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2005-04-23 Thread InfoSec News
Forwarded from: William Knowles [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Just a quick note, We've been having some software issues with Mailman
so that's the reason some Fridays there has been no InfoSec News. This 
batch, while pretty small, should still wet the appetite for the
hardcore information security news junkie until Monday. I will have an
annoucement soon on some major upgrades with InfoSec News that I am
really excited about.

On an unrelated note, but something I feel should get a brief mention,
one of our users on C4I.org got his papers to join his reserve unit in
Iraq, the financial hardship will mean a 60% decrease in his salary
and he's selling a number of his personal belongings on eBay so that
his wife can afford to keep up the house together until he returns
around November 2006. The Army does not consider a drop in income
something bad, but expected.

I will mention that he's one of the most patriotic Americans I have
ever met and we're doing what we can to help him come back to the U.S.
with everything he left with. Also with a 100% satisfaction score for
467 items sold on eBay shows you that he's not out to mess with

One item he has up for sale now is a Linksys Wireless A+G wireless
notebook card signed by by Kevin Mitnick at Defcon 11. This may or may
not do anything for you with Kevin's autograph on it but the current
price is at $19.00 with a day and a half to go.


Check out that auction, check out his other items for sale, and maybe
add him as one of your favorite sellers, keep in mind he will selling
alot of computer hardware and other gear in the coming weeks. But it
will be to help keep the mortgage payments going and to buy the
additional gear to protect him from all the insurgents wanting nothing
less than to kill Americans there helping their country in the
transition from the iron fisted rule of Saddam Hussein. I'm sorry if
this all sounds campy, but tears are welling in my eyes as I write
this. :(

Have a wonderful and safe weekend, see you again on Monday,


William Knowles

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without communications is irrelevant. Gen Alfred. M. Gray, USMC

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2005-04-04 Thread InfoSec News
I've been out with the flu since Thursday night, so I'll be taking a 
few sick days...

- WK

Go Illini!

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[ISN] Moderators note: Mail loops

2003-03-07 Thread InfoSec News
For those you that can't get enough InfoSec News, a mail loop caused
by a subscriber made sure that you recieved a second helping of the
March 6th batch of news.

This happens way too often and if you have time today, please look
over your network for configuration errors, today's possible mail
loop could become tomorrow's embarrassing spam relay.

Those of you that would like to 'Thank' the folks behind this, can
mail the administrator of this network behind the loop. Its buried in
the headers of the second batch.

If you get a reply to the effect that its 'not their job' keeping that
part of the network running right (an answer I was hearing quite alot
today between the Illinois DMV and the Illinois EPA that various
things weren't their jobs), remind them of the consequences of not
going the extra mile, of those that maybe could have done something a
little extra outside of the job paramaters, and maybe could have
stopped the 19+ terrorists from crashing planes into the World Trade
Centers, Pentagon and Somerset County Pennsylvania, but didn't,
because its not their job.

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[ISN] Moderators note...

2003-02-15 Thread InfoSec News
Just a few quick notes here...

I've updated the links on the C4I.org mainpage, I know there are some
real diehards on ISN who really enjoy what little nuggets of
information I dig up and find interesing enough to post online.



Did anyone notice the NIPC advisory posted on February 11th?


It has four additional security checklist links at the bottom of the
advisory with an additional www in front of the usual www you would
have, for instance...


I know we're in a national crisis of impending terrorist attacks, or 
then again maybe not...


But how hard is it to check your links to make sure they work?
For that matter, go to a site with any information on it?

(Just delete that extra www to see what I mean) :)


And if anyone cares, to little fanfare, the Department of Homeland 
Security has released the much awaited, and delayed...
The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace


76 pages that will get looked at once or twice and filed away like 
alot of computer security policy does, only to be pulled out when 
something bad happens and you need to point fingers at someone.


William Knowles

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