KR> Carbeuretors

2014-05-20 Thread Chris Gardner via KRnet
I have had good success using the speedometer cable style adjustment on my Zenith carb. With 238 hours to date, I have not had any issues with this method. Looks a little unconventional but works fine. Details on request if interested. Chris Gardiner KR2S CGKRZ First flew 2001 Sent from my

KR> KRElevator weights advise

2014-05-20 Thread via KRnet
4.5 lbs is a lot of weight to add to foam horns. Even with CF on the ends. Joe, what did you do to beef up the horn areas? Paul Visk Belleville Il 618 406 4705 Sent from my HTC on the Now Network from Sprint! - Reply message - From: "smwood via KRnet" List-Post:

KR> Sanding Blocks

2014-05-20 Thread tommy waymack via KRnet
I have a roll of Norton 40x Resinall Metalite Cloth 29 inches wide and 80 ft. long.If anyone would like to have some for sanding,contact me off the net.Tommy Waymack Pine Bluff,Arkansas On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 10:11 AM, Wayne Tokarz via KRnet < krnet at> wrote: > I also build R/C

KR> New email program.

2014-05-20 Thread tommy waymack via KRnet
My biggest headache was with the 32mm posa.Too leaky for hand prop and too lean on the high end.In all fairness to posa,mine was probably too big[32mm] for an 1835.Had good luck with the GPAS zenith and Ellison EFS2.The Ellison gave me some problems until I discovered a hole in the

KR> New email program.

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