[JGrass-devel] Impossible to view layers created starting from console

2008-11-14 Thread Giuseppe Cinque
Hello, I continue to have this problem. When I lunch a command, for example: grass r.slope.aspect.exe elevation=inputMap slope=outputMap prec=float zfactor=1.0 without problem. Then I add to map from database JGrass outputMap. The outputMap isn't visible and there is this comment: Sistema di

Re: [JGrass-devel] [bug #127] bugs with new stndalone version of jgrass/udig

2008-11-14 Thread Silvia Franceschi
Hi Giuliano, the problem with the PERMANENT mapset you report is really not a bug rather a choise! :-) The default mapset PERMANENT would not be displayed in the list of available mapset in the catalog view and when you create a new location you have to add a new mapset. We decided to avoid