[kicad-users] HI A footprint discussion

2007-02-23 Thread Hristo Antonov
Hello i use KiCad 4 months now and find it a real modern hi-end CAD system, but i think that the component and footprint databases are not coressponding to the hi-end soul of Kicad. It is obvious that we cant have all the component and footprints present , but i would like to start a discussion

Re: [kicad-users] Re: PCBNEW not refreshing netlist

2007-04-16 Thread Hristo Antonov
yajeed2000 wrote: --- In kicad-users@yahoogroups.com mailto:kicad-users%40yahoogroups.com, richmogd [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi guys, I'm almost there with my first Schematic/PCB on kicad. However, I'm getting stuck on the PCBNEW netlist read. I read an early version of the netlist to

Re: [kicad-users] Power Ports - local or global?

2007-04-16 Thread Hristo Antonov
apluscw wrote: Are power ports local to a sheet, or are they global across the entire hiearchy? For example, my design has mixed analog and digital 3.3 Volt circuits. My digital circuits are in one sheet, and my analog circuits are in another sheet, all tied together into a hierarchy. If I

Re: [kicad-users] Power GND Nets

2007-04-16 Thread Hristo Antonov
richmogd wrote: Hi All, I've created a hierarchical schematic layout and have used the 3.3V and GND power components for the power on each page. When I export to netlist, these items are shown as separate nets as opposed to connected together. Do I have to connect each of these to the

Re: [kicad-users] Power Ports - local or global?

2007-04-16 Thread Hristo Antonov
Yes they are global i think look at this 1 VSS ) (2 VDD ) (3 MCLK_1 ) this is part of netlist VSS and VDD are global labels and the MCLK is local label on page 1 Good luck ;) sorry this was the original message i wrote the first time

Re: [kicad-users] Re: some troubles

2007-05-14 Thread Hristo Antonov
Ken Ames wrote: hi Charles, and everyone else. I created a file directory kenames and put those files there. actually, DATA 0-7 goes all over in a complex schematic but the kpicubed-io.sch is where the signals actually originate. there are also address lines in the io that have the same

[kicad-users] Great Idea

2007-08-04 Thread Hristo Antonov
Hi 2 all , I have the following idea for very useful KiCad new function : A netlist select function . It will do the following : When pin or label is selected with this function it will go to the netlist file and finds the net name this pin or label is associated with , and popup window in

Re: [kicad-users] Undo ruler

2007-10-15 Thread Hristo Antonov
On Mon, 2007-10-15 at 03:47 +, gsun wrote: Hello, I am a new user of Kicad. Is there a undo function in PCBNEW and a ruler displayed with the dimension of the drawing with units choosen? Another small thing, how do I turn on snap-to-grid feature in PCBNEW? TIA Yep the ruler is

Re: [kicad-users] +VCC and -VCC

2007-10-16 Thread Hristo Antonov
On Tue, 2007-10-16 at 21:50 +1000, jeremy wrote: VCC is there in powers I can't find -VCC in Powers. Can I make one somehow? Thank you! Please do not ;) The opposite of Vcc is not -Vcc . It is Vee ! Look here http://encyclobeamia.solarbotics.net/articles/vxx.html -Vcc is used for

Re: [kicad-users] Relation betwen EeSchema and PCBNew

2007-10-22 Thread Hristo Antonov
On Sat, 2007-10-20 at 12:23 +, jt.openflyers wrote: Hi I create my schema en built my circuit board But I make a mistake and I want to modify schema, one connector must be in symetrical position On schema I changed my connector with the tool miror Y || and I redrawn all the connexion

[kicad-users] Autorouter question

2008-01-26 Thread Hristo Antonov
Hello I am using Kicad for almost a year now and i have some questions about the autorouter`s work. Is there a file with settings for the router . And also what is the anneal file. 10X in advance

[kicad-users] Pad question

2008-01-26 Thread Hristo Antonov
Hello , I would like to know if there is a way for composite pads creation. For example a copper pad assembled from few copper pads and solder paste pad , that differs from the copper one. For example a power pad witch solder paste is divided in four equal parts and a solder mask pad wich is much

Re: [kicad-users] Is it posible to split a single multi-part device across sheets?

2008-05-01 Thread Hristo Antonov
Hi, Yes it is possible. Just look how opamp symbols are made in Kicad. I think that it is possible to split the part on A B C D subparts. I would use double page size but split the part is a good idea too. Remember to override the automatic part annotation for this part only so you keep it as one

Re: [kicad-users] Removing inner pads with vias

2008-05-16 Thread Hristo Antonov
Hi, I am not sure that this is possible. Vias and through hole components have pad for every layer. Try to edit the files with a Gerber editor and trim the pads . Could you send a visual representation of the DRC ? Most likely you will have to rework the problem zones. Regards On Fri, 2008-05-16