[jug-discussion] SWT ... the scoop?

2002-11-11 Thread Simon Ritchie
In anticipation of the Tuesday presentation on SWT, here's a message to a mailing list posted by Alan Williamson, the editor of Java Developers Journal. The message he quotes is from a source within IBM. It's an interesting look at the inside politics of Swing and SWT. Simon. Subject: [ST-J] SWT

RE: [jug-discussion] SWT ... the scoop?

2002-11-11 Thread Matt Sponer
Whoa, awesome. Thanks for posting that. I've been curious for a long time why Swing is so unusable, and why IBM doesn't show off SWT more. It's great to hear more of the story. Sun's Java Platform Performance book talks a little about Swing's performance issues. The author was on the team that

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2002-11-11 Thread Webmaster
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