[JOYnet] sacred space 4 internet users!!!!!!!!

2002-10-18 Thread rose maria
I've found a new web site, called Sacred Space (at www.jesuit.ie/prayer). It guides you through a 5-10 minute prayer session, in six steps (things like 'Coming into the Presence of God' and preparatory exercises) and centres on a short scripture passage chosen for the day (so it's a little

[JOYnet] TODAY`S SAINT........

2003-02-07 Thread rose maria
FEBRUARY 7 St. Juliana of Bologna.. (--435) life: Married woman of Bologna , Italy. Juliana and her husband agreed to separate so that he could become a priest. She devoted herself to bringing up their four children and to the service of the Church and the poor

[JOYnet] TODAY`S SAINT........

2003-02-08 Thread rose maria
February 8, 2003 St. Josephine Bakhita (c. 1868-1947) LIFE: The woman thought to be the first African slave to be canonized by the Church was born in 1868 at Oglassa, Darfur, Sudan. At about age 10 she was snatched by slave-traders and given the name Bakhita, or the lucky one, by her

[JOYnet] TODAY`S SAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003-02-09 Thread rose maria
February 9, 2003 St. Miguel Febres Cordero Confessor...(1854 -1910) Life: Francisco was the baptismal name of our saint who was born on November 7, 1854 at Cuenca,Ecuador. Born with a painful handicap of his feet , he was unable to stand until age five when he

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2003-02-10 Thread rose maria
February 10, 2003 St. Scholastica Virgin (480-542?) LIFE: Scholasticawas the twin sister of st Benedict of Nursia(Italy).Twins often share the same interests and ideas with an equal intensity. Born in 480 of wealthy parents, Scholastica and Benedict were brought up

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2003-02-12 Thread rose maria
February 12, 2003 St. GAUDENTIUS Bishop Confessor (360-427) LIFE MISSION: Gaudentius was a native of Brisca, recieved education from St.Philastrius,the Bishop of that city, and then visited monks in Palestine Egypt.He was

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2003-02-13 Thread rose maria
FEBRUARY 13 , 2003 St.CATHERINE DE RICCI Virgin (1522-1590) LIFE: Alexandra Romola was born on 23rd April 1522 at Florence ,Italy,the daughter of an old patrician family..Her mother died when Catherine was an infant; she was raised by her godmother, but considered

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2003-02-14 Thread rose maria
February 14, 2003 Sts. Cyril and Methodius (d. 869; d. 884) Because their father was an officer in a part of Greece inhabited by many Slavs, these two Greek brothers ultimately became missionaries, teachers and patrons of the Slavic peoples. After a brilliant course of studies, Cyril


2003-02-14 Thread rose maria
St. Valentine At least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, are mentioned in the early martyrologies under date of 14 February. One is described as a priest at Rome, another as bishop of Interamna (modern Terni), and these two seem both to have suffered in

[JOYnet] please pray,,

2003-02-14 Thread rose maria
dear friend of jesus, i request u to pray for my aunty Sr.Asumpta for peaceful death and heaven thereafter.she was suffering from cancer nearly ten years, and nowshe is in endstage...she endured her suffering with a smile on

[JOYnet] TODAY`S SAINT........

2003-02-15 Thread rose maria
FEBRUARY 15 TH 2003, Sts.FAUSTINUS AND JAVITA MARTYRS (--C.120) LIFE: The priest Faustinus and his brother , a Deacon, preached the word of God with such fearlessnessand zeal in thier native Brescia , in Lombardy (Italy), even during Trajan`s

[JOYnet] TODAY`S SAINT........

2003-02-16 Thread rose maria
FEBRUARY 16TH 2003 JULIANA of Nicomedia Also known as Juliana of Cumae LIFE: Juliana's struggle with the devil was one of the favorite stories of the medieval Church. What still fascinates is its deep psychological meaning: for the devil is said to have appeared to the saint as an


2003-02-18 Thread rose maria
FEBRUARY 18TH 2003 St.SIMEON BISHOP MARTYR ( c,8 B.C--c,112 A..D.) LIFE: St.Simeon, the son of Cleophas, is called a brother of our Lord in the gospels of St.Mathew and Mark,that possibly a first cousin. As one of the 72 disciples he was present at

[JOYnet] SIMPLICITY.. my view...

2003-02-18 Thread rose maria
hi folks, to be honest i love simplicity... a good characterhumble virtue..from my childhood i used to look on to my elder sisters for a model ( i`m the youngest in family) , and the visible virtue that i always noticed in them was


2003-02-19 Thread rose maria
FEBRUARY 19TH 2003 ST. CONRAD OF PIACENZA Confessor (1290-1351) LIFE: A member of one of the first families of Piacenza in northern Italy, he married to Euphrosyne, daughter of a nobleman. He was passionately fond of hunting, and one day while hunting , his

[JOYnet] SIMPLICITY...a SAINT`S view...

2003-02-19 Thread rose maria
hai the smily simple mates of Jesus, , i think THE SAINTS might have got some thing to say on these days about *simplicity* St. Theresa of Lisuex?!!---we know the in out of her simple life--the simple little flower


2003-02-21 Thread rose maria
21ST FEBRUARY 2003 ST.PETER DAMIAN BISHOP CONFESSOR, DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH (10071072) LIFE :Peter Onesti, the youngest of a large Ravenna family of noble ancestry, was orphanedat an early agesent to tend swine.But his piety intellectual


2003-02-22 Thread rose maria
february 22nd 2003Chair of Saint Peter The feast of the Chair of Saint Peter commemorates the establishment of the see of Rome by Saint Peter the Apostle. A second feast is known to have taken place on 22 February, traditionally the day when Peter bore witness, by the Sea of Tiberias, to the


2003-02-23 Thread rose maria
23RD FEBRUARY 2003 ST.POLYCARP BISHOP MARTYR, APOSTOLIC FATHER OF THE CHURCH (c75/82--155?) LIFE: St.Polycarp was converted and instructed by St.John the Evangelist; he must have been some 37 year old when the aged Apostleconsecrated him Bishop of


2003-02-23 Thread rose maria
24THFEBRUARY ST.CAESARIUS PHYSICIAN(A.D---369) LIFE: Son of Saint Gregory of Nazianzen the Elder and Saint Nonna. Brother of Saint Gorgonia and Saint Gregory. He recieved educaton in Alexandria where he specialised in oratory, philosophy and more

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2003-02-25 Thread rose maria
25TH FEBRUARY 2003 ST.WALBURGA VIRGIN (c.710-777) LIFE: St.Walburga`s father, St.Richrad, was a king of the west Saxons in today`s Devonshire., and her mother Winna a sister of St.Boniface, the great Apostle of


2003-02-26 Thread rose maria
FEBRUARY26TH2003 ST. ISABEL OF FRANCE Virgin ( 1225--1270) LIFE: Isabella , daughter of King Louis VII of France and Blanche of Castle , born in march 1225.and, sister of St.Louis IX, king of france (1226--70).When still a child at court,Isabel


2003-02-28 Thread rose maria
28TH FEBRUARY 2003 ST. HILARIUS POPE CONFESSOR(---468) LIFE: He was born in Sardinia, Italy, and was a papal legate to the Robber Council of Ephesus in 449,reporting on the Monophysitism heresies of Eutyches, which denied the humanity of Christ and claimed he had only a


2003-03-01 Thread rose maria
MARCH 1ST 2003 ST DAVID BISHOP CONFESSOR ( ---c.589) LIFE: Welsh royalty. Son of King Sant of South Wales and Saint Non. Grandson of Ceredig, Prince of Cardigan. Uncle of King Arthur. Priest.He was educated by St.Paulinus, a disciple of St.Germain of Auxerre.St.David was


2003-03-02 Thread rose maria
2ND MARCH 2003 ST.CHAD BISHOP CONFESSOR (---c.672) LIFE: Chad was born in Northumbria, probably 620s.While still a boy he became a student of ST.Adian at the celtic monastery on Lindisfarne and later went as a monk to Ireland, where he was priested

[JOYnet] generosity.......

2003-03-02 Thread rose maria
hi friends of christ,, i lay down some true facts... As i started to think about generosity thesepenetrating lines of St.Josemaria came on my way..***Is there any greater madness than scattering the golden wheat over the ground to


2003-03-03 Thread rose maria
3 RD MARCH 2003 ST.CUNEGUNDES EMPRESS (---1039) LIFE: Daughter of Sigfrid, Count of Luxemburg.( on the border of France and Germany) Received a religious education, and took a private vow of virginity. Married Saint Henry, Duke of Bavaria, who agreed to honour her vow. On the


2003-03-04 Thread rose maria
MARCH 4TH 2003 ST.CASIMIR PRINCE CONFESSOR(1458-1484) LIFE: St.Casimir was the second son of King Casimir IV of Poland and the virtuousElizabeth of Austria , recieved his early educationfrom the deeply religious Canon John Dugosz, the polish

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2003-03-06 Thread rose maria
6TH MARCH 2003 ST.COLITTE VIRGIN (1381--1447) LIFE: Carpenter's daughter whose parents were near 60 at her birth. Orphaned at age 17, and left in the care of a Benedictine abbot. Her guardian wanted her to marry, but Colette was drawn to religious life. She initially

[JOYnet] TODAY`S SAINT........

2003-03-07 Thread rose maria
MARCH 7TH 2003 STS PERPETUA AND FELICITY MARTYRS( AD.---203) LIFE Martyrs, suffered at Carthage, 7 March 203, together with three companions, Revocatus, Saturus, and Saturninus. The details of the martyrdom of these five confessors in the North African Church have


2003-03-11 Thread rose maria
11TH MARCH 2003 ST.EULOGIUS MARTYAR( c--818--859) LIFE: St.Eulogius was the son of a noblem senatorial family of Cordoba in southern Spain..The city was the seat of one of most brilliant courts of Europe under the Mohammedan Caliphs.St.Eulogius

[JOYnet] prayer help.....

2003-03-11 Thread rose maria
hi friends, i just felt like sharing this as we need ur thoughts of prayers for His children of this distant land few months before ,i had requested ur prayers for my colleague britishners , for faith and healing,,, thanking u all for

[JOYnet] TODAY`S SAINT........blessed ANGELA

2003-03-12 Thread rose maria
March 12, 2003 Blessed Angela Salawa (1881-1922) Angela served Christ and Christs little ones with all her strength. Born in Siepraw, near Kraksw, Poland, she was the 11th child of Bartlomiej and Ewa Salawa. In 1897, she moved to Kraksw where her older sister Therese lived. Angela


2003-03-13 Thread rose maria
13TH MARCH 2003 ST EUPHRASIA VIRGIN ( a.d 380--420) ;LIFE: Euphrasia was a daughter of a senator of constantinople( Turkey) Antigonus, who died shortly after her birth.He was related to the Emperor Theodosius I , who took the widow and the

Re: [JOYnet] On Film songs VS Devotional songs.

2003-03-14 Thread rose maria
**Oh! snehamam sayujyame,,, ennantharathmavinnekananthame.. enhruthaam veenayunaratteyennum nin ragam meeettuvanayi mathrum... hai u beautiful *note* s of Jesus, Its really a -beautiful knowledge that ,,the very gentle love of


2003-03-14 Thread rose maria
14TH MARCH 2003 ST .MATILDA QUEEN (895-968) LIFE: Also known as Maud; Matilda of Saxony Daughter of Count Dietrich of Westphalia and Reinhild of Denmark,when her father died , mother took viel matilda was raised by her grandmother, abbess of the Eufurt. In 913,

[JOYnet] saint of the day....15TH MARCH

2003-03-16 Thread rose maria
March 15, 2003 St. Louise de Marillac (d. 1660) Louise, born near Meux, France, lost her mother when she was still a child, her beloved father when she was but 15. Her desire to become a nun was discouraged by her confessor, and a marriage was arranged. One son was born of this union. But


2003-03-16 Thread rose maria
16TH MARCH 2003 ST.HERIBERT BISHOP OF COLOGNE ( AD..970--1021) LIFE: One of the most renowned Prelates of the Diocese of Cologne ( Germany).He was born in the town of Worms in the Palatinate of the Rhine.He was very brilliantalways eager to


2003-03-20 Thread rose maria
12TH MARCH 2003 ST.CUTHBERT BISHOP CONFESSOR (C.635--687) LIFE: This famous English saint was a native of Northumbria(England),Orphaned at an early age. Shepherd.and as a young man , had to help defend his country against the attack of King Penda of

[JOYnet] update on David`s health....

2003-03-20 Thread rose maria
hi friends, thanx lots for prayer supports,,,please continue ur prayers,,, there is bit of improvement in his condition,,he has opened the eyes ,though remains on ventillator,,blood pressure is coming upto normal range his

[JOYnet] update on David`s health....

2003-03-20 Thread rose maria
hi friends, thanx lots for prayer supports,,,please continue ur prayers,,, there is bit of improvement in his condition,,he has opened the eyes ,though remains on ventillator,,blood pressure is coming upto normal range his


2003-03-21 Thread rose maria
21st MARCH 2003 ST.NICHOLAS DE FLUE ( 1417--1487) LIFE: Nicholas was born near the Lake of the four Cantons, in Switzerland.As a young man he was for some years a soldier, fighting for his native Canton and rising to the rank of a


2003-03-22 Thread rose maria
March 22, 2003 St. Nicholas Owen (d. 1606) Nicholas, familiarly known as Little John, was small in stature but big in the esteem of his fellow Jesuits. LIFE: Born at Oxford, this humble artisan saved the lives of many priests and laypersons in England during the penal times


2003-03-23 Thread rose maria
friends , please pray now ,,if u happened to get this mail got phone call abt DAVID , docs has given only half an houras no bp 0r pulse is recordable i beg u...PLEASE ASK OUR LORD U HIS WARRIORS... thanx a lot rose **O

[JOYnet] thank u dears...

2003-03-23 Thread rose maria
dears, thank u all for ur fervant prayers ,,thoughts and all the mails u have send so thoughtfully,it wasreally a blessing strenght to have u all with us ,these days now too,,. .david`s sister cynthia, is flying from london

[JOYnet] saint of the day....23RD MARCH

2003-03-24 Thread rose maria
23RD MARCH 2003 ST. TURIBIUS DE MOGROVEJO bishop confessor ( 1538--1606) LIFE: Together with Rose of Lima, Turibius is the first known saint of the New World, serving the Lord in Peru, South America, for 26 years. Born in Spain and educated for the law, he became so brilliant


2003-03-24 Thread rose maria
24TH MARCH 2003 ST.CATHERINE OF SWEDEN VIRGIN (1331--1381) LIFE: The fourth child of the Swedish prince Ulf Gudmarsson and of St.Brigitta, Catherine was educated at the convent of Riseberg.At the age of 14 she was married , in obedience to her


2003-03-25 Thread rose maria
OUR LADY AT MEDJUGORJE; Message of March 25, 2003 Dear children! Also today I call you to pray for peace. Pray with the heart, little children, and do not lose hope because God loves His creatures. He desires to save you, one by one, through my coming here. I call you to the way of


2003-03-25 Thread rose maria
25TH MARCH 2003 ANNUNCIATION OF THE LORD A BRIEF: The feast of the Annunciation goes back to the fourth or fifth century. Its central focus is the Incarnation: God has become one of us. From all eternity God had decided that the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity should become


2003-03-26 Thread rose maria
26TH MARCH 2003 ST. LUDGER BISHOP CONFESSOR (c. 743--809) LIFE: Son of Thiadgrim and Liafburg, wealthy Frisian nobles. Brother of Saint Gerburgis and Saint Hildegrin. Saw Saint Boniface preach in 753, and was greatly moved. Studied at Utrecht under Saint Gregory of Utrecht. Studied


2003-03-27 Thread rose maria
March 27, 2003 Blessed Francis Fa` di Bruno (1825-1888) LIFE: Francis, the last of 12 children, was born in northern Italy into an aristocratic family. He lived at a particularly turbulent time in history, when anti-Catholic and anti-papal sentiments were especially strong. After


2003-03-28 Thread rose maria
28TH MARCH 2003 ST TUTILO OF GALL (850-915) LIFE: Large, powerfully built Irish man. Educated at Saint Gall's monastery in Switzerland where he stayed to become a Benedictine monk. Friend of Blessed Notkar Balbulus. A renaisance man before the term was coined. Excellent student, he


2003-03-29 Thread rose maria
March 29, 2003 Blessed Ludovico of Casoria (1814-1885) Born in Casoria (near Naples), Arcangelo Palmentieri was a cabinet-maker before entering the Friars Minor in 1832, taking the name Ludovico. After his ordination five years later, he taught chemistry, physics and mathematics to younger


2003-03-30 Thread rose maria
30th MARCH 2003 ST JOHN CLIMACUS ABBOT CONFESSOR ( c.525-605) LIFE: Syrian by birth, he lived in a cave -hermitage at the foot of Mount Sinai in the desert of Thola, studying the lives of the Saints and gaining a reputation for profound

[JOYnet] HAPPY MOTHER`S DAY..............

2003-03-30 Thread rose maria
DEARMOTHERS( Joynet members), wishing u a delighted day of celeberating ur MOTHER HOOD! itsreally great to be a mother! a previlage!! a blessing ..!!! a joy may all ur virtues make ur kids to love God more and more each


2003-03-31 Thread rose maria
31ST MARCH 2003 ST BENJAMIN MARTYAR (---424) LIFE: It was the fifth century and Yezdegerd, son of Sapor III, was ruling Persia. There was little persecution of Christians during this time, however, a Christian Bishop named Abdas changed that. Abdas, in his zeal and out of

[JOYnet] TODAY`S SAINT........ST.RICHARD de Wych

2003-04-03 Thread rose maria
3RD APRIL 2003 ST. RICHARD BISHOP CONFESSOR (1197-1253) LIFE: Richard de Wych born . about 1197 at Droitwich, Worcestershire, from which his surname is derived; . He was the second son of Richard and Alice de Wyche. His father died while he was still young and the family


2003-04-04 Thread rose maria
4TH APRIL 2003 ST. ISIDORE DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH (c.556?--636) LIFE: The 76 years of Isidore's life were a time of conflict and growth for the Church in Spain. The Visigoths had invaded the land a century and a half earlier and shortly before Isidore's birth they set up


2004-03-28 Thread rose maria
On the 25th of each month, Our Lady appears to the Medjugorje visionary Marija to give us her message to the world. Below is the latest official English translation as provided by the Information Center in Medjugorje Message of March 25, 2004 : Dear children! Also today, I call


2004-04-09 Thread rose maria
As unpleasant or out-of -place some people may consider the thought of the end times to be, theres is no way of avoiding the fact that today,JESUS is calling all mankind to turn with devotion to His DIVINE MERCY as a final preparation for His return in glory JESUS I TRUST IN YOU..