[jQuery] Gmail

2010-02-11 Thread PELE
Have You seen? New tutorial how to login gmail account without ANY

[jQuery] Gmail Progress Bar

2008-05-24 Thread pedramphp

Recently Google Added a Progress bar in gmail .. without any SWF
uploader and any Flashes ... And it works in IE and FIrefox ... how
could we do the same in jquery and How did they do this...?

[jQuery] Gmail Hidden From View Notification

2008-04-01 Thread Civ2boss

Hello there.

I'm trying to create a function for a website that is similar to a
hidden from view notification from Gmail. In Gmail when you are
reading a long email conversation, it pops up a small tab with a name
and an arrow to indicate there is more to read but it's hidden from

I would like to know if there's a way to duplicate that using jQuery?