RE: [jug-discussion] JDK 1.4 on OS X ??

2002-10-14 Thread Tim Colson
Warner et. al. Is there an archive for this list so I can get up to speed on what's been discussed over the past few months? I never got into the whole OS 8/9 thing Heh heh... My Mac days started with the 128K Mac and proceeded until I fell out of favor with the cult somewhere around oh '93

RE: [jug-discussion] OT - sql question

2002-10-31 Thread Tim Colson
Well, I was curious to see...looks like mySQL hasn't implemented sub-selects every as yet. Bummer. But, they show the LEFT JOIN alternative as Vincent has already pointed out. :-) Excerpt: MySQL Server currently only supports nested

RE: [jug-discussion] Eclipse is better on Windows

2002-11-01 Thread Tim Colson
+1 on SWT preso, especially if there was some info on using it standalone and/or deployed using java web start, and/or on a Jeode JVM. Due to the lack of volunteers to present for the next meeting Well, thinking in a vaguely similar vein, the stuff builds widgets entirely with AWT

[jug-discussion] Java Web Start SWT Article

2002-11-12 Thread Tim Colson
Howdy Folks - As promised in the meeting, here are two links to an introductory and follow-up article on using Java Web Start (JWS). --- Deploying Software with JNLP and JavaTM Web Start Going Beyond the Java Plug-in By John Zukowski

RE: [jug-discussion] [dec presentation] survey of O/R tools

2002-11-13 Thread Tim Colson
Well, [Warner] personally have some issues with EJB ;-). If I saw a good presentation on it maybe I'd change my mind. I agree with you, especially with the 1.1 spec, but I did see a compelling preso on 2.x last year at JavaOne...Tyler Jewell from BEA gave a talk on EJB 2.x and fired me up to

RE: [jug-discussion] list policy

2002-11-13 Thread Tim Colson
plus I'm still waiting to hear about my Membership proposal ;-). If membership fees enable more heat and snacks at the meetings, then I'm all for em'. grin Tim - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional

RE: [jug-discussion] [dec presentation] survey of O/R tools

2002-11-14 Thread Tim Colson
His scope was TOO BIG from the beginning and certainly doesn't need widening! +1 (That's why I want to get my favorites near the top. grin) I advocate that we stick with the original idea (maybe even cut it down to 3 or 4) and save the EJB stuff for sometime later (maybe the following

RE: [jug-discussion] list policy

2002-11-14 Thread Tim Colson
Heat is difficult. It would take a lot to get our systems manager to raise the temperature of that room. And he would demand payment in Guinness. :) I'd gladly pay in Guinness. grin Seriously though, aren't there any conference rooms that aren't sub-arctic that could be used? :-) Or

RE: [jug-discussion] dec. presentation/jan. presentation

2002-11-14 Thread Tim Colson
Castor ( +0 Hibernate ( +1 Torque ( +1 OJB ( -1 TJDO ( -1 My preference would be to drop TJDO and then present that later on it's own. +1 OJB seems

RE: [jug-discussion] [dec presentation] survey of O/R tools

2002-11-19 Thread Tim Colson
Hey folks - I just ran across an old work email of mine with some JDO discussion. I'm not sure where the link is on the website, but when I first joined the list, I think Simon sent around a link to a previous discussion on Solarmetrics JDO product (Kodo JDO).

[jug-discussion] Drag and Drop Code?

2002-12-02 Thread Tim Colson
Does anyone have some up to date JDK 1.4.x drag and drop code examples? Thanks, Timo - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [jug-discussion] Jar application on OS X

2002-12-06 Thread Tim Colson
What's the manifest/file structure look like? Probably wrong, but could it be case sensitivity in the manifest file Main Class attrib? Tim - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL

RE: [jug-discussion] Open Source HTTP Servers

2002-12-08 Thread Tim Colson
Say - if you're looking for a coding exercise that isn't quite so...uh.. pedestrian (sorry, injected my own opinion there grin), I've been playing with the JXTA Peer2Peer code kit and would love to collaborate with somebody. P2P with yourself isn't much fun. ;-) My goal currently is to: 1) get

RE: [jug-discussion] Tuesday's presentation

2002-12-09 Thread Tim Colson
Seriously though... I hadn't realized until this morning that the Thinlet idea for a mini-preso was green lighted. ;-) 1. We twist Tim's arm and make him do a longer presentation on Thinlets. I can do a 15 min talk about almost anything (including probably Yuma) with only a days notice... but

RE: [jug-discussion] Eclipse, or: More Inanity From The ResidentHobbyist

2002-12-14 Thread Tim Colson
I'm starting to get excited about trying to code something again. I understand. Intellij IDEA did that for me with Java. One feature that actually thrilled me, especially when I was newish to Java is auto-import of packages. Type ArrayList and a little pop-up balloon appears with the suggestion

[jug-discussion] OT: HW Question

2002-12-14 Thread Tim Colson
Say folks - this is off topic - just wondering if anybody (or somebody you know) has a Sony VAIO portable CD I could borrow for a day or two? Thanks, Tim - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands,

RE: [jug-discussion] Eclipse, or: More Inanity From The ResidentHobbyist

2002-12-16 Thread Tim Colson
Someone with more JWS experience can confirm/deny/correct...but I am under the impression that if you launch the application using a Java Web Start JNLP file, all of the jars will be cached. Additionally, if the library jars are referenced with an absolute URL in the JNLP, then those jars can be

[jug-discussion] JWS Reference

2002-12-16 Thread Tim Colson
If interested in Java Web Start - have a look here: -- All sorts of resources. -- JavaWorld July 2001 article. lp/ -- Simple how-to from

RE: [jug-discussion] Eclipse, or: More Inanity From The ResidentHobbyist

2002-12-17 Thread Tim Colson
Anthony - Although Web Start looks interesting, I was thinking in terms of deploying a standalone application. The calculator example from the Thinlet site, for example, can be deployed either as an application or an applet. Same for the demo app. Sounds to me like there might be some

RE: [jug-discussion] January Presentation

2003-01-08 Thread Tim Colson
Warner will be doing his long-awaited presentation on Whoo Hoo. I await the preso with baited breath. :-) However, we are still in need of a presenter for the 15min time slot. Heh heh... if truly nobody steps up, I'll gladly do the super-short version of the Thinlet preso again since most

RE: [jug-discussion] Big savings through open source Java

2003-01-20 Thread Tim Colson
There's a very nice article on ZDNet discussing how FCCI Dennis - Thanks for that, indeed a good article. I especially liked the nods to Velocity as a template engine (it rocks) and later the mention of Thinlets and Swing Apps as a next step up from servlets. We have progressed from writing

RE: [jug-discussion] Vote for JUG Logo

2003-02-07 Thread Tim Colson
Tom wrote: p.s. So, just to make it official, I vote for the: TJUG green gecko tricolor by Tim Colson/Thomas Hicks: Well, Tom apparently not only has no shame...but is also scarce on humility. ;-) If Tom's 'derivative form' of my logo submission is selected, I'll at least be obliged to create

RE: [jug-discussion] Fun with ANT - classpath debug xml with javac task

2003-05-27 Thread Tim Colson
:( You didn't buy the definitive guide, huh? That would be Java Development with Ant (Manning). :)) Hah. Why buy the cow when the milk is free? grin Seriously - you are way too helpful - so I just ordered/dloaded the ebook. :-) ORDER SUBMITTED

RE: [jug-discussion] Fun with ANT - classpath debug xml with javac task

2003-05-27 Thread Tim Colson
Drew asked: Are these hibernate files actually becoming part of the source (i.e. you build then modify the files) or are they build artifacts (i.e. you generate them every time you build)? Good points from both Drew and Erik. Right now the hibernate mapping files are part of the source

RE: [jug-discussion] *** Meeting Reminder ***

2003-07-08 Thread Tim Colson
Eddie said he can speak for about half an hour. How long do you think you will speak for Tim? Well, I could drone on for hours... but that'd impact beer drinkin' time. grin Seriously, the VelocityTools stuff is prolly 20-30 min and the JavaOne stuff is about 10-15. Timo

RE: [jug-discussion] *** Meeting Reminder ***

2003-07-08 Thread Tim Colson
Hmm... I lied folks. Apparently I took more notes at JavaOne 2003 than at first I remembered. (I had a nasty cold for the entire week, so I honestly don't remember parts of the week.) Anyway - I've got 25 slides so far and another 10 pages of notes to condense. There are bits that might even be

RE: [jug-discussion] JavaOne 2003 Notes

2003-07-09 Thread Tim Colson
Howdy Rob - Sun takes little of the financial risk involved in putting on JavaOne, and thus gets little of the money paid by attendees, Ah, I understand, makes sense... I don't begrudge the original quote since, just looking on the surface of it, I'd have the same gripe he did if I thought

RE: [jug-discussion] August meeting

2003-08-14 Thread Tim Colson
look like we've had too many volunteers for presentations. I guess we can either go with your Velocity + Struts presentation or skip the meeting. How long is your presentation? Simon. Tim Colson wrote: Howdy Folks - The traffic on the list and attendance at the meetings

RE: [jug-discussion] August meeting

2003-08-14 Thread Tim Colson
Howdy Folks - The traffic on the list and attendance at the meetings for the last couple months has been...shall I say, less robust than normal. Summer months involve travel, family vacations and such - so this is probably to be expected. Unless there are a lot of folks planning to show up

RE: [jug-discussion] Automated Deployment of Database Artifacts--assistance needed

2003-11-08 Thread Tim Colson
Hey folks - a quick but late followup here (I was out of the country the past two weeks.) We do a mix of what Erik and Rene described. We create a db-neutral create template which builds the schema, and another template which populates data. Ant runs the show - first taking the template and

RE: [jug-discussion] next tuesday?

2003-11-09 Thread Tim Colson
Howdy folks - I'm still good with the Tuesday meeting. Looks like that is Veterans Day - not one that is observed where I work. Cheers, Timo - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL

[jug-discussion] RE: webcasting

2003-11-09 Thread Tim Colson
Chad wrote: Unfortunately, I work from Phoenix Mon-Wed, so I can never make the meetings, or else I would volunteer for some presentations. I did make the Velocity presentation, and I'm very glad I did. We need to webcast the meetings :) Interesting idea. Live broadcast would be

[jug-discussion] Article on Lucene QueryParser

2003-11-11 Thread Tim Colson
Some dude named Hatcher wrote an article on Lucene for Cheers, Timo - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail:

[jug-discussion] Why does Open Source Suck?

2003-11-12 Thread Tim Colson
I thought this was a fun read. :-) Timo - Cameron Purdy started a blogfest with his original piece, gratuitously titled, Why does Open Source suck?. He is a little sick at how some people see projects that are open source as

RE: [jug-discussion] JMeter?

2003-11-14 Thread Tim Colson
Hatcher wrote: I think a few locals have used it: Vince admitted that he'd used it too. I'd sure be interested in a preso/intro in person. ;-) Timo - To unsubscribe,

RE: [jug-discussion] P2P data replication

2003-11-16 Thread Tim Colson
Elly - I have thought about your suggestion during the weekend. Actually, it wasn't a suggestion. It was a question for my own theoretical application which has different req'ts from the MD3 app. :-) Every peer will be contacted in some way that the information of all other peers in the

RE: [jug-discussion] December Meeting

2003-11-20 Thread Tim Colson
Long topic - An Introduction to J2ME Development - Jeffrey Peacock Dec 8...rats, it sucks that I'll be in SJ that week. :-( Jeffrey has several presentations on J2ME 'Advanced J2ME Development' +1 'Java On A Chip: Robotics using the Javelin Stamp'. +1 + cl, I want one

RE: [jug-discussion] Consulting groups in Tucson?

2003-12-23 Thread Tim Colson
What are some of the IT consulting companies in Tucson that do custom programming/services (not specifically Java)? Well, here's a few that I know of specifically: All interesting, but most of the example appear to be one person operations. Are there any consulting companies of say 50-60

RE: [jug-discussion] no volunteers - drinks

2004-01-12 Thread Tim Colson
Howdy Gang - I'm generally a fan of beer and wine, but does seem kind of a shame not to have a java topic first. :-( Curious - anybody interested in JXTA coding? I'm thinking about folks jumping onto a LAN and working through

RE: [jug-discussion] intro

2004-01-13 Thread Tim Colson
Bruce - I can't help on the cottage/guesthouse thing, but the entire city is fairly mellow in my opinion, and good hiking/road-biking/mtn-biking/rollerblading/rock-climbing is everywhere - if you aren't a wuss about the heat. ;-) does the time/place get sent here? has

RE: [jug-discussion] tonight?

2004-01-13 Thread Tim Colson
Hey Folks - Looking at my original email, I see now that I should have worded it better or sent two separate emails. I was trying to say two things: 1) it would be a shame to not have some Java topic before socializing. I thought this might goad Simon/Warner into at least a 15 minute talk.

[jug-discussion] Code Burritos

2004-01-13 Thread Tim Colson
Howdy folks - Let me try this again. :-) I think it might be fun to grab some burritos from a local place (ex. Chipotle/Rubios/Chuy's) and work on a little bit of code in a group. Extreme programming in action. :-) I'm personally interested in stuff that I can't try out in my day-job. JXTA,

RE: [jug-discussion] February Meeting

2004-02-09 Thread Tim Colson
What sequence is going to work best? I'm guessing: My vote would be for the reverse order. Gives Nick plenty of time plus a chance to get us familiar with some of the concepts that might be revisited by Chad/Andrew. 3. Nick - Mock Objects using Aspect (1hr) 2. Chad - Bytecode manipulation as

[jug-discussion] How kids learn to program - Squeak

2004-02-13 Thread Tim Colson
Not necessarily Java - the dev site is down so I can't verify... but darn interesting none the less... I was cleaning up a few files, and ran across my notes on a 3 year old quest of mine to re-find ChipWits. Ostensibly, CW was a game written in MacForth that ran on the original 128K Mac. The

[jug-discussion] FatCow - Confluence - and Non-Profits

2004-02-19 Thread Tim Colson
I happened to be browsing Atlassians Open Source page... started looking at FatCow and liked what I saw. It's a wiki macro that runs HTML test cases using HTTP Unit. I think that is a truly novel idea! I'd even do a preso on it. The only downside... FatCow (oh

RE: [jug-discussion] Prevayler

2004-02-20 Thread Tim Colson
Say Todd - After you get that preso ready for the PHX JUG, what kind of bribe might it take to convince you to take the presentation on a roadshow down to the Old Pueblo for a TJUG meeting? Cheers, Tim - To unsubscribe,

[jug-discussion] C# and Java Comparison?

2004-02-25 Thread Tim Colson
Hey there - Fawcette just spammed me with an invite to get a free year of Visual Studio Developer. Sure. Why not. They also forced me to tell them which VS technology I use... so I picked C# for grins mostly. But just yesterday I noticed that converted from J2EE to .NET, and I

[jug-discussion] Show your support. :-)

2004-02-25 Thread Tim Colson
Hey gang - I love seeing new people come to the meetings. It broadens the knowledge base, expands the range of experience, and improves the chances for interesting topics and discussion. And more participation leads to paradoxically to more participation. So please do a little thing to help

[jug-discussion] Meeting Topic for March?

2004-02-25 Thread Tim Colson
Simon / Warner - I'm just curious if there is a topic(s) for March yet? If not - then I'm going to ask Drew, real nice-like, if he'd consider giving an OGNL preso. :-) Cheers, Timo - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL

RE: [jug-discussion] Jar slimming tools?

2004-02-25 Thread Tim Colson
Nick - I rememeber a discussion on this list about tools for JAR slimming: ditching all the classes in a JAR than can be proved by static analysis to be unused by your code. I wasn't around for that discussion (or I claim ignorance)... but it's an interesting idea. Due to reflection,

RE: [jug-discussion] Meeting Topic for March?

2004-02-25 Thread Tim Colson
Yes, Cia and I will be doing Usability and Programming (focusing on Web and desktop apps). Rob Gingell (I believe) is singed on to do an update on the JCP. Good God Man! That's fantastic. :-) Rob Gingell singing.. that'd be fun too. grin So, howabout getting this Next Meeting - March 9

[jug-discussion] RE: domain registration - cost

2004-02-26 Thread Tim Colson
Warner wrote: BTW - The domain is due to expire soon, it would be nice if someone else could pay for the two years this time 'round. Maybe a collection plate at the next meeting ;-). It ain't much, I think $15/year. Looks like is hosted/registered by, and they are

RE: [jug-discussion] New Powerbook WAS: Re: [jug-discussion] Jar slimming tools?

2004-02-26 Thread Tim Colson
As to the Powerbook, it was totaled. $1000 for repairs. Ouch. :-( So I bought a new one. 17 inch monitor, 1.3 ghz G4, 1.5 gigs of RAM. I am now the ubergeek. Indeed! And I bow down before your geekiness... 1.5 gigs of RAM. Wow. -Timo

[jug-discussion] Meeting schedule on website?

2004-03-01 Thread Tim Colson
Hey folks - It's only a week away, howabout updating the website to show the future meeting schedule (dates and speakers where known)? When folks browse the site currently, they don't know there is a new meeting coming up or what to expect. Cheers, Timo

RE: [jug-discussion] Meeting schedule on website?

2004-03-01 Thread Tim Colson
I know it takes time to keep up with stuff like that but it would be great for the group to have the site updated whenever the speakers are set for a meeting. +1 :-) I threw together a CSS based revamp of the site and just emailed it to Warner and Rene for consideration. It includes the

[jug-discussion] Calendars for Mtg Notice

2004-03-02 Thread Tim Colson
Hey gang - I was looking for the date for that Tech Oasis mtg tonight... and ran across this calendar: For monthly e-mail or fax distribution of the ATIC Calendar or if you have comments or notice of upcoming events for inclusion, please contact

RE: [jug-discussion] timely find

2004-03-04 Thread Tim Colson
Drew said: They all fail to realize that a build system *is* a process, and a script is a closer analog to some tasks than a declarative model. +1 on this, and most of the rest of Drew's post... (not including the farting bit, on that I'm -1 ;-) I dig simple ant stuff... but the more

RE: [jug-discussion] Webapp frameworks

2004-03-05 Thread Tim Colson
Robert wrote: suffice it to say that I'm not convinced that [Struts is] the framework for me... at least not for this project. It's kind of funny to me. Two years ago at JavaOne, Craig McClanahan and Struts seemed to be the talk of the show. I'm in the minority, but I'm not a fan of JSP. So our

[jug-discussion] OptimalJ Product Demo Poll

2004-03-06 Thread Tim Colson
Some colleagues are trying out OptimalJ and this MDA thing. I'm wondering if anybody has used this stuff? On a similar topic... I think someone in a meeting once said there was a sales person wanting to give us a demo of some tools (I don't know what tool). Personally, I would not be

RE: [jug-discussion] OptimalJ Product Demo Poll

2004-03-07 Thread Tim Colson
You have any URLs? I haven't read any of these - but they are from the an MDA wiki page a colleague setup internally: OptimalJ OMG MDA site MDA Productivity Analysis (PDF) from The Middleware Company: case study of using MDA to

RE: [jug-discussion] OptimalJ Product Demo Poll

2004-03-07 Thread Tim Colson
I just votedit seemed to allow me to select a time AND an Other, which is kinda cool because I wanted to use the Other to elaborate on my choice. Is that the way it's supposed to work, though? Yep. I made it so folks can check all the ones that may apply. For instance, I personally

RE: [jug-discussion] Product Demos in general

2004-03-08 Thread Tim Colson
Let me break this explicitly into two topics :-) TOPIC 1: Acceptability of Product demos in meetings. Also, there's the whole issue of spending our one meeting per month on a sales pitch. Agreed -- that is the reason for the poll - did you vote? ;-) Current talley: 60 min: 1

RE: [jug-discussion] OptimalJ Product Demo

2004-03-08 Thread Tim Colson
Consequently, I would be interested in presentations on [x,y,z] but I would have little interest in [j]. Okay, so it is my fault for putting Optimal J and Product Demo in one original email. But I brought up OptimalJ because it may be part of my life in another few weeks. Originally I was just

RE: [jug-discussion] Product Demos in general

2004-03-08 Thread Tim Colson
So I think in general, if we have a choice between a vendor presentation and something else, then the non-vendor presentation should be the preference. I'd prefer to have both - not an either/or choice. :-) Vendor shows up, brings food or freebies, and gets a small amount of our time

[jug-discussion] Servlet Filters

2004-03-09 Thread Tim Colson
I've been working on logging application events (i.e. granular 'activities' of which several may happen during one HttpRequest). Along with that, I have been checking out Servlet Filters and Listeners and found a few good links with source worthy of sharing: Writing Servlet Filters by Kief

RE: [jug-discussion] Servlet Filters - link correction

2004-03-09 Thread Tim Colson
I'm getting a 404 on the above link... Indeed you are - sorry about that folks... missing the trailing 'l'. Cheers, Timo - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

[jug-discussion] Product Demo Poll - Closing today - please Vote!

2004-03-09 Thread Tim Colson
Currently there are only 11 votes, and I presume there are more folks than that on the discussion list. Please voice your opinion, be heard before we close the poll tonight! :-) It only takes 3 clicks. Thanks! Timo

[jug-discussion] OT: IBM External Floppy?

2004-03-12 Thread Tim Colson
Anybody have an external IBM floppy I could borrow? (needs to have the funky little floppy cable/plug) Thanks, Tim - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [jug-discussion] i'm lazy ;-), copy/move uppercase files/folders to lower-case

2004-03-17 Thread Tim Colson
I have to write a task that takes a group of directories convert them to all lowercase (including filenames) and then zip them up. something similar already or had any suggestions Haha. In a past life when Perl scripts roamed more freely in my user directory, I'd have done something like

RE: [jug-discussion] scripting in java == groovy?

2004-03-18 Thread Tim Colson
From: Warner Onstine [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [jug-discussion] i'm lazy ;-), copy/move uppercase files/folders to lower-case So nobody picked up on my question about Groovy... I'm not clear on what Groovy is built to do... isn't this kind of thing it's Bag?

RE: [jug-discussion] i'm lazy ;-), copy/move uppercase files/folders to lower-case

2004-03-18 Thread Tim Colson
Warner said sysadmin experience to know how to install Perl modules for Windows boxes. Heh heh - we all know you're just scared of the terse power of Perl like Drew. ;-) FYI, the script example I sent only used built-in modules. To do recursion through dirs, you'd need to add a bit more of

[jug-discussion] JSR for installation of java libs

2004-03-18 Thread Tim Colson
Okay - so spurred on by Warners question about directories, I think I might have hit upon something that COULD use a JSR. Maybe. :-) FACT: Libraries are really helpful. FACT: Libraries [in any language] are a pain to install/maintain. FACT: There is usually dev talk about how to manually install

[jug-discussion] Open API's are Good Things(tm)

2004-03-18 Thread Tim Colson
I've been smittin with Confluence and JIRA from those Atlassian folks, but now I think they and a handful of others ( Eclipse, Intellij) are changing how we think about software. If there is an Open API, then the product can be extended in ways the company never imagined, or might have imagined

[jug-discussion] OT: Donation of old equipment?

2004-03-22 Thread Tim Colson
Hey gang - I've upgraded a couple machines for relatives, and have three more old clunkers taking up too much space (these are Pentium 200 and BELOW class machines). I don't want to send them to the landfill, so worst case I'll drop them at GoodWil. Before I do that, does anyone have

[jug-discussion] enumerated constants in Java and Oracle?

2004-03-22 Thread Tim Colson
Hey gang - Javaworld article from 1997 talks about the good/bad of static finals compared to enumerated constants and provides a template for the latter. Other JW articles expand on that theme over the years. Found another

[jug-discussion] Groovy and JCP on Bilelog

2004-03-23 Thread Tim Colson
I thought this was funny considering our recent discussion of all things JCP... here are two excerpts from the rant, emphasis on OGNL is mine. I cannot believe that that toy, groovy, is now a JCP submission. Why use such underhanded methods to leapfrog beanshell, __ognl__, pnuts, and a host of

RE: [jug-discussion] Groovy and JCP on Bilelog

2004-03-23 Thread Tim Colson
I cannot believe that that toy, groovy, is now a JCP submission. Doh! I forgot the link: - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands,

[jug-discussion] Mini-Preso Topic: SQL Tags

2004-03-23 Thread Tim Colson
Hey folks - Maybe there are some brave souls on the list interested in giving a short preso at the JUG, but maybe limited on time to prepare. If so, this SQLTags topic seems like a good candidate for a mini-topic (15-25 minutes + QA) and due to the good documentation I would expect only a few

[jug-discussion] XML editor component in Java

2004-03-23 Thread Tim Colson
Just happened upon this full-blown swing XML editor, and embeddable component... thought it was interesting. Passing along because a few other folks had talked about XML editor fun. Cheers, Timo - To

[jug-discussion] Filters in Tomcat 5

2004-03-25 Thread Tim Colson
I'm having fun/frustration with filters... http://server/contextroot/ is not invoking a filter with url-pattern/contextroot/*/url-pattern Or several other various incarnations of the pattern. Ugh. While searching for more information about url-patterns on TC 4.1, I ran across this March 2003

RE: [jug-discussion] Filters in Tomcat 5

2004-03-25 Thread Tim Colson
http://server/contextroot/ is not invoking a filter with url-pattern/contextroot/*/url-pattern Erik asked: It is context root relative, so you would not put /contextroot/* into web.xml, you'd only put /* Thanks Erik, I figured that out a few minutes ago. :-) But it still leaves me with a

[jug-discussion] Jakarta Slide article

2004-03-25 Thread Tim Colson
Noticed this serverside article on Slide. Is the Main topic for next month still going to be Jakarta Slide? :-) This article delves deep into the guts of Slide's transactional storage system. Guided by samples from real code, you

[jug-discussion] Mini-Preso Topic: JFig?

2004-03-25 Thread Tim Colson
Can't recall if I'd mentioned this on this list... but I think maybe not. Wondering if anyone has used and/or would be interested in a JFig mini-topic? JFig gives developers a simple yet powerful tool to manage their applications' configuration.

[jug-discussion] *** April Meeting Reminder ***

2004-04-06 Thread Tim Colson
Upcoming Tucson JUG meeting -- Tuesday, April 13, 2004 6:30 - 8:30PM Please note the new time! 6:30-7:00 will be for mingling with food and beverages! (An RSVP would be appreciated to help plan.) At the April meeting, Ivis Technologies will discuss how web-tier entropy can deteriorate the

[jug-discussion] *** April / May meeting flyer availble ***

2004-04-07 Thread Tim Colson
Howdy folks - I have created a HALF-PAGE flyer, available as a PDF or Word Doc, and posted it to the website. Please download/print/post to havens for like-minded Java professionals that might enjoy coming to the meeting(s). :-) Cheers, Timo P.S. I've

[jug-discussion] Java Desktop

2004-04-14 Thread Tim Colson
Last night we talked a little bit about the Java Desktop from Sun which seems to be a corporate desktop alternative (i.e. Linux + StarOffice + JVM instead of MS XP Pro) Oddly, today I ran across a couple projects that are more of a true java desktop -- the whole enchilda is Java.

RE: [jug-discussion] WindowsXP help?

2004-04-16 Thread Tim Colson would be very enthusiastic about solving these problems permanently, lol. :-) best buy and compusa will be able to fix the problem in a less drastic manner. Yikes. Their solution might be fdisk and reinstall, so it might be almost as drastic. grin I don't know of anyone locally

[jug-discussion] Jakarta Commons DBUtiles

2004-04-16 Thread Tim Colson
I've been playing with these today... lightweight wrapper around JDBC. I rigged up the MapListHandler -- which returns a List of HashMaps... which can easily be displayed in a template. Found an article later in the day:

RE: [jug-discussion] alternate presenters

2004-04-19 Thread Tim Colson
a consistent schedule is key to growing membership. And from this point forward no more cancelled meetings will be my mantra ;-). +1 As we found out in this meeting, there are folks who are not on the mailing list, and/or would not get the cancellation notice in time and would show up to an

RE: [jug-discussion] 15 minute presentations and the client

2004-04-27 Thread Tim Colson
Definitely! Topics of any type are welcome. I have a feeling more of us will be getting into client-side stuff or rich internet apps soon so this would definitely be of interest to me. +1 Hey, didn't someone also offer a .NET preso? Yeah, wasn't that offer from the friendly Phoenix Jug

RE: [jug-discussion] J# vs. C#

2004-04-28 Thread Tim Colson
If there's interest in C# I'd be happy to ask Andrew Lenards about giving a presentation. He teaches CS 386, C# Programming for the .Net Platform at the U. +1 Timo - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For

RE: [jug-discussion] c# and mono on os x preso

2004-04-28 Thread Tim Colson
Alright here's the offer (if people are interested) if we get the c# preso I'll do a mini on mono on os x. +1 - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: Fwd: [jug-discussion] may preso good news/bad news

2004-05-03 Thread Tim Colson
* Web service details: rpc/enc vs. doc/lit, WS-I Basic Profile, howtos with JAX-RPC, Axis, JibxSoap +1 ...with possibility to move into some of the advanced stuff. Speaking for myself, I've played with Axis interacting with SOAP::Lite (Perl), and I've seen somebody throw/retrieve SOAP

RE: [jug-discussion] may preso good news/bad news

2004-05-03 Thread Tim Colson
1) Dennis presenting on Web Services (Axis, jax-rpc, JiBX-Soap) for roughly an hour with half an hour QA +1 - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [jug-discussion] next meeting - flyers and site update

2004-05-06 Thread Tim Colson
Ok, so the next meeting will be all Dennis' ;-). Tim, let us know when you have a new flyer for us to download. I just finished updating the website and the flyer! :-) Since there have been so many last minute changes, I decided to create a flyer with just the meeting dates from now until

[jug-discussion] Small and cheap 1.1 JMS?

2004-06-01 Thread Tim Colson
Hey folks - I'm curious to try out some JMS features. Jboss AppServer apparently has a JMS 1.1. queue, but it's a fairly large beast. OpenJMS is free, but only supports the 1.0.2 JMS API. ( Are there any small and cheap/free JMS 1.1 servers out there? Timo

RE: [jug-discussion] stuck in aop land

2004-07-07 Thread Tim Colson
Just wondering if anyone has read this article, and if it's a worth the time to try out the sample code? I just skimmed -- seems to use a JBOSS AOP component... what is that based on? Timo

[jug-discussion] Friday Levity -- GridbagLayout

2004-08-06 Thread Tim Colson
The joys of Java UI coding: And of course, the Inside Jack I love you man animation: Cheers, Timo - To

RE: [jug-discussion] UI stuff

2004-08-07 Thread Tim Colson
Hey, I'm going to be down in the area for the September meeting. Have you guys been exposed to SWT/JFace yet? If not, perhaps I can give a quick demo/discussion for a short topic. Glad to hear you'll be in town Dennis, I'd be interested in a mini on SWT/JFace. Similar topic -- I went

RE: [jug-discussion] UI stuff

2004-08-08 Thread Tim Colson
How do they actually handle the layouts, if they're not generating code? Voodoo. :) It's a black box... I visually created a .form in XY space (creates an XML file but do not edit the file), then you slap a grid on the components, bind the form to a class, add bindings for each component,

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