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2010-08-07 Thread Bernd Wiebus
Hello Jonathan

 My first reason for writing the tutorial is to scratch my own itch.  

This is the same reason i wrote the stuff
( you find at the attachment. :-)
The first i needed working with KiCAD was an EN60617 library. So i had
to make them. And so i had to work with the library editor.
Because the lack of documentation, i collected my notices...and so on.

 An earlier comment confirmed my suspicion, that such a tutorial is needed. 

Of course, yes. But be aware, that your work often will get obsolete,
because of the fast progress in developing. 

 With regard to copyright, do you have any opinion?  

So far i can see, it seems matters of paedagocical issues i
cannot say anything, because i am prone to think a little bit like a

 That first, incomplete draft doesn't have a copyright notice, so the default 
 legal rules apply.
  The next version should have some kind of a copyright notice.  Given the 
 screen shots and closeness
  to the application, I need to learn about how the existing KiCad 
 documentation handles the issue. 

I put my writings either under GNU GPL or creative commons.

  So, in a nutshell, I'm working on it.

Good luck. And best regards: Bernd Wiebus alias dl1eic

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2010-08-04 Thread Peter Balazovic
Hello Guys,
where can I download this tutorial for hierarchical schematic?
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 Hello folks;


 I'm writing a tutorial introduction to drawing hierarchical schematics using 
 KiCad.  The audience in mind is folks new to schematic capture.  While not 
 complete yet, there is much there.  The document is in Open Document Format, 
 though I have also posted a PDF as well.  I want to thank the documentation 
 writers, the reference material is good.


 In closing, I will appreciate any constructive comments that you might have.

I just downloaded the PDF. It looks like a good start. This is a 
not-well-documented feature of KiCAD, so your tutorial is much needed.

Make sure to add the method for creating bus lines that are auto-numbered. This 
is the primary reason I use sub-sheets. Gotta make sure to use the .. - no 
more and no less dots... :-)   







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2010-08-04 Thread Anders Gustafsson

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 Peter Balazovic 2010-08-04 07:34 
where can I download this tutorial for hierarchical schematic?