RE: [jug-discussion] SWT ... the scoop?

2002-11-12 Thread Art Gramlich
-Original Message- From: Matt Sponer [mailto:matt.sponer;] Sent: Monday, November 11, 2002 4:15 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: RE: [jug-discussion] SWT ... the scoop? Whoa, awesome. Thanks for posting that. I've been curious for a long time why Swing is so

[jug-discussion] Java Web Start SWT Article

2002-11-12 Thread Tim Colson
Howdy Folks - As promised in the meeting, here are two links to an introductory and follow-up article on using Java Web Start (JWS). --- Deploying Software with JNLP and JavaTM Web Start Going Beyond the Java Plug-in By John Zukowski