Re: [kicad-users] Removing inner pads with vias

2008-05-16 Thread Hristo Antonov
I am not sure that this is possible. Vias and through hole components
have pad for every layer. Try to edit the files with a Gerber editor and
trim the pads . Could you send a visual representation of the DRC ? Most
likely you will have to rework the problem zones.

On Fri, 2008-05-16 at 22:46 +, mkajdas wrote:
 My PCB house DRC check complains about vias having pads on inner
 How to have via pads on the outside and no pads inside the board on 4 
 layer board?
 The inner pads are not connected to anything and do not hurt anything 
 but I get over 500 errors that I want to clean up.

Re: [kicad-users] Is it posible to split a single multi-part device across sheets?

2008-05-01 Thread Hristo Antonov
Yes it is possible. Just look how opamp symbols are made in Kicad. I
think that it is possible to split the part on A B C D subparts. I would
use double page size but split the part is a good idea too. Remember to
override the automatic part annotation for this part only so you keep it
as one footprint. 
Good luck.

On Wed, 2008-04-30 at 07:46 -0700, Mike Panetta wrote:
 The subject pretty much says it all.  I have a part I have made for
 the LPC2468 with a part for each port.  I want to put the 2 ports
 dedicated to the expansion bus on one sheet and the other ports on
 another so I can keep the sheets to 8.5x11 for easy printing.  Is this
 possible?  If its not I guess I could double the paper size, but I
 would prefer not to.
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[kicad-users] Autorouter question

2008-01-26 Thread Hristo Antonov

I am using Kicad for almost a year now and i have some questions about
the autorouter`s work. Is there a file with settings for the router .
And also what is the anneal file.

10X in advance

[kicad-users] Pad question

2008-01-26 Thread Hristo Antonov
Hello ,
I would like to know if there is a way for composite pads creation. For
example a copper pad assembled from few copper pads and solder paste
pad , that differs from the copper one. For example a power pad witch
solder paste is divided in four equal parts and a solder mask pad wich
is much bigger or smaller than the copper pad. Is Kicad made in mind for
such actions or pad shape is same for all layers?

Thank you

Re: [kicad-users] Relation betwen EeSchema and PCBNew

2007-10-22 Thread Hristo Antonov
On Sat, 2007-10-20 at 12:23 +, jt.openflyers wrote:
 I create my schema en built my circuit board
 But I make a mistake and I want to modify schema, one connector must
 be in symetrical position
 On schema I changed my connector with the tool miror Y || and I
 redrawn all the connexion to this connector
 But relation with schema and PCB is always the old version and radnest
 is not conform to my schema
 Can I regenerate all the link


1 Save the updated netsit
2 Load the updated netlist in PCBNEW
3 Compile the netlist 

This should change nets and components.


Re: [kicad-users] +VCC and -VCC

2007-10-16 Thread Hristo Antonov
On Tue, 2007-10-16 at 21:50 +1000, jeremy wrote:
 VCC is there in powers
 I can't find -VCC in Powers.
 Can I make one somehow?
 Thank you!
Please do not ;)
The opposite of Vcc is not -Vcc . It is Vee !
Look here

-Vcc is used for better explanation only. It means that Vee is same as
Vcc and it is with opposite polarity .

Good luck !

Re: [kicad-users] Undo ruler

2007-10-15 Thread Hristo Antonov
On Mon, 2007-10-15 at 03:47 +, gsun wrote:
 Hello, I am a new user of Kicad. Is there a undo function in PCBNEW
 a ruler displayed with the dimension of the drawing with units
 Another small thing, how do I turn on snap-to-grid feature in PCBNEW?
Yep the ruler is called Add Coatation and it is on the right menu. Do
not use it on copper layers . The display metric or imperial depends on
the mm or inch tools on the left menu.

There isn`t any Undo feature implemented yet i think , but there is
Undelete function .

Snap to grid and snap to electrical grid is default turned on.
I think that it cannot be turned off exept for magnetic pads which is
from the Preferences -- General options menu.


[kicad-users] Great Idea

2007-08-04 Thread Hristo Antonov
Hi 2 all ,
I have the following idea for very useful KiCad new function :
A  netlist select function . It will do the following :
When pin or label is selected with this function it will go to the 
netlist file and finds the net name this pin or label is associated with 
, and popup window in which are displayed the name of the net  and pins 
connected to this net . This resolves many problems with the design 
verification actually and is very simple to implement. Making this 
function work with wires will be hard , but for pins and labels it is 
really simple.
I think that this is topic for the devel group , but i wanted to discuss 
this first .
I made a pool about this and will be very greatfull to know what do you 
think about such function.

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Re: [kicad-users] Re: some troubles

2007-05-14 Thread Hristo Antonov

Ken Ames wrote:

hi Charles,
 and everyone else. I created a file directory kenames and put those 
files there. actually, DATA 0-7 goes all over in a complex schematic 
but the kpicubed-io.sch is where the signals actually originate. there 
are also address lines in the io that have the same problem, coming 
off the 74ls541 chips. I really appreciate your help on this and let 
me know if you need more to help out. (I just don't want to clutter 
the files area to much.)

thanks again,

   Hi Ken

   I have noticed a simillar problem
   this is the mail i have posted

   BUS bug in multisheet schematics
   so if the buses are not drawn complietly in the main page (Page1)
   this could be causing no conn between bus members in different pages.
   This would rarely be the problem. What could be happening is
   probably the following:
   You have entries to a sheet from more than one place.
   For ex: Can you enter sheet that is herahly part from sheet A from
   sheet B?
   If yes this is causing the problems.Remember Kicad hierashy is
   straight forward and does not support this.

   Look at this

| |
| |
| Page1
|  |
|  Page2

   This is correct
   But if you have this

| |
| |
| Page1
|  |
|  Page2
  Page1,2 or Mainpage

   This causes problems

   Hope that this helps you
   Sorry i have not looked at the sch files :(

Re: [kicad-users] Re: PCBNEW not refreshing netlist

2007-04-16 Thread Hristo Antonov

yajeed2000 wrote:

--- In, richmogd [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 Hi guys,

 I'm almost there with my first Schematic/PCB on kicad. However, I'm
 getting stuck on the PCBNEW netlist read. I read an early version of
 the netlist to check that the modules and nets were coming in
 correctly. I've since updated the netlist to change some footprints.
 However, wehn I re-read the netlist, PCBNEW seems to be reading a
 cached version of the file. I've looked at the netlist file in a text
 editor and the file itself is ok, but PCBNEW doesn't appear to be
 reading from this file as the source. Any idea how I clear the cache
 and make sure that PCBNEW reads the new file completely?



Have you tried opening the netlist file in CvPCB and then reimporting
the file into PCBNEW?
Please try this and see if it works.



do you compile the netlist after read?

it is stupid question but it is possible
i had about a 10 corrections in a netlist and everything  went right
I use  Build Version:
EESchema (2006-06-26) - Unicode version

Re: [kicad-users] Power Ports - local or global?

2007-04-16 Thread Hristo Antonov

apluscw wrote:

Are power ports local to a sheet, or are they global across the entire

For example, my design has mixed analog and digital 3.3 Volt circuits.
My digital circuits are in one sheet, and my analog circuits are in
another sheet, all tied together into a hierarchy.

If I tie 3.3V to my analog source in my analog sheet, and 3.3V to
my digital source in my digital sheet, will they become merged as one
node, or will they be two separate nodes (which is the intent)?



Yes they are global i think
look at this
 1 VSS )
 (2 VDD )
 (3 MCLK_1 )

this is part of netlist

VSS and VDD are global labels and the MCLK is local label on page 1

Good luck ;)

Re: [kicad-users] Power GND Nets

2007-04-16 Thread Hristo Antonov
richmogd wrote:

 Hi All,

 I've created a hierarchical schematic layout and have used the 3.3V
 and GND power components for the power on each page. When I export to
 netlist, these items are shown as separate nets as opposed to
 connected together. Do I have to connect each of these to the global
 3V3 and GND net via glabels for each page or is there an automated way
 to make kicad release that all 3V3 connections are for the same net
 and all GND connections are for the same net?



this cannot be all power symbols are Global
I have tryed a test design evaluating KiCad and it was fine.
Do you have a power port symbol connected to the power nets thou it is 
rarely the problem

The problem is more likely :
You have invisible power pins that EEschema connects automatically like 
VCC on the one page and VDD on the other and the 3V3 power net .
EEschema connects all invisible power pins in groups leaving you to 

Look at the netlist file
if the net names are 3v3_1 3v3_2  this means that the are not global
see this

 1 VSS )
  (2 VDD )
  (3 MCLK_1 )
vss and vdd are global labels and mclk_1 is label mclk in page 1

this could be a major bug so please investigate further
hope you come out of this soon


Re: [kicad-users] Power Ports - local or global?

2007-04-16 Thread Hristo Antonov
Yes they are global i think
look at this
 1 VSS )
  (2 VDD )
  (3 MCLK_1 )

this is part of netlist

VSS and VDD are global labels and the MCLK is local label on page 1

Good luck ;)

sorry this was the original message i wrote the first time

[kicad-users] HI A footprint discussion

2007-02-23 Thread Hristo Antonov
Hello i use KiCad 4 months now and find it a real modern hi-end CAD system,
but i think that the component and footprint databases are not 
coressponding to the hi-end soul of Kicad.
It is obvious that we cant have all the component and footprints present 
, but i would like to start a discussion about  the need  of an web 
service on the Kicad component site for ONLINE search for components , 
footprints and the upload , download and viewing  of them , creating a 
really big database where everyone could participate and contribute.
 I know that this is hard to accomplish , but I think that an open 
discussion about this would be helpful .


p.s. i am not sure is this the right way about adding a new topic on the 
forum so apologies if i have something stupid