[ISN] Moderators Note: Rare Saturday ISN!

2005-04-23 Thread InfoSec News
Forwarded from: William Knowles [EMAIL PROTECTED] Just a quick note, We've been having some software issues with Mailman so that's the reason some Fridays there has been no InfoSec News. This batch, while pretty small, should still wet the appetite for the hardcore information security news

[ISN] Moderators note...

2005-04-04 Thread InfoSec News
I've been out with the flu since Thursday night, so I'll be taking a few sick days... - WK Go Illini! _ Network Security - http://www.auditmypc.com Free vulnerability test - How secure is your computer?

[ISN] Moderators note: Mail loops

2003-03-07 Thread InfoSec News
For those you that can't get enough InfoSec News, a mail loop caused by a subscriber made sure that you recieved a second helping of the March 6th batch of news. This happens way too often and if you have time today, please look over your network for configuration errors, today's possible mail

[ISN] Moderators note...

2003-02-15 Thread InfoSec News
Just a few quick notes here... I've updated the links on the C4I.org mainpage, I know there are some real diehards on ISN who really enjoy what little nuggets of information I dig up and find interesing enough to post online. http://www.c4i.org/ -=- Did anyone notice the NIPC advisory posted