Re: KDE news article about KEXI 3.1

2018-03-12 Thread Robert Leleu
Installed under Ubuntu 17.10 gnome from (I presume)

but it doesn't work

"Could not open icon resource file breeze-icons.rcc.

Kexi will not start. Please check if Kexi is properly installed."

I just had to install breeze-icons.rcc to get a working Kexi

Je la 12/03/2018 13:32, Jaroslaw Staniek skribis :

There is a KDE news article about KEXI 3.1, it would be awesome if you 
share it online.

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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Re: First Kexi Appimages to test

2017-02-11 Thread Robert Leleu

Very good news, very fast and nice software (runs under my Ubuntu 16.10).
Until now I was not able to follow kexi, because compilation was out of 
my knowledge.
I first try to incorporate under Kexi some developments of my 
address-book which I made under LObase, which runs under LinMacWin, 
hoping that kexi will soon be also able

Many thanks to Appimage

Je la 10/02/2017 21:30, Jaroslaw Staniek skribis :

I am happy to announce that you can grab your first unofficial Kexi 
3.1 Alpha AppImage for Linux:

Please report any difficulties and ideas at

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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Re: [Kexi] Kexi 2.9.11 released

2016-04-28 Thread Robert Leleu

Presently Ubuntu 16.04 install Kexi 2.9.7

Je la 28/04/2016 22:06, Jaroslaw Staniek skribis :

On 28 April 2016 at 21:39, Swarup  wrote:
On 04/28/2016 03:26 PM, Jaroslaw Staniek wrote: On 13 April 2016 at 
21:29, Jaroslaw Staniek  wrote: On 8 April 2016 at 
19:54, Jaroslaw Staniek  wrote: On Thursday, 7 April 
2016, Swarup  wrote: Hello there, Any 
improvements made in providing ability for Ubuntu users to upgrade to 
later versions? I'm still stuck in-- Kexi Version 2.8.5 Hi I am sorry 
that ubuntu offers no such support for free software. Upgrading the 
OS can be an option. Or requesting support from ubuntu or someone who 
can develop a backport. This can be requested on an ubuntu forum. Hi, 
A modern way of distributing software may help us soon: PS: 
Another approach for deployment of Kexi is in our backlog, compatible 
with more Linuxes: The site you are providing 
here is a generic tool. Are you saying that I would need to use this 
tool to make a version of Kexi that will run in Ubuntu?
I am not saying you would need this tool. Because it targets more than 
just Ubuntu, it may be better investment, maybe even better than using 
Snaps. I did not test anything like that with Kexi though. You can 
also: - build Kexi by hand on your computer - build Kexi and package 
it (and share with others?) - use the 
service to do the same - ask someone else to make a package Finding 
people that _regularly_ help with packaging Kexi will help the 
project. Things will improve, just now the focus is on development of 
the new shiny Kexi 3.
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Re: [Kexi] Kexi 2.9.11 released

2016-04-16 Thread Robert Leleu

Je la 16/04/2016 10:52, skribis :

Swarup  wrote:
We'll be looking for a way when practically every week new updates 
appear for Kexi.
There are so many software packages which update regularly every week 
with the Ubuntu update manager-- it happens automatically. If Kexi 
could be incorporated into this feature, it would be great.
The updates are only bug and security fixes, there are no version 
upgrades within a given Ubuntu release.
If there is a specific PPA you can get even daily evolutions . For 
instance the music editor
however this PPA is not prepared by Ubuntu people but by independent 

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Re: [Kexi] Kexi 2.9.11 released

2016-04-15 Thread Robert Leleu
st to add some salt.
Running Kubuntu 15.10 which delivers Kexi 2.9.7 (much better than 2.8.5) 
I added the backport PPA which put down the file manager, and did 
not upgrade Kexi to 2.9.11

So I just went back to before the added PPA, corrected some 
problemsand now go on waiting for next upgrades of Kexi by basic 
PPAs, since, on another hand, I don't success to compile

Robert Leleu

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Re: [Kexi] Kexi 2.9.1 available

2015-03-24 Thread Robert Leleu
I did try, without success, see

perhaps it was not the right forum ?

Je la 17/03/2015 00:05, Jaroslaw Staniek skribis :

Your copy of Kexi can be updated to 2.9.1 now :)

(other Calligra apps too)

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[Kexi] Re: kexi doc (handbook)

2011-07-25 Thread Robert Leleu
from this reference, which is not a link, one find

is this the more recent documentation ?

Je la 25/07/2011 13:37 Origina mesaĝo Jaroslaw Staniek 
skribis (esperanto estas la unua internacia lingvo):

hi, correct one is

On 25/07/2011, Jean Pommier (IGE)  wrote:


I'd like to give a try to Kexi, but the handbook (the only correct
documentation that seems available on the net) is no longer available : the
link seems broken.
Could you update the links to the handbooks, please?
Thanks a lot,


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