Re: [JGrass-devel] [bug #127] bugs with new stndalone version of jgrass/udig

2008-11-14 Thread Silvia Franceschi
Hi Giuliano, the problem with the PERMANENT mapset you report is really not a bug rather a choise! :-) The default mapset PERMANENT would not be displayed in the list of available mapset in the catalog view and when you create a new location you have to add a new mapset. We decided to avoid

Re: [JGrass-devel] [bug #158] Location created from jgrass lacks projection info

2009-02-01 Thread Silvia Franceschi
Hi Andrea! I don't knwo if this is a real bug, to set the projection data as in GRASS you should make you Location GRASS compatible. Just right click with the mouse on the location in the catalog and select the Make location GRASS compatible. More info are

[JGrass-devel] [bug #158] Location created from jgrass lacks projection info

2009-02-01 Thread Silvia Franceschi
Update of bug #158 (project jgrass): Status:None = Fixed Assigned to:None = moovida Open/Closed:Open = Closed

Re: [JGrass-devel] [JGrass-users] Raster Quey tool

2009-02-03 Thread Silvia Franceschi
Ciao Andrea, take a look here, just updated... Silvia Dear all, how is it possible to delete the info boxes created from Raster Quey tool? I'm able to do it. selecting the pan tool and

[JGrass-devel] Problem loading tiff

2009-04-18 Thread Silvia Franceschi
Hi all, I am using JGrass-uDig in MacOsX and have some problems loading tif files. It seems to me that I should have some problem with JAI, but honestly I don't really know what to do to solve them. Any idea? Thanks in advance Silvia PS: here is the error MESSAGE Could not aquire scale range

Re: [JGrass-devel] [JGrass-utenti] ancora_shapefileEstrazione

2009-05-14 Thread Silvia Franceschi
Hi Matteo, now the link you provided for the JGrass source code works fine, you can take a look at the source code for more information about the extratc_network algorithms. Probably Riccardo can also help you Does someone know what are the values of the parameters implemented for the