[kicad-users] Re: Creating Veroboard style layouts with Kicad ?

2008-07-30 Thread simon.clubley
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 Another option is Veecad from http://www.veecad.com.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I forgot to mention that I am running
on Linux.

It's been pointed out to me on the gEDA mailing list that I could use
a script to edit the underlying data files containing my project in
order to add the veroboard tracks.

It's an approach that I would like to try with Kicad as well. Are
there any standard libraries that I can use within my own scripts to
edit the newpcb project data files ?

I've looked around and can't see anything, but as I am new to Kicad, I
may be missing some well known location.



[kicad-users] Creating Veroboard style layouts with Kicad ?

2008-07-24 Thread simon.clubley
I layout my circuits on Veroboard and I am currently using Vutrax because
it has the capability to layout a Veroboard style track in it's PCB

I would like to switch to an open source package like gEDA or Kicad,
and after reading through the Kicad documentation, I don't see any similar
functionality present, but it's possible that I may have missed it.

The way that Vutrax works is that it has the ability to execute a script
file and the Vutrax owners have implemented a script that draws a
series of tracks, 0.1 inch apart, with through holes in each track at
0.1 inch distances.

The script places the generated tracks on it's own layer (in this case,
layer 10) and the through holes connect them to the rest of the circuit.

The Vutrax advice note can be found here:


Have you any ideas about how I can achieve this (or the equivalent) within
Kicad's pcbnew program ?

Thanks for any ideas,