Re: jabberd-2.3.4 release

2015-10-30 Thread ungifted01
30.10.2015 12:17, Tomasz Sterna пишет: > With this release jabberd2 joins HTTP realm with WebSocket client It need http-parser for websockets, but configure doesn't check it.

Re: jabberd-2.3.6 release

2016-02-29 Thread ungifted01
On 28.02.2016 02:04, Tomasz Sterna wrote: > Next jabberd2 release is available. Have to emerge autoconf-archive for new coloring feature: ./configure: line 12456: syntax error near unexpected token `-fdiagnostics-color,' ./configure: line 12456: `AX_CHECK_COMPILE_FLAG(-fdiagnostics-color,

jabberd2 Pending removal: 2018-02-04 from Gentoo tree

2018-01-08 Thread ungifted01
FYI Commit: +# Pacho Ramos (04 Jan 2018) +# Multiple security issues, init scripts need a major rework (#629416, +# #629412, #631068, #623806). Removal in a