Re: Syntax-Highlighter questions

2020-08-20 Thread Andreas Müller
On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 8:21 PM Kåre Särs wrote: > > So the thing is that the text document does not get notified that it needs a > redraw... how is just adding a 'onDefinitionNameChanged: textArea.append("")' > > I tried it and it works, but is that too ugly? > Hi Kåre, thanks for your

Syntax-Highlighter questions

2020-08-19 Thread Andreas Müller
Hi, a while back I needed syntax-highlighting in a QML based application. Since I could not find some QML support for syntax-highlighter, I wrote a wrapper library [1]. That worked perfectly fine but now that I wrote an example (screenshot in [1]) unexpected behaviour pops up. The example is