RE: [jug-discussion] Source code labeler/annotater

2003-03-18 Thread Matt Sponer
Hiya, Regular expressions made for this. This'll print all casts in a source tree (Unix or Cygwin): egrep .*= *\(.*\).*; `find . -name *.java` Changing this to a search and replace would allow you to add XML or output it as colorized HTML or something. If your not in one of those environments, you

RE: [jug-discussion] SWT ... the scoop?

2002-11-11 Thread Matt Sponer
Whoa, awesome. Thanks for posting that. I've been curious for a long time why Swing is so unusable, and why IBM doesn't show off SWT more. It's great to hear more of the story. Sun's Java Platform Performance book talks a little about Swing's performance issues. The author was on the team that