Bismillah [IslamCity] Shatranj Irfani

2008-05-07 Thread dara
Abdur-Rahman Sullami' The Defects of Nafs. --DARA The Eyeless Lion

Bismillah [IslamCity] Taht (Underneath)

2008-07-21 Thread dara
Your Beauty tears every seed asunder Taht (Underneath) This is an exposition on the standing phrase ‘gardens flows from underneath rivers’. --DARA The Eyeless Lion

Bismillah [IslamCity] Al-Khitab (Address Mode) Al-Iltifat (Modal Switch)

2008-07-28 Thread dara
which indicates a sort of symmetry-breakage that resembles the Homochirality of the organic molecules within the living organisms, as Homochirality indicates the symmetry-breakage to support life, the handedness of the Qur’anic modal-switches are there to support spiritual life! --DARA The Eyeless Lion

Bismillah [IslamCity] Re: Expansion of Haram Ordered - Prices to soar - Demolitions Begins

2008-05-07 Thread Dara Shayda
and caress that they deserve and may Allah reward them for their good and forgive their evil. Dara O Shayda Khurasani --- In, Shahid. wrote: Expansion of Haram Ordered Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has approved an expansion of the Grand Mosque's

Bismillah [IslamCity] Re: Now Open - Scholarships for Universities -Ummul-Qura, Madinah, Riyadh

2008-06-10 Thread Dara Shayda
DAra --- In, ALBaseerah Org wrote: Learn Arabic Language Study in Prestigious Universities -- on scholarships -- Makkah, Madinah, Riyadh Dear OIC students, as you all know we are working very closely

Bismillah [IslamCity] Re: Teachings of the Qur`aan: Al-Anfaal - Aayaat 50-58

2008-06-15 Thread Dara Shayda
and homeless and mocked by people than to both eat from the unlawful (Haram) and busy himself with criminal activities in a nation that gave him a refuge and a home for his family. Faqir (Pauper), Dara O Shayda --- In, K a r i m a wrote: B i s m i l l a a h