[kicad-users] How to edit eeschema title block?

2008-07-31 Thread millhouseturner
Hi all. Is it possible to edit the line KiCad EDA which appears in the schematics title block (bottom right corner of the sheet) when using eeshema? I have tried the Page Settings box but nowhere does it let you modify the actual page template...

[kicad-users] Re: eeschema 20080715 Netlist Errors

2008-07-31 Thread daystar1013
Jean-Pierre, I believe I know what happened, it was to some degree a problem with mixing eeschema versions between different engineers working on the same project. Two of the sheets were developed separately, one root containing one child sheet. We then added that root sheet to another

[kicad-users] Netlist from EEschema not working in PCBnew

2008-07-31 Thread calvingrier
The 20080715 version of EEschema for Win32 is generating netlist pads for my C and R components that PCBnew can't handle. The netlist shows pins numbered A and B, but if I look at the other components the pins are numbered 1 and 2 and so forth. Moving the whole thing into PCBnew generates a

[kicad-users] gerbview printing and plotting

2008-07-31 Thread v_koeppel
Hi list, I've just finished a test pcb with kicad and plot it to gerber files. Everything went fine and i can load and see the .pho in gerbview, but the plot menu just ends to nothing. Then I tried to print to a ps or pdf file, but the result is just ugly, distorted. Am I missing something? Or