[kicad-users] Re: Creating Veroboard style layouts with Kicad ?

2008-07-30 Thread simon.clubley
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, axtz4 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Another option is Veecad from http://www.veecad.com. Thanks for the suggestion, but I forgot to mention that I am running on Linux. It's been pointed out to me on the gEDA mailing list that I could use a script to edit the

[kicad-users] eeschema 20080715 Netlist Errors

2008-07-30 Thread daystar1013
The new format for eeschema appears to be causing problems with local labels, global labels, and the new hierarchical label when generating netlists. I am working with a schematic that several people have been working on. It has a root sheet, a sheet inside the root and another one in the