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2007-01-17 Thread ANDREW GODWIN

Greetings Andy,

I found the below info in the JAWS help menu.
HTH, Andrew
Tables in Word

JAWS detects when you move into, out of, and within a table (from row to row 
or column to column) and even warns you when you TAB into the last cell. 
also indicates when the number of columns changes from one row to another. 
Table detection includes nested tables.

Press CTRL+INSERT+T to list all tables in the document. The list shows each 
table and its dimensions. Select the table you want, and press ENTER to move
to it. The insertion point is placed in the first cell of the table, or in 
the first form field in the table if the document is protected.

Reading Tables

In Word, once in a table, press TAB to move to the next cell, and press 
SHIFT+TAB to move to the prior cell. The JAWS standard commands for reading 
are also supported. Refer to
Using JAWS to Navigate Tables.

To read a table row, press ALT+INSERT+R. To read a table column, press 

Column and Row Titles

JAWS can be set to automatically announce the title of columns and/or rows 
as you move through tables. To configure row and/or column title reading:

list of 4 items
1. Move to the column or row that contains the titles. If you are setting 
both column and row titles, move to the cell where the column and row 
the titles intersect.
2. Press INSERT+V to open the Adjust JAWS Verbosity dialog.
3. Move to Set Row Titles Column to specify row titles are within the 
current column. Move to Set Column Titles Row to specify that column titles 
are within
the current row.
4. Press ENTER to close the dialog.
list end

The Title Reading verbosity item is automatically set based on whether you 
configured row titles, column titles, or both. If you feel you are receiving
too much information, return to the Adjust JAWS Verbosity dialog, move to 
Title reading, and select the setting you want to use. The available 

list of 4 items
. Read No Titles
. Read Column Titles
. Read Row Titles
. Read Both Titles
list end

To reread a column title, press ALT+INSERT+SHIFT+C and to reread a row 
title, press ALT+INSERT+SHIFT+R.

To reset the row and column title definitions to the default and turn off 
title reading, open the Adjust JAWS Verbosity dialog, move to Clear Title 
and press SPACEBAR.

Non Uniform Tables

Non uniform tables are tables with rows that span more than one column, or 
columns that span more than one row. JAWS can provide detailed information 
the table that can help you navigate and get oriented. If you do not want to 
hear this information, press INSERT+V, select Table Description, and press
the SPACEBAR to choose Off. This setting is retained even after you quit 

While Table Description is on, JAWS informs you when you move into a 
non-uniform table. You can then press INSERT+F1 to learn more about the 
table. If the
table contains merged columns, JAWS says, At least one cell in this table 
spans more than one column. If the table contains merged rows, JAWS says, 
least one cell in this table spans more than one row.

Tables with Merged Columns

If a table has merged cells that span one or more columns and Table 
Description is on, JAWS announces when the number of columns changes as you 
move from
row to row with ALT+CTRL+UP or DOWN ARROW. For example, in a table with 
eight columns, if you move from a regular cell to a cell that spans five 
JAWS says, Number of columns changed from eight to four.

If you set a row to be used for column headers that contains a non uniform 
number of cells, JAWS cannot properly associate the column headers. For 
if you have a table with eight columns, but the first row contains only four 
cells, and you assign that row for column headers, JAWS does not read the
column headers, but only states the position within the table.

If the first or last rows contain differing numbers of cells from the other 
rows in a table, it may not be possible for JAWS to identify the top or 
of a column. In this case, if you use the commands to move to the top or 
announces that the move cannot be made, and the insertion point is not 

Tables with Merged Rows

A table may have columns that span multiple rows. JAWS does not indicate 
when you have moved from a regular cell into a cell that spans multiple 
rows. In
addition, you cannot use ALT+CTRL+UP or DOWN ARROW to navigate a table with 
merged rows. If the table also has both merged rows and merged columns, you
may not be able to use ALT+CTRL+RIGHT or LEFT ARROW to navigate the table 
either. Instead, use TAB and SHIFT+TAB to move through the table cells.

Creating Accessible Tables

You can create accessible tables for JAWS 6.0 or later solely by using 
functionality available in Microsoft Word. This means that even those who do 
use JAWS can mark table row and/or column headings for 

[JAWS-Users] Re: Tables in Word

2007-01-17 Thread one foxy lady

Tables can be accessed by tab/shift tab, also you can press insert-8/up 
arrow on the numpad to hear the line the cursor is on. Bear in mind tables 
will let the cursor move from left to right in a cell one didget at a time 
and at the end of the last cell on the last row, jaws will say a warning if 
you press tab here it will add another row, so don't do this action unless 
that's what your after. Just shift-tab to go back to the first cell in that 
You also can move up/down arrow  as well and if you leave the tables jaws 
will tell you this..
If you add an extra row by tabbing at the end of the table row last row, do 
this to get rid of it..

while in that row you wish to delete press alt E, D arrow to delete row and 
enter on it.


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Hi list,

At work, we are now expected to fill out forms that are in the form of
MS Word tables.  How do you access these tables with JAWS?


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