

2009-01-02 Thread raja chemayel


The Gaza massacres
and the political masquerade.
Let us note , please,
for the record:
1-Mahmoud Abbas is getting rid of his legal-opposition
2-Husny Mubarak is getting rid of his annoying neighbour
3-Ehud Olmert is getting rid of his revolting-hostages
4-Obama is getting rid of a symbolic-wound to his conscience
5-Gazzeans are getting rid of their miseries,anyway they can.
Raja Chemayel
the second day in 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] exactly the same Afghanistan

2009-01-02 Thread raja chemayel
Two helicopters but one

Why was is right and legal and normal and necessary
then to chase the Red Army out of Afghanistan,
thanks to the CIA , to the Saudi Royal Family
and to the fundamentalist-Muslim-volunteers

And it is not right nor legal nor necessary
to chase out the US and UK  armies today .
out of that same Afghanistan ???
and with the same Muslim-ffundamentalists...???

Did it  not occur to anyone  ,
that the Soviet Red Army  was also making
 a war
 the same  ,so called ,  Terrorists and
and everything -else that the West does not like ???

The Soviet Red Army was called: the infidels
so what should we call the US and UK. :
 the pig-eaters   maybe ??

Something is wrong here
because it is exactly the same Afghanistan .

Something is wrong here
because the Soviet forbid the Opio nn trade
but the US and UK could not 

Something is wrong here
Moscow has
 no more a dictator , anymore
and  Washington has an elected-dictator.
while the Muslim-fundamentalists are the same !!!

Raja Chemayel
looking for the way to Bethlehem


Bismillah [IslamCity] The Man without any religion

2009-01-02 Thread raja chemayel

The man without religion

The man who stole 50 billion Dollars
(which are five thousand millions dollars)
is of a certain religion which we cannot criticise
otherwise we shall be labelled as being Anti-Semite.

So , 
let us assume that this thief were without any religion
but then comes another delicate question :
to which country ?? did he transfer a large part of his lute ???
We could name that
 State  but then we shall be reminded
that all  the Holocaust-survivors went to that  State
No it is  not Florida !!!...

NO !!! that other country..  the one full of Semite-Palestinian
who became now , Refugee-Semite-Palestinians

Yes !!  indeed ...
the Only Democracy occupying a third country.

Never mind !
Sarcasm will lead us no where.

So,  do not mention Mr. Madoff jewish-religion
nor do you ever dare to mention the State of Israel...
keep it as a secret.just like I do .

And by the way ,
Mr. Madoff would have also transfered part of the 50 Billions
to Gazabut unfortunately. Gaza is under a siege !!!
so it all went to one place , only.

Sherlock Hommos
financial inspector


Bismillah [IslamCity] Israeli's logic....and Raja's comments

2009-01-01 Thread raja chemayel

simply ,
because I agree !!


Bismillah [IslamCity] To lie or not to lie !!

2008-12-31 Thread raja chemayel

This is a football club 
getting ready for a picnic , in Alaska.

casualties include both Hamas members and civilians. More than 1,000
people have been wounded and there have been some 360 fatalities.

humanitarian officials criticised Israel for bombing heavily populated
areas in Gaza where civilians would inevitably suffer. Israel accused
Hamas of hiding among civilians.

medical cases have been taken to the Egyptian capital Cairo. Egypt
itself has been subject to popular anger in other Arab countries for
complying with Israel's blockade of Gaza.

have been held around the Arab world and western cities, including
London where some protesters clashed with police.

I also read (and spy on) a Zionist-Group-List on the Internet
just like we have here, for example , people spying on us.

And yesterday , they posted to each other,
and among each others ,
that the Journalists inside Gaza , who are all Arabs,
are lying to the world by saying that the 370 dead of Gaza
are mainly civilians...!   unquote

I though of reporting this incident ,to you to describe
how can an
 idiot-criminal-mind remain. criminal and idiot.
They lie to each other and they end up believing
their own lieslike to Myth of
 the Promised-Land.
or the Myth of the Chosen-People .

Sherlock Hommos
also a Spy ...!


Bismillah [IslamCity] The Flying-Shoe of Baghdad and the Rope

2008-12-23 Thread raja chemayel

This rope is multifunctional

There is a great response on the Internet
about that Flying Shoe of Baghdad.

I must
 admit that it feels good
see,  G.W. Bush rewarded,,,

Consequently some people are asking us
to pack an old shoe and to mail it
to the White-House in Washington.

I find it , very amusing and symbolic , as well.
But I
 must admit that I shall not do

Because ,
I usually give away all my old clothing to charities ,
where they may become useful (again) .

As for sending anything more useful to the White-House
I could send a rope ,
 enough to carry the weight of George...

And I shall write on it :
for self-service-only
hoping that , for once , George shall do anything useful ,
before he leaves office.

Sherlock Hommos

PS :
As per today  , Baghdad is no more the city of the Flying-Carpets
but rather of the Flying-Shoes.


Bismillah [IslamCity] Voltaire and I

2008-12-18 Thread raja chemayel

Dedicated to

Dr. I. Alloush
Faress el Arab !!

The end of the year 2008, is getting closer
and equally the end of Bush , as President.

I shall not repeat what I think of G.W.Bush
but shall only remind you that the USA
has voted for him twice.

They tried him out the first 4 years ...and then
they did not mind having him another 4 more years.

One says, that Democracy is ,among other things,  :
the accountability of the elected- Leaders
I say that Democracy is also :
the accountability of the electors , themselves !!

The population of Iraq was not to be held responsible
for having President Saddam Hussein  ,one could argue that,
in a Western way of political-logic...
and yet the Iraqi were bombed , starved, invaded and occupied
because their leader was President
 Saddam Hussein .

And then , what should be the punishment
 for the US-citizens
for having chosen and voted for a monster called G.W.Bush ???...twice !!

Voltaire once said :
The ideal ruler would be a humane-Tyrantunquote

I say :
G.W.Bush was not at all humane nor does he qualify ,
theoretically , to be called Tyrant  .

Conclusion :
Monsieur Voltaire and myself , do not agree to  G.W.Bush
and both of us would, rather, have a President
like President Saddam Husseininstead of Bush
if and when we are allowed to choose our leaders .

17Th of December 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] A Size 10 memorabilia............

2008-12-16 Thread raja chemayel

Show me your shoe
and I shall
surely show no shame.
George W. Bush has, indeed, declared after that shoe-incident
that this projectile ( The shoe)  was actually a Size 10 shoe.
Size 10 means in European-standards,  a size 45 shoe .
(No offence for our US colleagues and US readers
but here in Europe we are more advanced, we reached the 45 )
George Bush must have measured that shoe
because he obviously has kept it as corpus delicti
for the next invasion..of Malaysia or France.
or as a memorabilia to show it to his grand-children,later on.
And,  symbolically ,
this pair of shoes are :
the only honest thing which George has got out of Iraq.
(or, also, the only thing which George has earned or deserved , so far )
The Smithsonian-Museum would like to have them too,
and Larry King shall interview them next Friday..
Oprah Winfrey declined them , due to some unpleasant odours
because that Journalist was very recently in a prison without showers
for 45 days , while being investigated by Black-Waters . (true!)
It is a bit ironic that The Neo-Cons brought to us democracy
and got back some used -smelly-old-shoes ,   in return !!!
Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
16Th. of December 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] The last visit of the Liberator

2008-12-15 Thread raja chemayel


Al Maliki offering protection to Bush.
watch this short film!!!
President Bush visited Iraq yesterday
for the last time as President of the USA.
Bush met with a fat-Kurd , known to be called
as the President of the Green Zone ,
who happens to have killed more Kurds in his lifetime ,
than allegedly President Saddam ever did.
Bush came unannounced to Baghdad ,
then he met all his generals , secretly,
all his puppets alo secretly
and probably he visited the WC ,also
but with 2 body-guards ...
Only after leaving Baghdad , did the world Media
report of his visit to us...
The Liberator of the Green Zone
wanted to say farewell
which  reminds me
when Nero has had a last look at Rome
or when Genghis Khan left Baghdad 
or when Napoleon left Moscow
Anyhow history shall judge him
but as far that I could see ,
here, from out of my armchair:
only Halli-Burton,Bechtel,Blackwater
Israel and Iran shall miss this Liberator.
By the way, that short film above
resumes the whole degree of appreciation
towards that Liberator
Sherlock Hommos
reporting from the liberated-Green-Zone


Bismillah [IslamCity] Announcement by the White-House-Press-office.

2008-12-15 Thread raja chemayel

Press release
NR. 45-886-NAG

from the desk of
the Press-Secretary
of the White-house 
U.S and A 
As per date ,
all Arab and/or Muslim Journalists/Reporters
and Correspondants
attending  to any
must enter bear-footed.
(provided they use the right amount
of foot-deodorants !!!
prior to the conferences)
Venezuelan-Reporters may keep their shoes but must abide by
the deodorant-regulations.
Salomon-David Footnote


Bismillah [IslamCity] the 20.000 Dollars Shoe.

2008-12-15 Thread raja chemayel

  com/watch? v=2XwJ1A- RHYY
What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ?
That shoe would be sold for 20.000 Dollars .
What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ?
That shoe would need to be disinfected , afterwords .
What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ?
That shoe would be considered as
the weapon of mass destruction .
What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ?
George Bush would have stolen it , like anything else .
 What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ?
And George would have swallow it 
Well then , G.W.Bush would have doubled his value .
Anyhow ,
Bush survived this violent attack
and this demonstrated to us that
the Freedom of the Press  exists , finally, now in Iraq !!
Sherlock Hommos
shoe-size 43 (9 1/2)


Bismillah [IslamCity] Sunday before the monday

2008-12-14 Thread raja chemayel

when Monet made this painting ,there was no State of Israel
and Arabs no Oil. 
It is Sunday today ,
I need not to write. I shall sit back and relax
while Gaza is starving ,
Iraq is bleeding
Afghanistan is wondering what to do with so much imported-democracy
Iran is building a rocket or two
Lebanon is searching for an identity
Syria is fortifying its moral-superiority
Egypt is collecting the ransom of Peace
Somalians are expanding their naval dominance
Israel is feeding its settlers with hope and weapons
US Governors sell you anything
a US-Jews stole 50 billion-Dollars
and it is only a Sunday..
after Sunday comes a Monday
and Gaza shall starve further
while the World's conscience would feel as if it is still a relaxing-Sunday
Raja Chemayel
Sunday 14 December 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] Gaza and fate......

2008-12-13 Thread raja chemayel

Auschwitz has ,once,had a train station
and Gaza also,
In Gaza the stomachs are empty
but the hearts are full
In Gaza the hospitals are full
but the pharmacies are empty
In Gaza no one drives at high speed
there is no fuel.
In Gaza the Airport has always parking-spaces
available and free of charge.
In Gaza prisons are open 7 days a week
because the borders are closed 8 days a week .
In Gaza you cannot cross to Egypt
although you are an Arab
and you cannot cross to Israel ,
for the same reason .
In Gaza bakeries have no electricity
and the electricity-generating-plant has no bread.
In Gaza freedom is available,
liberation is done
and the self-determination is practised
only , bread,electricity and fuel , are missing !!
You can reach Gaza
by sea , using a submarine
or by land , using a tunnel.
Gaza ,
the only liberated part of Palestine !!
and rememberFreedom is never cheap !!
Raja Chemayel


Bismillah [IslamCity] The side-effects of Zionism

2008-12-11 Thread raja chemayel

three victims of Zionism
Zionism ,
made criminals ,out of the Jews
(who decided to become Israelis)
Zionism ,
made refugees ,
 out of 48% the of Palestinians .
and made occupied-hostages
out of the other 52% of the Palestinians .
 shall come ,
when Zionism is banned
and when 
the state of Israel is dismanteled .
is one side-effect of Zionism.
Raja Chemayel
also a terroristout of necessaty .
9Th.November 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] The improbable Cheese-Omelet

2008-12-11 Thread raja chemayel

a cheese-omelet
must be made of cheese,
at least !
How can the world get safer ,
from any Terrorism
 when ,they invaded Afghanistan  ??
How could the world get rid
of Weapons of Mass Destruction
when they invaded Iraq
that has never had them ??
How could the Jews and Judaism
be better protected
 when they have created
such a State of Israel ??
How can they make a Cheese-omelet
if they only have ,  2 eggs , one onion 
and 2 tomato's  ??
How can you make  A chicken-soup
if you have only one fish ,
2 onions and 7 potato's ??
How can they bring democracy , to the others
when their own democracy is bought and sold
each 4 years ??
Raja Chemayel
breaking the eggs for to make the omelet .
10Th of December 2008
PS :
one US Governor was arrested yesterday
for selling a Senator's Seat. ..


Bismillah [IslamCity] Amenisia , taylor-made

2008-12-09 Thread raja chemayel


the missile can reach
with an accuracy of 15 cm
Nobody thought that Prime Minister Hariri
could have been blown-up by a rocket-missile
fired from any Helicopter from a distance.
Nobody used his imagination ,
as to who could have done thisand how ?
They all agreed on  a road-side-bomb  by Syria.
No Sir !!
 It was Syria   they said , and it suits to Israel
and suits to the USA and especially to Chirac's France.
Case closed !! ...they said .
then they brought in
the UN-security-council to legalise this allegation
then they manipulate the Media
and then they bought the best the market.
Israel bombs Beirut in summer 2006
Israel bombs a Syrian orange-juice-factory
and calls it an Atomic-reactor , in 2007
Israels bombs and starves Gaza , in 2008 .
But everybody forgot Rafik El Hariri
and everybody forgot ,
that there was never a funeral for Ariel Sharon !!
and everybody forgot ,
the Road Map of George Bush , that took us to nowhere
and everybody forgot that
the Taliban's chased the Soviets out of Afghanistan
and everybody forgot,
that Iraq never has had Weapons of Mass Destruction
and everybody forgot ,
to forget the Holocaust !! or Darfour !!
Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
General-Secretary of Amnesia-International
Sixth day of December 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] a walk in the park

2008-12-09 Thread raja chemayel

A cold Sunday in December..
my dog , my son and I ..take a walk in the Park.
My son :
Papa why did you make fun about the Mumbai attack
and you called it   a CIA/Mossad operation 
in your last article. ( See article:  Mumbai-chicken with Rice )
Son , do you remember the plot of  the last film
of James Bond ,Casino Royal ??
My son :
Yes I do remember it , it was about a kind of a Mafia that
hires people to do Terror-bombing  anywhere
or to start an artificial civil-war in Africa ,
and then to stop it at the right time ,when needed .
That kind-of-Mafia , consequently,
manipulated the Stock Market.
I said :
Well did you not believe that film ??
was it not plausible ?? for you .
My son :
Yes indeed , this could happen !!
I responded :
Why would you believe a film by Ian Flemming
and not a sarcastic-article by  your father ??
My son :
how about a hot chocolate ?? , it is cold out here !!
Raja Chemayel
in a cold Amsterdam
Sunday 7Th of december 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] How to screw the People , least .

2008-12-09 Thread raja chemayel

Drawing by Ben Heineabout how to rescue of the US Economy
the beggars 

 the transportation
Three Top Car Manufacturing Presidents flew last week to Washington , to 
request a donation , called bail-out.Each came by his own Private Jet , 
separately.It is remarkable ,to see ,three beggars landingin three different 
Private jets...yes,  but that is part of the American Dream .Practically 
this is all US Tax-money collected from thosewho once ( or many times) have 
bought cars from themand logically have paid sales-tax , among all other 
taxes.There it is Folks !!!In America you buy a car , you pay taxes,and George 
Bush gives your taxes back to thosewho have sold you the carin the first 
place.The American Dream : or  How to screw the people least .When 
you have bought an American Carand have lost one son fighting to steal Iraqi 
oilwhich went inside your American-car at a higher priceand then G.W.Bush gives 
away your Tax money to thosewho sold you the car that consumed Iraqi 
oil.that cost you one son.Then , how often have been
 screwed ??by the US Governement,more than twice !! Surely.Sherlock Hommos 
PhD.economist8th. of December 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] Obamalogy

2008-12-08 Thread raja chemayel


Black is beautiful , while White is careful.
Let us suppose that Obama is black,
so what does a colour has to do with politics ??
Let us suppose that Obama is a Democrat,
so what does it help when Democrat 
is written with a capital-D ??
Let us not rejoice that Obama was born-Muslim ,
so what does it help when see that Anwar El Saddat
was born also a Muslim ?? and the Shah too !!
Let us not forget that ,Obama is only half-black
and a Democrat with a big D
which is not necessarily a small d.
So Obama would be now  :
a  half-black-member-of-the-Democratic-party
who has won the elections thanks to 453 Million-Dollars
which he now has to pay back in favours   to his donors ,
during the next 4 years
That will be 30,75 Millions each year
which is, 85.417 Dollars each day
which are 3.560 each hour
provided Obama does not sleep.
(otherwise ,it will be, 7.280 per hour)
It will be more relevant to us ,
 to find out , who the donors were ??
 what do they want  for that money ??
what have they bought for 453 millions ??
Eng . Moustafa  Roosenbloom
a Pessimist-Obamologue


Bismillah [IslamCity] Do you remember the Rambo films ??

2008-12-06 Thread raja chemayel

where is the ammunition's belt ??    where is the ammunition-case 
Do you remember the Rambo films ??
with Sylvester Stallone who was running and shooting
all those ugly and mean Vietnamese-Communists ??
Did you notice that Rambo never had ammunition's for his guns
and yet he won all the battles ??
because he was sent by the CIA , as you recall
and CIA makes wondersI say !!
Do you remember the very recent Mumbai film  ??
Without any Rambo , this time , but with only 10 Terrorists.
Only 10 Terrorists attacked 8 different targets,simultaneously
and killed 193 persons and wounded 300 others.
and resisted to a 650 strong police-force
and not to forget that , they even have had time to assassinated
the Chief-Police-officer of, nobody less than, the Anti-Terror-Brigade.
What a film !!
Bollywood has surpassed Hollywood !!
And I bet you that those 10 Terrorists,
must have at least needed and carried with them
at least 2 tons of ammunitions
and 50 kilos of food and drinks for those three long 3 days
What a film !!...Rambo must be jealous by now !!
Eng. Moustafa   Roosenbloom
film-critic on the critical-details
December first 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] Mumbai....and any car-accidents

2008-12-04 Thread raja chemayel
why the photo ?? when the relevant-faces are hidden !!
they look rather like colleagues .
(and those terrorists have clean-shirts)

In Mumbai the final death-count is almost ready
and I hear that there was only one USA citizen dead
and also one British citizen dead and of course that Rabi
who happens to be an American Rabinot an Indian nor even Israeli-Rabi.

With all due respect to the other victims
and with all due respect to Islamic Jihad...
and with due respect to the Jihad-experts
and to the Jihad-criticisers
and to the Jihad
and last but not least my sympathies to the innocents

I say :
it was not much of Terror-action
nor was it any spectacular-jihadist-operation.

I am sure that MI6 , the CIA and Mossad could do much better
than killing only so few Jews and American and British.

I am sure the last three days would have seen more
innocent Jews,Americans and British killed
 by car-accidents
than by this spectacular-show !!

Sherlock Hommos
investigator for Hotel's aaccommodations.
29 Nov.2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] There are starvations and starvations

2008-12-02 Thread raja chemayel

The freedom of the Press
allows any editor-journalist to choose
what subject to report on or to comment on.
Fine with me ,
I agree provided honesty and fairness do have a role to play
...this role is called: objectivity.
But I wonder how come that
the starvation of Darfour is more popular
than the starvation of Gaza.
How come Darfour is a humanitarian-tragedy
and Gaza is a less-tragedy  , or even a negligible-tragedy.
Is it because Gaza has sophisticated-missiles
that make one-foot-large-wholes in the pavements ??
and never have killed a cat or even a chikken.?
 or...Because , 
the Darfourians never bombed Israel !!

made by Israel into Gaza             made by Gaza into Israel
Serlock Hommos



Bismillah [IslamCity] When the differences makes a huge difference

2008-12-01 Thread raja chemayel


 were those thieves in uniform, in 1947,
  Jews  ?? or Israelis ??
Why do some Arabs call the Jews , Jews
and call also the Israelis. Jews ???
It has a simple explanation ,
which has to do with chronology :
Until the years 1948 nobody has heard of the Israelis
all the immigrants into Palestine were ,indeed, Jews
and thus they were logically called The Jews
(and not Lithuanians, Polish,Latvians, German, Russian,French...etc..)
It was only after the establishment of a State called
the State of Israel that consequently came into the vocabulary
a new name-term-expression-designation, known as Israeli..
being the new-artificial-synthetic-citizenship.
What happens later on , and until today is the unfortunate fact
that when Arabs (in general) speak about  the Israelis
they say  The Jews...Al Yahood !
It is like the Amero-Indians who call all immigrants to the USA
the white man instead of calling them the colonisersor the Americans
Or like the white-man who robbed Africa is also called White
instead of thief, or French or British or Italian or Potuguesertc.
Why do I say unfortunate ??
because it gives the impression that there exists
an-anti-Jew-feeling among the Arabs,
and not simply and clearly an-anti-Israeli sentiment !!
Needless to say how the Western-media and the Zionist-Media
and the ignorant-media react to that expression-definition-name,
to describe it and exploit it , as being anti-Semitic.
So please bear in mind,
that any Arab (especially the Palestinians)
who is older than 40 years shall use the Jews  expression.
As for the younger generation they will use Israeli  to describe
the same peopleif ever they are a people !!
but that is another story .
Raja Chemayel
an anti-Israeli ( although older than 40 years)


Bismillah [IslamCity] Must we call them Pirats ??

2008-11-30 Thread raja chemayel

the Giant-wealth-transporter
its width is as long as a 747
a nice Lebanese-Arab proverb says :
if you ,once, have to steal , then steal a Camel
(the Camel being the biggest animal)
and if you want to fall in love, then fall for the Moon
(the moon being the ultimate beauty in Arab literature)
And today
I say if you have to steal , go ahead and steal
a 200 million Barrels Giant-Tankers..
Indeed ,
Pirates have just done this, off the African Coast
it is owned by Aramco , the biggest company worldwide
the monopole-holder of all Saudi Oil,
owned by the richest monarchs on this Planet , who also owns
the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , itself..
This huge cargo was originating from this
to probably ,the only-super-power which happens
to be the richest entity on earththe USA.
It is stolen , or at least kidnapped , now
hijacked by Mr. Unknown
whether Somali Pirates or any other pirates ,
is irrelevant to me.
So much wealth ,
while, moving between the wealthiest-Family
towards the wealthiest-country,
is stolen , which makes it a crime !!
or rather a re-distribution of wealth ??
Somebody has stolen it..
is it a crime or a heroic-act ??
by any wish to apply ??
The Oil of Iraq is stolen 7 days per week, since 2003
and nobody calls them Pirates
78% of Palestine is stolen since 60 years
and nobody calls them Pirates..
and the list is long...
Raja Chemayel
former Devil-advocate
and today's Pirate's advocat


Bismillah [IslamCity] To be White and Rich

2008-11-29 Thread raja chemayel

George W Bush has ,today,just issued 14 presidential-pardons
for convicted-criminals on tax evasion,
stealing government properties and on cocaine-dealings.
(look up the details in the news)
 And, I remember 8 years ago when George came to power ,
we used to criticise him for never ever giving any pardons
from the death-penalty-inmates into life imprisonment !!
at least
How time changes the tyrants !!
How time made now George more humane !!
God bless that President !!
this is surely good news to many convicted-criminals
( provided they are white and rich )
We shall also remember him as the wise-man
who once called Ariel Sharon a man of Peace.
Bush ought to pardon also Ariel
( who is also White and Rich and Criminal )
Sherlock Hommos
Gen.Secretary of Amnesia-International


Bismillah [IslamCity] The virgin and the castrated

2008-11-21 Thread raja chemayel


For those who no PhD in Political Sciences
I have a question:
What would you call Mr. Saeb Erakat
the appointed official Peace-negotiator between
the Zionist State and the Palestinian Authority ??
and what description would you give him
if you never attended ,
La Facultee des Sciences Politique, a la Sorbonne
Universitee de Paris 5  
Or Harvard University , or Yale
or Whatever.
If you ask my cousin Raja C. , who visited La Sorbonne
only because of the cheap-food in the Student-restaurant
Raja would say :
Erekat is a desperate-pimp , trying to connect
a Prostitute who wants to remain a virgin
with a customer who is castrated.
Of course Erekat is not alone ,
there is also Mr. Tony Blair who , by the way, is not  virgin !!


Bismillah [IslamCity] who shall replace Tony Blair ??

2008-11-19 Thread raja chemayel


Barrack Obama in his first speech after his election-victory
has promised his daughters to get them a Puppy.
Indeed the White-house has seen many different pets
with each President , having his Dog along
or any other animal-pet .
The most famous Puppy was until recently , Tony Blair.
But Obama Family will have a hard choice to make
because until now , they have none ,
and also no preference even .
Of course the parents will choose this house-pet,
this new lap-dog , that true and loving companion.
My brother in law , Sherlock Hommos ,thinks it might be
either Husny Mubarak or preferably King Abdullah of Jordan
not to be confused with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
who is obviously too old and probably needs more attention
and a lot of civic education.
Nevertheless , there is a big choice of docile
and obedient puppies...around
for example ,Baghdad is full of them !!
How about an Afghan from Kabul ?? Mr. Karzay
or even a Lebanese with an Italian name ?? Mr. Foufou Siniora !!
Anyhow , this is a promise Obama shall easily  keep
and the only problem is that the choice is big ..
My Cousin , Raja Chemayel thinks that it should rather be
that guy from Jordan.because he is young and short
and speaks good-English and comes from a pedigree
that has prooven itself in loyalty and obedience.(to the west)
Abbas is also available , now that Olmert is leaving us.
Anyhow , let us wait and see ,
it could not be worse than Tony Blair
and a dog becoming a lap-dog, is no insult , to any dog.
Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Monday 17Th of November 2008


Bismillah [IslamCity] The worries of the Gaza-citizens

2008-11-18 Thread raja chemayel

the global war against liberation

In Gaza nobody has to pay his electricity-bills ,
because there is no electricity .
In Gaza nobody has to worry about genetically modified food
there is no food at all,
In Gaza nobody shall worry about travel-plans
nobody is going anywhere.

In Gaza the people worry about their own missiles
because they are much inaccurate and might hit
an Israeli Golf-course , on a Sabbath.

In Gaza nobody shall anymore dream of democracy
because they do have already
a democratically elected government.
In Gaza nobody has to pay custom-duties
because everything is smuggled in.
even human-rights are smuggled !!
In Gaza there are no traffic congestion's
because cars have no fuel.
In Gaza people do not fear foreign-occupation
it has just ended , recently.
In Gaza the sewage-system does not pollute the sea,
and you maybe have  guessed  why ??
Gaza-Airport is the safest one , worldwide !!
Gaza has replaced Masada !!
Gaza has replaced La Commune de Paris !!
Raja Chemayel
15Th of November 2008


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