Re: JESS: Method not found

2004-05-04 Thread Dusan Sormaz
(private, public protected, ...) Dusan Sormaz At 02:33 PM 5/4/2004 +0200, you wrote: Hello, I`ve the following problem. In want to use a method of a class in jess. this is no problem with the main-method. I`ve a method called getBack for example. In Java there is no problem. when i try to use

Re: JESS: Using not and and

2005-10-19 Thread Dusan Sormaz
I was able to run it in 7.0a6. I am curious, what is the interpretation of and in this example? Is it AND of 4 items? or only 2? Dusan Sormaz At 11:25 AM 10/19/2005, you wrote: Again, I get a NullPointerException just with the code I've shown: (deftemplate foo (slot bar)) (defrule r1

Re: JESS: Using multifields in LHS

2005-10-21 Thread Dusan Sormaz
: nice string Regards, Dusan Sormaz * * Dušan Šormaz, PhD, Associate Professor * Ohio University * Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Department * 277 Stocker Center, Athens, OH 45701-2979 * phone: (740) 593-1545 * fax

JESS: Jess vs. Lisp

2005-10-21 Thread Dusan Sormaz
Did anybody use Jess as a substitute for Lisp in AI classes? I mean not as a rule-based language but as plain lisp to implement functions and/or algorithms (like space search) Any experiences and comments? I want to do that in coming quarter and I thought I'd seek suggestions. Dusan Sormaz

Re: JESS: Converting from/to strings

2005-10-21 Thread Dusan Sormaz
variable with value of list (this will be a string) nth will work on it. Dusan Sormaz At 01:44 PM 10/21/2005, you wrote: Hi, I have two problems. --- The first: I have a string which contains an atom. How do I convert it to an atom? I tried this,which works: (bind ?string henrique) (nth$ 1 (explode

JESS: Probelm with property change listeners in Jess7b4

2005-12-08 Thread Dusan Sormaz
-Address:edu.ohiou.imse.ise891.blockworld.Block)) For a total of 1 facts in module MAIN. Jess While Jess7.0b2 works as expected, Jess7.0b4 doe snot update fact when object changes. Any ideas why is this happening? Dusan Sormaz * * Du

Re: JESS: Getting Facts in Sorted Order

2006-02-14 Thread Dusan Sormaz
, ?ItemPrice , ?ItemPriority1 crlf) (modify ?ItemFound (Selected true) ) ) In addition you should execute (run) at the end of the file, or from JESS prompt Dusan Sormaz PS. If you see smiley in (not ...) clause replace it by : ( . At 09:30 PM 2/13/2006, you wrote: OK, I’m very, very new to JESS