[Koha] ILL Process

2019-01-31 Thread Sarah Fletcher
Hello Koha community! I am looking for feedback regarding your ILL process. Do you use Koha at all in the process or do you use a separate software entirely, or a combination of the two? We currently use a combination of Koha for charging patrons when necessary and OCLC WorldShare for tracking.

Re: [Koha] ILL Process

2019-01-31 Thread Michael Sutherland
Hi there Sarah! We use ILLiad for ILL, as many university libraries do. For lending, we check in/out the material lent in ILLiad and then check in/out to an ILL patron in Koha. We are working with ByWater Solutions and Atlas to enable NCIP v2 (or another protocol) for ILLiad to communicate

Re: [Koha] Update version

2019-01-31 Thread Ricardo Ruiz
Hello Benjade and Katrin, Finally I made the update of the database using the packages (koha-upgrade-schema). Currently I only have the following error reported in Home> About> System information: "Data problems Some of your tables have problems with their auto_increment values which may lead to

[Koha] Koha Community Newsletter: January 2019

2019-01-31 Thread kohanews
The Koha Community Newsletter for January 2019 is here: https://koha-community.org/koha-community-newsletter-january-2019/ Many thanks to the folks who submitted articles and news to this month's newsletter. Please feel free to email me with any corrections or suggestions. -- Chad Roseburg

Re: [Koha] Item cannot be checked out twice on 3M self-check within the same day

2019-01-31 Thread Katrin Fischer
Hi Peter, that sounds right. Sometimes it takes a SIP server restart for configuration changes to take effect. That's what I'd try next. Katrin > Gesendet: Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2019 um 10:21 Uhr > Von: "Peter Lau" > An: "Katrin Fischer" > Cc: "koha list" > Betreff: RE: [Koha] Item cannot

[Koha] Fines question

2019-01-31 Thread Stephen Graham
Hi All - we have two main ways of generating "fines" - overdue items or book replacement costs. I can see in the accountlines table that for overdue books the fines have an accounttype of either F or FU, and for book replacement costs it's usually L or LR. However, if we write off/wipe a fine

Re: [Koha] Fines question

2019-01-31 Thread Ian Bays
Hi Graham, This may not be perfect, but do you get a reasonable match if you see which writeoff accountlines match the amount of the replacement price for the items? eg: select count(*) from accountlines where accounttype = 'W' and (amount = (select replacementprice from items where

[Koha] Item cannot be checked out twice on 3M self-check within the same day

2019-01-31 Thread Peter Lau
With our 3M self-check machine, we have found that once we have checked out and checked in an item, we can’t check-out this item 2nd time. The error message is “Item not checked out. Item cannot be issued PREVISSUE. Please take the item to the desk”. Thanks & regards, *Peter Lau* Librarian

Re: [Koha] Item cannot be checked out twice on 3M self-check within the same day

2019-01-31 Thread Peter Lau
Hi Katrin, I have checked that our setting is “Do not check borrower checkout history to see if the current item has been checked out before.” That’s why it has no problem over the Circulation Counter but the problem is with 3M self-check machine. Thanks & regards, *Peter Lau* Librarian

Re: [Koha] opac search returned results doesn't show title

2019-01-31 Thread tommaso spazzali
Hi Peter, hi everybody, excuse me for the dummy question can you tel me how can I apply the fix of Bug 22085? or do you have an idea about when 18.11.03 will be available? thanks a lot t.s. Il 28/01/19 06:05, Peter Zhao ha scritto: > Hi Katrin, > Thanks a lot. I fixed the problem with