Re: Trying to unsubscribe

2016-05-24 Thread David Woodfall
W dniu 24.05.2016, wto o godzinie 01∶23 -0300, użytkownik Marco Bertolaccini napisał: Hi. I want to unsubscribe too. Every message distributed by this list has the following headers: List-Id: List-Post: List-Help:

Trying to unsubscribe

2016-05-23 Thread David Woodfall
I've tried 2 or 3 times to unsubscribe from this list. Each time I get acknowledgement that I have done so, but I still receive mail. The list owner address doesn't seem to exist too. If a list admin reads this, please unsubscribe me. Thanks -D

SSL Cert Help

2014-08-13 Thread David Woodfall
Hi I hope that this isn't a little too offtopic, but I cannot seem to get SSL/StartTLS to work. I have had the server running without encryption successfully. Log shows: jabberd/router[7664]: failed to load SSL pemfile, SSL disabled jabberd/s2s[7667]: failed to load router SSL pemfile, channel