Re: [kicad-users] Installer is corrupted?

2008-07-29 Thread jean-pierre charras
I removed the corrupted install file and uploaded a new one (non corrupted). -- Jean-Pierre CHARRAS Maître de conférences Directeur d'études 2ieme année. Génie Electrique et Informatique Industrielle 2 Institut Universitaire de Technologie 1 de Grenoble BP 67, 38402 St Martin d'Heres Cedex

[kicad-users] Re: How to insert a 3mm drill hole in pcbnew?

2008-07-29 Thread Magnus Beischer
--- In, Thomas Westerhoff [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I need to insert a 3mm drill hole in my board. How can I do this? -- Thomas Westerhoff Friedensstrasse 101 99334 Eischleben Homepage: What I