Re: [JBoss-dev] Handling of ejb-ref and ejb-local-ref

2003-07-08 Thread Victor Langelo
Jeremy Boynes wrote: Scott Stark wrote: There is no need for an ejb-local-ref in the JBoss specific descriptors as the ejb-link element handles this in the standard descriptor. There is no reason why the metadata needs to be expanded to allow for specifying the local home jndi

Re: [JBoss-dev] Verify primary key implements equals and hashCode

2003-03-27 Thread Victor Langelo
Dain Sundstrom wrote: On Wednesday, March 26, 2003, at 09:29 PM, Victor Langelo wrote: I haven't read Effective Java, but this won't work for us. We intentionally create derived primary key classes for each entity. These are derived from generic pk classes when the primary key data

Re: [JBoss-dev] Verify primary key implements equals and hashCode

2003-03-26 Thread Victor Langelo
); if (m.getReturnType() == Integer.TYPE) return true; } catch (NoSuchMethodException) { } clazz = clazz.getSuperclass(); } return false; } --Victor Langelo --- This email is sponsored by: The Definitive

Re: [JBoss-dev] new PooledInvoker: speeds up invocations

2002-11-15 Thread Victor Langelo
Hiram Chirino wrote: Hiram Chirino wrote: Anyways. JMS need bi-directional invocations (BADLY). Should this become a requirement for the other invokers??I completely disagree. There is no reason server to clientcommunication has to go over the back channel of a client to server

Re: [JBoss-dev] .DS_Store

2002-11-12 Thread Victor Langelo
Meta information saved by Mac OS X. Unless you're using Mac OS X you can delete these files. --Victor Peter Fagerlund wrote: What are these binary files ? ? jboss-head/varia/src/resources/services/binding/.DS_Store ? jboss-head/varia/src/resources/services/.DS_Store ?

Re: AW: AW: [JBoss-dev] Just how hard is polymorphic cmp?

2002-09-10 Thread Victor Langelo
Title: Nachricht Hi Dr. Jung, Sorry to take so long to reply. I've been hoping for some time to review a previous project where we did encounter serious performance problems. Alas, that hasn't happened so I'll do the best I can from memory. See my comments inline. Jung , Dr. Christoph wrote:

Re: AW: [JBoss-dev] Just how hard is polymorphic cmp?

2002-08-27 Thread Victor Langelo
We are also using VBSF as our persistence engine with JBoss. I choose to build a JCA adapter which exposes the Database facade as a connection. I then built a framework for BMP beans that uses the capabilities of VBSF. I've also added a few features to the VBSF engine (we have source license as

Re: [JBoss-dev] [ jboss-Bugs-552157 ] Stateful session activation fails

2002-05-05 Thread Victor Langelo
solution is cleaner, and only marginally violates the EJB spec. The spec is concerned with checking the callers roles against the declared method permissions. It really isn't concerned with verifying the caller's credentials. Any thoughts before I attempt another patch? --Victor Langelo Bugs

Re: [JBoss-dev] [ jboss-Change Notes-551858 ] EJB container config override

2002-05-03 Thread Victor Langelo
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you :-) * * * View thread online: ___ Have big pipes? is looking for download mirrors. We supply the hardware. You get the

Re: [JBoss-dev] What should we do about SQLExceptions in BMP (3.0/3.1)

2002-04-23 Thread Victor Langelo
the following: 1. Each SQLException is passed through a custom exception handler that's added to the adapter in the configuration. 2. The handler indicates if the connection is still good (via a callback?) and returns an exception which is rethrown. thanks david jencks Victor Langelo

Re: [JBoss-dev] java.util.Date in PostgreSQL DB

2002-02-12 Thread Victor Langelo
David Budworth wrote: [EMAIL PROTECTED]"> Or does PostgreSQL DATE/TIMESTAMP exactly the same? I know oracle willdrop the time portion if the column type is DATE.-David Actually Oracle will not drop the time protion if the column type is DATE. The following is from the Oracle 8 manual.


2002-02-07 Thread Victor Langelo
JBoss: insert your slogan JBoss: the one to follow. JBoss: leads the pack. JBoss: not the pointy hair kind. or JBoss: .04ms and falling :-) --Victor ___ Jboss-development mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [JBoss-dev] The RARDeployer classpath is broken

2001-11-01 Thread Victor Langelo
. For instance the O-R mapping engine derives it's mapping information from schema files which are typically placed in the classpath. I currently have to jar the schema file and place that jar in the rar. --Victor Langelo Scott M Stark wrote: I'm looking at the behavior of the RARDeployer for the JBossCX

Re: [JBoss-dev] EJB/QL - JBoss extentions

2001-09-21 Thread Victor Langelo
hashtable lookup will work here. If there's a match, use the existing statement. Otherwise generate a new statement and add it to the cache. --Victor Langelo ___ Jboss-development mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [JBoss-dev] DTDs

2001-08-23 Thread Victor Langelo
The standard way of accessing a local dtd in SGML/XML is the following: !DOCTYPE jboss SYSTEM 'jboss.dtd' if jboss.dtd is in the same directory as the xml file. Otherwise use relative or absolute paths. I don't know if this works with the crimson parser though. --Victor Aaron Mulder wrote: