[kicad-users] Re: Plotting without sheet border

2009-09-05 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, seroxatmad seroxat...@... wrote: Hi I am after plotting my schematic to a HPGL file so i can import it into front panel designer. Is there anyway to disable the sheet border? There is if you print instead of plot. For both schematics and boards there

[kicad-users] Re: Importing drawings in PCBNew

2009-08-20 Thread axtz4
The file (dxflib_commercial_license.txt) that give some info on dxflib licence in the downloaded dxflib was very unclear. In fact the dxflib site is unclear and very poor about the license: The dxflib license appears only in a FAQ ... Yes, it is indeed rather vague on their website. However,

[kicad-users] Re: Importing drawings in PCBNew

2009-08-19 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, gayphil78 gayphi...@... wrote: I'm not developper and can't say if difficult or not to do . I'm sure even an external app giving dxf2brd file loadable in the drawing layer by kicad would be great . Not an obligation to implement inside Kicad ... We just

[kicad-users] Re: Arduino duemilanove shield footprint

2009-07-20 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, Frédéric COIFFIER frederic.coiff...@... wrote: Hello ! I can use your arduinoshield.lib in schematic but how can I use arduinoshield.emp ? PCBnew doesn't seem to recognize it. In the Module Editor, from PCBNew, open your local module library (or

[kicad-users] Re: Looking for the LM556 chip in the Libs ??

2009-06-30 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, acidb...@... sunblast...@... wrote: Hi there ! I'm trying to do a board for the Atari Punk Synth. Im doing the schemtaic but ive' run into a snag of sorts. I need to use a LM556 chip, dual timer, but i can't find it in the libs. Im running Unbuntu 9.04,

[kicad-users] Re: 90angle crossing wire - how to do?

2009-06-22 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, stefaca666 stefaca...@... wrote: in place where are 2 wires are cross in 90degre angle I want to fill like in picture. how? As Robert mentions, it's pretty easy to do this by making a small turn in the track from the pad as it reaches the perpendicular

[kicad-users] Re: Placing components on commercially manufactured prototyping boards

2009-06-18 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, Dr.WhoDr.Who paulgusci...@... wrote: I am just starting to think about using KiCAD for capturing some small circuit designs so that I can create nice printed documentation. For initial prototypes, and when I expect that I will only create one unit as a

[kicad-users] Re: PLEASE help....Anyone out there???

2009-06-15 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, kajdas kaj...@... wrote: But you always need to have the vias/nodes connected with traces first. Not with the most recent release. If a net is first selected when laying out a zone then the fill will add connections (using thermals) to pads that are part of

[kicad-users] Re: Arduino duemilanove shield footprint

2009-05-23 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, Jaime Silva jaimonosi...@... wrote: Hello! Does anyone on this list has an Arduino Duemilanove shield footprint with it's connectors and holes that can share? I uploaded a basic Arduino shield schematic component and PCB module to the Library folder in

[kicad-users] Re: zone creation automatic track suppression

2009-05-18 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, Julien Bayle julien.ba...@... wrote: hi, I create a pretty ground zone in order to suppress some tracks. no problem for the zone creation. it is very well documented so.. BUT I have a little problem: after the filling of the zone, it remains all the

[kicad-users] Re: Solder Paste

2009-04-02 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, Robert birmingham_spi...@... wrote: Thanks. I should add that they want the solder mask to be positive (ie the solder mask clearance is supposed to be 0.4mm), so your cunning idea can't be applied in this case. [sound of planting face in hand] D'oh!

[kicad-users] Re: Solder Paste

2009-04-02 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, Robert birmingham_spi...@... wrote: Hmmm - that would be a lot of manual editing. OK, thanks. At least I can now solve it with a bit of C code if they insist on this one. Give this a try (I hope the Y! formatting doesn't totally destroy it.) May need

[kicad-users] Re: Solder Paste

2009-04-01 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, Robert birmingham_spi...@... wrote: Hi all, I've been asked to shrink the size of the solder paste windows relative to the pads by 0.04mm, ie if a pad is a 1mm diameter circle, I've been asked to make the solder paste window 0.96mm in diameter. Does

[kicad-users] Re: Loading Libraries

2009-02-03 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, Doug dsc3...@... wrote: I am not understanding something here. I am in Eschema, I select preferences then libs and dir. I add (or ins) new libraries. I save cfg to the project file name. As long as I am in the current sheet libraries I added are there. Then

[kicad-users] Re: Need Information about PCB-contractors

2009-01-26 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, benjaminrohland benjaminrohl...@... wrote: Can you tell me which contractor is the best for producing my conductor board prototype? I found some in the internet, but the prices are similar. Are there any pros and cons I have to pay attention to? There

[kicad-users] Re: Creating Veroboard style layouts with Kicad ?

2008-07-24 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, simon.clubley [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I layout my circuits on Veroboard and I am currently using Vutrax because it has the capability to layout a Veroboard style track in it's PCB designer. I would like to switch to an open source package like gEDA or

[kicad-users] Re: Panelisation

2008-05-21 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, oecherexpat [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a way of doing a panelisation? I have to create 3 PCBs on one panel anyway and thought it would be a good idea to save the money and do the whole panelisation myself. Would also give me a better respond time

[kicad-users] Re: How to make little holes in the pads centers printing from Gerbview?

2008-02-21 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, klui_ [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It's used during manual board making for centering a drill. For home-made boards, rather than using the plot command to create gerbers, use the print command and print exact 1:1 for each layer. That way the layers print as

[kicad-users] Re: Is there a separate Lib Viewer/browser available ?

2008-02-01 Thread axtz4
Excellent tools, Renie. Thank you for making them available!

[kicad-users] Re: Single layer PCB ... bridges on top layer

2007-12-17 Thread axtz4
--- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com, newskyperhh [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I want to make a single layer PCB with only one copper site. So i must make manually bridges on component side. But I can't make any pad's or continuous bonding / interlayer connection for bridges. Just make a track